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The descendants of ABRAHAM FLORY (~1739 - ~1783)
& his wife Catherine Good

Abraham was the son of Joseph Flory & Catherine Zollinger,
and grandson of Joseph the immigrant


Abraham was born in Rapho Twp., Lancaster Co., PA, and probably moved to Paxtang Twp. with his father in 1759. He married Catherine Good, daughter of Samuel Good (Gut), probably shortly before moving to Paxtang Twp.

Abraham served in the Revolutionary War from October 1781 to April 1783. He died shortly thereafter, as he is listed as deceased in his father's will, which was written in September 1783. Following the death of their father, Abraham's children changed to spelling of their last name to Flora, indicating that he had died while they were still minors.

Abraham had six children. We have no further information about three of them (James, William and Catherine). The vast majority of Abraham's known descendants are through his youngest son, John, and then through the other two children (Joseph and George).

Among Abraham's descendants is his 3Ggranddaughter Zelda Flora Marcinkowski, wife of Flory/Flora historian John Marcinkowski, author of the 1973 supplement and co-author of this site.

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