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The undersigned has a quantity of red brick on hand for Spring delivery, D. Dunn, Farah Ave., New Liskeard, phone 155.

The Speaker, New Liskeard, May 10th, 1928


The undersigned has a quantity of red brick on hand for Spring delivery, D. Dunn, Farah Ave., New Liskeard, phone 155.

The Speaker, New Liskeard, February 28, 1929


Anyone wanting No. 1 Jack Pine wood, would do well to phone 1414 Milberta. Prices according to length. Elliott Dunn.

The Speaker, New Liskeard, February 28, 1929


97 acres, s.h. lot 10, con. 6, Hudson township. With or without stock. Elliott Dunn, R. R. #1, New Liskeard.

The Speaker, New Liskeard, February 28, 1929


Mr. E. Dunn was a visitor in Englehart on Saturday.

The Speaker, New Liskeard, December 5, 1929

Mrs. A. Mason and son of Timmins, who have been guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. D. Dunn, have returned home.

New Liskeard Speaker and Temiskaming News-letter, August 29, 1929

Mr. David Dunn has returned from an extended motor trip from North Bay west to Sudbury via the Soo through Michigan, Wisconsin to Minnesota, stopping for a week in Rochester, Minn. He reports a splendid trip, lovely scenery, good roads mostly all the way. Some showery weather, but also some real summer days. He was accompanied by his wifeís father, Mr. John Mason of Hudson who remained in Rochester, while undergoing treatment for a very painful knee, from which he has suffered for almost two years. His many friends are hoping he may return very much benefited. .

The Speaker, October 25, 1928, page 8

Card of Thanks

Mr. Elliot Dunn and family wish to thank all those who helped so much during their recent bereavement. Special thanks are due Dr. Fraser Farlinger and the nurses of the New Liskeard and District Hospital for their kindly consideration and help to our wife and mother, and to the neighbours and friends who sent flowers and helped with the lunch and baby sitting. .

Temiskaming Speaker, July 3, 1958 page 2


In a quiet little town
Where the Wabi River flows
I played with other children
Round my old New Liskeard home.
Some like me have wandered
So many that Iíve known
And they hardly ever talk about
Our old New Liskeard home.

Oh the lakes and the rivers
The pasture lands so green
The wild and wooded forests
Iíve seen often in my dreams.
Some tell of the glories of
The bright and golden west
But I will tell of Liskeard
The place I loved the best.

May Godís Blessings rest on Liskeard
The town I call my home
And also on the friends
Only Northerners have known.
Let others tell their stories
Of the places they have been
When God calls Iíll rest in Liskeard
Beside my friends and kin.

by Hannah Dunn.

Editorís Note: This poem was written by a young wife, who was leaving New Liskeard and did not expect to return, however, return she did, many years and sixteen grandchildren later. The poem was submitted by her daughter, Mrs. C. Chalmers of New Liskeard.

Temiskaming Speaker, February 5, 1970, page 16


To our many readers the news that John Dunn had been drowned near Proctor last week will come as a great shock. We understand that in company with a brother-in-law, Mr. Dunn was returning from Nelson to Proctor in a canoe. About a mile from Proctor there is a narrows in the river; where the water runs very rapidly and in going through this channel the canoe upset. Both young men started to swim for shore, but in opposite directions, and Mr. Dunn went under before he could make the land. The deceased was an expert canoe man and a good swimmer so that the general impression is that he must have taken cramps, as the river at this particular place is not very wide. The deceased went west with Mr. R. Herron, last fall, taking his wife with him and is a son of Mr. Dunn, of Hudson Township, and a brother-in-law of Mr. Harry Clayton, of this town. Before coming to Temiskaming the family lived on Lake Rosseau in Muskoka where they have many friends. A large circle of friends will extend our sympathy to the bereaved family in the tragic death of the deceased, who is cut off just in the prime of life.

Temiskaming Speaker, May 8, 1908 page 1


Last week Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Dunn received the sad intelligence that their son John had been drowned in British Columbia. He left here with Mr. R. B Herron last fall. It appears he and his brother-in-law Mr. Penson, were proceeding home on April 25th by canoe and in running a rapids the canoe upset. Mr. Penson managed to reach shore in an exhausted condition, but it is supposed Mr. Dunn took cramps as he was an excellent swimmer. It has not been learned yet whether his body has been found or not. He leaves a wife and three small children. The relatives have the sympathy of their many friends in their sad bereavement.

Temiskaming Speaker, May 8, 1908 page 4

Drowned near Nelson, B.C.

By the upsetting of a boat near Nelson B.C., on May 24th, three men were drowned. The high water in that section has made the currents very dangerous and caused the boat to upset. Our readers will remember that the late John Dunn met his death in that vicinity and under similar circumstances a few weeks ago.

Temiskaming Speaker, May 29, 1908 p. 7


Mrs. E.J. Dunn returned to Hamilton last week accompanied by Mrs. Elliott Dunn

New Liskeard Speaker, Sept. 9, 1910

Mr. Elliott Dunn is moving out to a farm near London, Ont.

New Liskeard Speaker, April 7, 1911

Mr. Elliott Dunn, of Hillview, formerly of Manitoba, was in town Thursday last.

New Liskeard Speaker, December 30, 1920

Township of Hudson

Meeting held on February 9th. The minutes of meeting held on January 14th read and confirmed. The motions passed were:
Morrow-Messinger - That the Auditorís Report for 1923 be accepted. --Car.
Messenger-Clark - That the following accounts be paid:
Elliott Dunn, rolling roads, $17; J.H. Bumstead, ditto, $9.60; A. Fisher, ditto, $5.70; H. Rutherford and E. Sackrider, selecting jurors, $1.75 each; A. Hetherington and J.D. Rutherford, auditing, $6.00 each.
Clark-Morrow --That F.J. Bradwayís application for assessing be accepted for 1924 at a salary of $40.00.
Messinger-Morrow -- That the following be appointed: Dr. McCullough, M.O.H.; F. J. Boadway, member Board of Health; Jas. Morrow, Sen. and T.E. Brown, Sanitary Inspectors and E. Sackrider, Secretary B. of H.
Clark-Messinger--That the following be appointed, and by-laws be prepared accordingly: A. Messinger, E. Dunn, G. Wallace and W. Maguire, Poundkeeperís; Thos. Brown and J. H. Bumstead, Sheep Valuers; Jas. Hall, Herbert Foley, John Mason, Richard Scott, Fenceviewers.
Clark-Morrow--That F. Spangler be appointed School Attendance Officer. - Car.
Messenger-Clark -- That the Clerk be instructed to call another nomination meeting to elect a fourth councillor on February 18th at 7:30 a.m. - Car.
Morrow - Messenger -- That this Council spend the sum of $1200 underColonization Road By-law.
Clark-Morrow -- That the following amounts be spent on the following roads and overseers appointed:
Road No. 1 - On con. 3 across lots 1 and 2; $200.00; Overseer, Stewart Edwards.
Road No. 2 - On sideline between lots 6 and 7, across lots 4 and 5, $500.00; Overseer, J. H. Bumstead.
Road No. 3 - On con. 6 across lots 3 4,5 and 6, $500.00; Overseer, Ovie. Morin.
Clark-Messenger -- That Colonization Road By-law No. 99 be read a first and second time and submitted to the Colonization Roads Branch for approval.

New Liskeard Speaker, February 21, 1924

Miss Sandra Dunn of North Bay spent the weekend visiting her mother Mrs. W. Dunn, Cobalt St.

Temiskaming Speaker, December 3, 1970


Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Dunn of Kleinburg are visiting Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Bailey this week.

Temiskaming Speaker, August 26, 1971

Hudson Council

Meeting held on April 28th, Members present, the Reeve and Councillors: H. Messenger, W. A. Clark and Wm. Quinton.
Minutes of previous meeting read and adopted.
Following accounts were passed: -
F.W. Spangler, work on roads $7.20; Municipal World, Stationery $16.11; E. Sackrider, Division Register, fees, $4.25; Orra Morrow, road work, $7.20; Jas. Morrow, School Attendance officer, $10.00; Archie Brown, work on roads, $7.20; Geo. Ferguson, work on roads, $7.50; Elliott Dunn, work on roads, $12.00; Lady Minto Hospital, Donation, $10.00.
By-laws Nos. 100 and 101, appointing fenceviewers, poundkeepers, etc. read and passed and also By-law No. 102 granting permission to the Nor. Ont. Light and Power Co., to erect poles and conductors on Dymond and Hudson boundary four miles.
H. Messenger - W. Quinton, that the clerk be instructed to notify the Tax Collector to collect all arrears on taxes.
H. Messenger - W. Quinton, that meeting adjourn to meet on June 10th to 1.30 p.m., as a court of Revision and also for general business. Car.
E. Sackrider, Clerk

New Liskeard Speaker, May 8, 1924

I.O.D.E. makes large contributions in 1969

Members of the Haileybury Chapter of IODE enjoyed dinner together at Breaultís Restaurant February 9 prior to their regular and annual meetings at the home of Mrs. J. McKay-Clements on Lakeshore Road, Haileybury.
The aims and obligations of the order were read by the regent and Mrs. S. Weir was welcomed as a new member. Plans have been finalized for a pot luck supper to be held March 13 at 7 p.m. in the Royal Canadian Legion Hall with the African students attending Haileybury School of Mines and membersí husbands as special guests. Mrs. G.L. Cassidy assisted by Mrs. W. Bailey and Mrs. W. Rice will convene the affair. Letters are be sent to the three newspapers and Mrs. D. Russell, Mrs. S.J. Mason, who audited the books, Mr. G.L. Cassidy and the Royal Canadian Legion for all the support given to the chapter throughout the year.
The annual meeting followed, and all reports were accepted. The treasurerís report showed the chapter had made substantial contributions in 1969 to National, Provincial and local projects.
National contributions, included: The Korean fund, towards the purchase of x-ray film and developer supplies, also powdered milk products shipped to Pusin; Second War Memorial Fund - for granting of post graduate scholarships in memory of men who gave their lives; Overseas Relief Fund - used for the purchase of childrenís warm outer garments, also shoes, blankets and bedding; Commonwealth relations fund which provides scholarships for post graduate study in Canada for students from the University of West Indies - for a student of University of Lagos Medical School and a student at Vellore Christian Medical College, India; Wilhelmina Gordon Foundation Fund offered for a yearly scholarship.
The provincial contribution was made to the Lucy Morrison Memorial Fund for education. This is an educational fund from which all Provincial IODE awards are made, including post graduate fellowships in social work and library science, art college student award, a scholarship to a student at National Ballet School; a Home Economics Scholarship at Ryerson Polytechnical Institute; a short story competition award, also bursaries, loans and educational assistance given to students.
The local contributions covered school prizes to both public and high school; sponsoring a student to the Junior School of the Arts; donation to the Royal Canadian Legion towards tables; back drop drapes for the Schoolís auditorium at Haileybury; donation to the Interfaith Welfare Christmas baskets and held the Red Cross Blood Donorsí Clinic.
An election of officers took place and the following executive was installed for 1970: Mrs. J.W. Preboy, regent; Mrs. J. Jerome, first vice-regent; Mrs. J. McKay-Clements, second vice-regent; Mrs. R. Littlejohn, assisting secretary; Mrs. L. Strah, recording secretary; Mrs. D. Houghton, treasurer; Mrs. R. McCutcheon, standard bearer; Mrs. A. Doran, educational secretary; Mrs. C. Grozelle, echoes secretary; Mrs. H. McIlroy, services home and abroad; Mrs. A. Cox, Empire and World Affairs; Mrs. G. Pratt, membership convener; Mrs. G.L. Cassidy, publicity convener; Mrs. F. Brooks, film convener; and the following counsellors, Mrs. C. DUNN, Mrs. J. Brummell, Mrs. W. Rice, Mrs. G. Kirk, Mrs. M. Pelangio and Mrs. J. Chilibeck.
Mrs. D. Hogan kindly consented to continue as the honourary regent and Mrs. Pratt the vice-regent, Mrs. J. Preboy on taking the chair, on behalf of the members paid tribute to Mrs. C. DUNN, the retiring regent for her leadership and presented her with a cup and saucer bearing the IODE crest.
There were two items under new business - the Red Cross Blood Donorís Clinic to be held on September 28, and Mrs. DUNN agreed to act as convener with Mrs. S. Weir assisting.
The June Ball was also under discussion and will be held June 6 at the New Liskeard Community Centre. Henry Kelnick and his orchestra will once again provide the music. Mrs. Cassidy is ball convener, Mrs. A. Doran as co-convener, Mrs. R. McCutcheon assisted by Mrs. R. Littlejohn will be in charge of food, Mrs. L. Strah and Mrs. J. Chilibeck, decoration and Mrs. F. Brooks, tickets.
A buffet supper will be served and there will be a refreshment bar. The door prize will once again be an original painting by G. L. Cassidy.
Next meeting will be held at the home of Mrs. J. Brummell.

Temiskaming Speaker, September 17, 1970


Mr. William Dunn of Timmins visited his aunt, Mrs. W.H. Smith and Mr. Gurney Smith Tuesday.
The sympathy of many friends in town of Miss Mary Dunn, a member of the teaching staff at Cobalt Public School, whose father Mr. David Dunn passed away at his home, Farah Avenue, New Liskeard on Wednesday, March 28th.
Mr. Dunn has been in poor health for many years. He took a bad turn Sunday, March 18th from which he failed to rally.

Temiskaming Speaker, April 5, 1951


C.G. Dunn, hospital administrator gave the administrators report in which he reported that the hospitals had a total of 4,677 patients during 1973 plus 389 newborn infants. A total of 17,724 outpatients were treated at the hospital but not admitted.
Mr. Dunn said that the total payroll at the hospital was $2,860,220 and 362 persons were employed.
Mr. Dunn warned against inefficient use of facilities since, he explained, the Ministry of Health was not likely to support such operations.
He praised the hospital auxiliaries which he said were a vital part of the health care program.

Temiskaming Speaker, January 15, 1974 (page 3)


The annual meeting of Charlton and District Agricultural Society was held in the town hall on Monday afternoon. The financial report showed the society practically free from debt. The report of district meeting held last summer in Englehart was given by Mr. A. Beevers and the date of this yearís fair was set for the 12th and 13th of September. Officers for the year: President, C. Beebe; 1st vice-pres., A. Beevers; 2nd vice-pres., H. Venning; directors, Mrs. M. A. Clark, Mrs. J. McAuley, Mrs. W. Hayes, Mrs. A. Barstead, Mrs. R. Huston, Mrs. J. Hough, V.A. Palmer, Carl Haacke, T. Hughes, E. Sanderson, B. Nickerson, Abe Haase, A. Morrisey, J. Devaney and R. Messier; sec.-treas. Mrs. W. Chrysler; audtior, Mr. F. Pummell. A certificate of merit issued by the Department for the advancement of agriculture in this district was presented by the society to Mr. Harry Kenny.

Temiskaming Speaker, January 19, 1939, page 7


Mr. Wm. Dunn is seriously ill and little hope is entertained for his recovery.

Temiskaming Speaker, August 27, 1909, page 4

Mr. and Mrs. Don Cameron of ?, Mrs. H. Minaker, Toronto, and Mrs. R. Williams of Kirkland Lake were weekend visitors with Mr. and Mrs. Carl Cameron and attended the funeral of Mrs. Dunn on Monday.

Temiskaming Speaker July 3, 1958 page 5


During the convention new officers for the two districts which comprise the association were elected. In District No. 11, which is under Inspector Smith, they are: President, Mr. T.J. Haughton, Cobalt; Vice-President, Mr. S.W. Carriere, Cobalt; Treasurer, Inspector Smith; Secretary, Miss. B. Elliott, Cobalt; Covenor of Committee, Miss M. DUNN, Haileybury.

The Speaker, October 14, 1926, page 5


Mrs. D. McNeil was a visitor to Cobalt on Thursday,
Mr. Dan McNeil attended the funeral of his sister, Mrs. Dunn, in Cobalt

Temiskaming Speaker, March 29, 1928, Page 4

Charlton Consolidated School

Honor Roll for November
V - Dora Stringer, Peggie Hough, Ethel Ennis, Greta McAuley
IV - Orville Stringer
III - Mervyn Miller, Lloyd Black, Albert Ennis
J.L. Harkness (Prin.)

Intermediate Room
Jr. III - Maurice Black, Walter Hayes, Bert Gardiner, Violet Houston, Mary Gardiner
Sr. II - Howard Saunders, John Barron, Elsie Stringer, Winnie Brisco, Harvey Lamb.
Jr. II Thurlow Manes, Sabra Hough, Barbara McPherson, Garry McAuley, Mae Robinson.
Edith Moore, Teacher

Room 1
Sr. I - Loyd Steele, Clarence Hayes, Doris Miller, Clifford Coles, Harry Illingworth
Jr. I - Ruth Pope, Florence Thorpe, Roddie Robinson
Pr. - Joseph Barron, Shirley Stringer
A. - Annie McWarren, Arthur Cole, Billie Steele, Johnnie Hansen, Lillian Hayes, Evelyn Saunders.
H.E.M. Switzer, teacher

The Speaker, December 8, 1927, page 4

Mr. Elliott Dunn, who held a very satisfactory sale at his farm in Hudson Township, was in town Saturday winding up matters before leaving for the West, where he has previously lived. Monday Mr. and Mrs. Dunn and family, Thelma, Willie, Norman, Wesley and Bryce, accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Dunn, of New Liskeard and Mr. Frank Raymond were leaving for their new home at Kello. Man. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Cameron will join them later. Their friends wish them every success.

The Speaker, April 11, 1929, Page 9

Cobalt Personals

Out of town relatives and friends who attended the funeral of the late Jerome Dunn, Haileybury on Thursday and who also visited in Cobalt, Mr. and Mrs. N.H. McLean, Cobalt; Mr. and Mrs. H.E. McLean, Toronto; Mrs. A. Fritzsimmons; Mr. and Mrs. Pat Dunn; Mr. Leonard Dunn; Mr. Alex Dunn all of Toronto; Mr. Frank Dunn, Vancouver; Mr. and Mrs. Steve Maheu, Toronto; Mrs. H. Collins, Toronto; Mr. and Mrs. Herman Sparks, Cobalt; Mr. and Mrs. H. Bambrick, Cobalt; Roger Larabie, Cobalt; Mrs. H. Hebert, Rouyn; Mr. and Mrs. Joe Hull, Elliot Lake.

Temiskaming Speaker, August 7, 1958 Page 4

Miss Jessie Dunn, of Hillview, teacher last term of S.S. No. 4 Dymond, left Monday evening for an extended holiday with relatives and friends at Hamilton and other parts. Little Miss Helen Emerson, who has spent the past year with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Carter, West Road, accompanied her as far as Toronto where her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.J. Emerson formerly of Dymond Township will meet her.

New Liskeard Speaker, July 21, 1921, page 8

Four moose were shot last week by Greg Dunn who shot a cow and calf, by Gary Dunn who shot a bull and Barry Austin who also shot a bull. The animals were killed between Cobalt and Temagami by the hunting party of nine.

Temiskaming Speaker, November 21, 1973

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