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"Dear Cousin II:" The Genealogy of the Descendants of Anneke Jans Bogardus (1605-1663) to the 7th Generation

The author, William Brower Bogardus of Wilmington, OH, has continued the research of ALL lines of descent from Anneke JAMS through both the male and female lines and by the children of both her husbands, i.e., Roelof JANSEN and Domine Everardus BOGARDUS. The new book titled above is currently in preparation and will be a completely new book, incorporating all information in the 1996 "Dear Cousin" book, with additions and corrections to generations 1 through 5, and will include generations 6 and 7 so that it will not be. necessary to refer from the first book to the one now being prepared. The new book will now cover the entire period from the early 1600s to the early-to-mid 1800s, with some dying in the early 1900s. Most present-day descendants will likely find that their great-grandparents are included - and perhaps in some instances, their grandparents. There are many new lines of descent that have never before been identified. The new book is expected to be about four to five times larger than the first book and will again be indexed. Upwards of 20,000 - 25,000 names will be included.  Some features of "Dear Cousin II" include:

a. The addition of all witnesses (sponsors) at the baptisms of all descendants and their spouses when this information is available.

b. The identification of prior and subsequent spouses of the spouses of descendants.

c. A new format for identifying the sources which support the data. Insofar as possible, an attempt is being made to identify ALL elements of information, i.e., a date, a location, a cemetery, a will, etc., with their respective source - - each of which will be coded and keyed to a master list of churches, bible records, cemetery records, vital records, wills, compendiums, family genealogies, histories, military data and a list of family researchers that have provided significant assistance.

d. Corrections of (principally) date errors published in other books - and additions of new data - will be underlined so as to give the reader the assurance that the most reliable data was used.

e.   For each individual in the 7th generation that is known to have continuing generations of descent, a best-source for this information will be included (when available).

f. The family surname(s) of connecting families (through the marriage of female children) will be identified (if known) for the 8th and possibly the 9th generations.

g.   BOGARDUS families that migrated to Canada and Peru in the early 1800s are being extended to the 9th generation.

Excellent progress is being made on "Dear Cousin II" but it is difficult to state just when this will be available for purchase. Mr. Bogardus has already corresponded with over 6,000 prospective and verified descendant families during the course of his research from 1962 to the present but also encourages an new correspondents that may wish to provide their line s) of descent with whatever information may be available for review and correction. He does not have an e-mail address (by choice - to preclude an overwhelming number of contacts) but may be contacted at: 1121 Linhof Road, Wilmington, OH 45177. Copies of the 1996 "Dear Cousin" book are also still available for $29.50, including postage.


During the course of his almost 40 years of research, Mr. Bogardus has also become deeply involved in the research of many early BROUWER, BROWER and BREWER families - - mainly for the purpose of identifying those which are also descendants of Anneke JANS. As a consequence of this research, many such families that are NOT also descendants of Anneke JANS have been identified as being descended from other immigrant BROUWER ancestors or from the brothers of Jacobus BROUWER whose children are descendants of Anneke JANS

Following his completion of "Dear Cousin II", Mr. Bogardus intends to similarly prepare the following items for publication:

A new book, possibly titled "Dear Cousin: A Charted Genealogy of the Descendants o Adam BROUWER BERCHOVEN ca 1620-1693 to the 6th Generation". It should also be noted here that although the parents and ancestry of Adam BROUWER have allegedly been identified (at least two versions have been frequently cited), it is still only known that he was from Cologne, Germany - with no parents yet identified. At this present writing, as a result of Mr. Bogardus' correspondence with researchers in The Netherlands, there is only circumstantial evidence that Adam BROUWER may have been born to German parents. Since Adam was a soldier in the service of the West India Company and sailed in 1641 to Brazil, it was the custom of that period for the Dutch to use German nationals in their military service. Hopefully, more will be learned about the parents and ancestry of Adam before Mr. Bogardus' intended book is published. A new book, possibly titled "Dear Cousin": A Charted Genealogy  of the Descendants of Jan BROUWER ca. 1632-1702) o Flatlands to the 5th Generation Mr. Bogardus will also welcome correspondence from those researching their early BROUWER, BROWER and BREWER ancestry. He may be contacted at : 1121 Linhof Road, Wilmington, OH 45177.

These web pages are done with the written permission of William Bogardus and The Anneke Jans and Everardus Bogardus Descendants Association. Any questions or comments should be directed to:

Mr. William Bogardus

1211 Linhof Road

Wilmington, OH 45177-2917

All information on these web pages are protected by copyright! NO duplication of any kind may be done without the expressed written permission of the Anneke JANS and Everardus BOGARDUS Descendants Association, 1211 Linhof Road, Wilmington, OH 45177-2917.

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