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Coat of Arms from Ireland and Around the World

Pictures of Gravestones

   The name Gorman/O'Gorman in Ireland is derived from the native Gaelic Sept Mac Gormain who were located in the West of the country and especially in County Clare. Gormley and Grimes are names that have been used interchangeably with Gorman. However, all indications that the Ghormley ancestors on our tree were from the Ulster Province, therefore the coat of arms with the three red birds would be more likely than the one with the lion.

   The name Foley in Ireland is derived from the Gaelic O'Foghladha Sept who were based in County Waterford in the South-East of the country. The name now ranks among the hundred most frequently found and descendants of this Sept can be found mostly in Munster Province. The red coat of arms with the lion is listed as Foley (Dublin), more research will be required as to which line we descend from.

A very interesting site, be prepared to spend some time at the Ireland History in Maps site! Another ineresting is the Ireland Coat of Arms (some of this site is designed to sell coat of arms etc.). However a good place to spend a little slack time browsing.

   This site has been developed only to give my children, nieces, nephews and their children some idea of where they came from. Most of the information included has been collected by simply web surfing, but a special thanks must go to a very special person, my cousin, John Carl GHORMLEY, whose site you must visit. He has a tremendous amount of information on the family!