Flory Flora Fleury
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The descendants of DAVID FLORY (1739 - 1795)
& his wife, Eve Eusiminger (~1745 - 1816)

David was the son of Joseph Flory & Catherine Zollinger,
and grandson of Joseph the immigrant


David apparently spent his entire life in Rapho Twp., except for the time he spent in the Continental Army. He served at least one tour of 18 months, and may have served longer. David remained on his father's farm when his father moved to Paxtang Township in 1759. He and his wife, in 1771, held a mortgage on a plot of land in the city of Manheim and in 1773, he was warranted 200 acres east of his father’s land.

David died February of 1795 and in his will, written in 1793, he made provisions for his wife Eve, and then directed that each of his four sons have the opportunity to purchase his 50 acre farm from the other three brothers. He also indicated the order in which the sons could decide. His second son, John, had the the first option and on the 21st of February, 1796, the farm, valued at 375 pounds, was transferred to him.

Of their four sons, most of the descendants that have been identified are descended from the oldest son, Chistoffel. Census data suggests that their second son, John, had children, but none are mentioned in his will, so it would appear they all died young.

Among David and Eva's descendants is their 2Ggrandson Jacob Flory. Jacob enlisted in the Union Army during the Civil War, and died near Atlanta from wounds received during Sherman's Campaign through the south. Jacob's mother saved all of his letters home and they were originally reprinted in the "Flory Flora Fleury 1948" book. They show a perspective of the Civil War from the viewpoint of a common soldier. A copy of the the letters can be seen at this site.

Additionally, among David's descendants are two 3Ggranddaughters, sisters Ruth (1892 - 1938) and Edna (1898 - 1985) Flory, both of whom were married to Walter Q. Bunderman, author of the original Flory Flora Fleury family history.

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