The Joseph Taylor Bible Record
The Joseph Taylor Bible Record-Ohio County KY
This Bible was secured from Mrs. Frances (TAYLOR) Watson, Bowling Green Ky., in 1981, and copied by Rev. Wendell H Rone, Sr. Owensboro, KY a great-great-grandson of Joseph Taylor. It is now in the possession of Kyle Yates Rone, Houston, Texas. The Bible was printed and published by Matthew Carey, Philadelphia PAin 1813. It has been in the hands of the following since 1813: Joseph Taylor 1813-1853; Alfred Taylor 1853-1865; Stephen Slade Taylor 1865-1875; W.C. Taylor,Sr. 1875-1888; Mrs. W.C. Taylor, Sr. 1888-1938; Mrs. H Boyce Taylor. Sr. 193801959; and Mrs. Frances Taylor Watson 1959-1981 Kyle Yates Rone 1981.
Actual spelling has been retained..... the records are found on pages 677-680
Jonathan Gough and Mary Ann was married September 23rd, 1806
Amos Davis and Eunice was married December 7th, 1820
Joseph Taylor (Jr) and Anna Gough was married Feby 8th, 1821
Stephen Taylor & Sally Whiteaker was married March the 19th day 1924
Alfred Taylor and Mary Mahon were married September the 22nd, 1835

Joseph Taylor was born April the 21st say, 1765
Mary (Slade) Taylor was born April the 17th day, 1766
Elizabeth Prevatte Taylor was born January the 26th, 1787
Mary Ann Taylor was born October the 26th day, 1788
Sarah Taylor was born November the 9th day, 1793
John Slade Taylor was born January 16th day, 1795
Jincy Taylor was born February the 2nd, 1797
Eunice Taylor was born December the 5th day, 1798
Joseph Taylor was born August the 7th day, 1800
*William (Miss Billie) Taylor was born November 13th, 1802
Stephen Slade taylor was born May the 26th day, 1804
Alfred Taylor was born July the 19th day, 1808

Jonathan Gough was Mary the 12th day, 1778
Mary Ann Gough was born October the 26th day, 1788
Father Gough was born June the 5th day, 1809
Jonathan B. Gough was born August the 23rd day, 1812
Eunice Gough was born October the 3rd day, 1814
Polly Ann Gough was born October the 14th day, 1816
Francis II Taylor was born April the 12th, 1824
Richard Prevatte Taylor was born March the 20th, 1825
Joseph Taylor the son of Thomas Alfred and Elizabeth Prevatt Taylor (b 1787) was born October the 13th, 1823
Joseph Taylor Gough was born Mary the 8th day, 1819
Joseph Bradford McCoy was born the 18th day of June, 1821
Nathaniel Greene Davis was born September the 4th, 1821

Elizabeth Taylor wife of Moses Taylor decased the six day of March, 1833 aged
Mary Taylor formerly Mary Slade died February the 15th, 1840
Katherine Taylor second wife of Joseph Taylor died July the 7th, 1852
Joseph Taylor Sen died on January  25th 1853
Sallie Taylor wife of Stephen S. Taylor dide Aprile 12th,1875
Moses Taylor the father of Joseph Taylor decased March 23, 1819
Mary Ann Gough deceased November the 13th day, 1827
Eunice Taylor Davis deceased July the 13th day, 1829
Sally Neal deceased December the 20th, 1830 Aged 39 years

*This person was a girl, known through her single life as "Miss Billie"
In my family the story of the naming of William Taylor is  that Mary's brother, a lawyer, came to visit Mary while she was pregnant.... before he left he made her promise to name the baby after him. Being a family of honor and always keeping their word, Mary and Joseph kept their word and named the baby girl William....

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