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The descendants of ABRAHAM FLORY (1749 - ~1813)
& his wife Christine _____ (~1751 - )

Abraham was the son of John Flory & Anna Marie Dankers,
and grandson of Joseph the immigrant


Abraham was born in Rapho Twp., Lancaster Co. and probably lived his entire life there. He and Christina were baptized into the White Oak congregation of the Brethren Church in 1770. He served in the Continental Army in 1777 - 78. Abraham inherited 18 acres from his father's estate but sold the land within a year after receiving it. He appeared regularly on the tax lists of Rapho township from 1772 through 1813. It is assumed Abraham died in 1813, since that was the year he was dropped from the tax list. As far as we know, he did not leave a will.

Abraham and Christina had four children, but most of their known descendants are through their son Noah.

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