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Gibbon Macey

This is Ann, age 3 with Fluffy her dog in the orchard at Woodlands Drive. The orchard has gone and the land is covered with houses.

More of the GIBBON family history will appear on this page in the fullness of time

If the Gibbon family had lots of money they would have been spoken of as eccentrics, they were never had much so they were referred to as "odd" or "strange" or sometimes "mad as hatters". This never worried them, in fact I don't think they ever really gave any thought to how other people saw them they just got on with their lives. They worked hard so that they could have money to do the things they really wanted to do


This picture is the Basque Boys AFC with Stephen Gibbon as their trainer. These boys were refugees who were brought to Newport when their homeland was a battlefield. Stephen learnt to speak Spanish fluently in six weeks so that he could communicate with the boys. He adopted one of them - because he could.