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Letter Name State Country Latitude/ Longitude
A Accomack, Virginia [P0170]  
  Aldwark, Sussex, England [P0233]  
  All Hallows Parish, Maryland [P0098]  
  Anne Arundele County, Maryland [P0103]  
  Ardennes, France [P0247]  
  Argyllshire, Scotland [P0099]  
  Armsfield, James City, Virginia [P0077]  
  At Sea [P0302]  
  Auddleston, York, England [P0145]  
B Baltimore County, Maryland [P0151]  
  Barnet, Wiltsshire, England [P0200]  
  Bath County, North Carolina [P0177]  
  Battle Abbey, Sussex, England [P0193]  
  Battle Of Chester [P0248]  
  Beaufort County, North Carolina [P0062]  
  Beaver Dam, Ohio County, Kentucky [P0075]  
  Bechworth Castle, Surry, England [P0194]  
  Bechworth, Surry, England [P0191]  
  Beecchworth, Surrey, England [P0199]  
  Beechworth, Surrey, England [P0198]  
  Bisham Abbey, Berkshire, England [P0201]  
  Bisham, Berkshire, England [P0203]  
  Blacksburg, Virginia [P0124]  
  Bolney, Sussex, England [P0236]  
  Bon Secour, Alabama [P0011]  
  Borough Green, Cambridge, England [P0202]  
  Breckinridge County, Kentucky [P0043]  
  Bridgetown, Barbados, West Indies [P0165]  
  Bridgnorth, Shropshire, England [P0229]  
  Bristol, England [P0079]  
  Brooklyn, Kings, New York [P0284]  
  Brunswick County, Virginia [P0042]  
  Brunswick Parish, King George County, Virginia [P0267]  
  Buckingham, England [P0242]  
  Burke County, North Carolina [P0258]  
  Bush River Cemetery [P0133]  
  Bush River, South Carolina [P0132]  
  Butler County, Kentucky [P0037]  
  Bysscet, Surry, England [P0192]  
C Calais, Wiltshire, England [P0195]  
  Campbell County, Kentucky [P0025]  
  Campbell County, Virginia [P0038]  
  Cartwright Creek, Kentucky [P0288]  
  Castle Skipton, York, England [P0223]  
  Charles County, Maryland [P0106]  
  Charost Providence, Beri, France [P0092]  
  Chepstow, Monmouh, England [P0208]  
  Chester County, South Carolina [P0126]  
  Chesterfield County, Virginia [P0122]  
  Chew, Somerset, England [P0300]  
  Christiana, Delaware [P0131]  
  Christiana, Dlaware [P0138]  
  Chuckatuck, Nansemond, Virginia [P0296]  
  Colvert County, Maryland [P0101]  
  Corley Chapel Cemetary [P0159]  
  Coventry, Waewick, England [P0241]  
  Cowdray , Sussex, England [P0186]  
  Cowdray Park By Eastbourne, Sussex, England [P0187]  
  Cowdry, Sussex, England [P0231]  
  Culpepper County, Virginia [P0063]  
  Cumberland County, Virginia [P0082]  
  Cumberland, England [P0268]  
D Daviess County Kentucky [P0019]  
  Daviess County, Kentucky [P0027]  
  Depoy, Muhlenberg County, Kentucky [P0056]  
  Dobbs County, North Carolina [P0060]  
  Donington Castle-Kirby, Leicester, England [P0243]  
  Dorset, England [P0083]  
  Dovenshire, England [P0105]  
  Dover, England [P0102]  
  Droitwich, Worcertershire, England [P0280]  
  Duplin County, North Carolina [P0175]  
E Edgecombe County, North Carolina [P0028]  
  Ellesmeare, Salop, England [P0250]  
  Elsing, Norfolk, England [P0217]  
  England [P0080]  
  Eythorpe, Buckingham, England [P0179]  
F Fairfax County, Virginia [P0040]  
  Fairfax, County, Virginia [P0129]  
  Fauquier County, Virginia [P0261]  
  Firle, Sussex, England [P0215]  
  Flatbush, Kings County, New York [P0263]  
  Florida [P0161]  
  Foley Alabama Cemetary [P0008]  
  Foley Cemetary [P0009]  
  Fort Gipson, Kansas [P0046]  
  France [P0093]  
  Franklin County, Kentucky [P0050]  
  Frederick County, Virginia [P0047]  
  Fredrick County, Maryland [P0026]  
  Fredrick County, Virginia [P0054]  
G Gallatin County, Kentucky [P0067]  
  Gates County, North Carolina [P0034]  
  Germany [P0020]  
  Giles County, Virginia [P0121]  
  Gillesland, Cumberland, England [P0204]  
  Goochland, Virginia [P0055]  
  Graham, Muhlenberg County, Kentucky [P0036]  
  Great Britain [P0172]  
  Green, Kentucky [P0171]  
  Greene County, North Carolina [P0174]  
  Greenville, Muhlenberg County, Kentucky [P0073]  
  Greystoke, Cumberland, England [P0238]  
  Greystoke, England [P0224]  
H Hackensack, Bergen, New Jersey [P0150]  
  Hagertown, Maryland [P0023]  
  Hampshire, Virginia [P0262]  
  Handmead, Buckinghm, England [P0213]  
  Hanover County, Virginia [P0074]  
  Hanover, Virginia [P0070]  
  Harefield, Middlesex, England [P0228]  
  Harrison County, West Virginia [P0299]  
  Hartest, Suffolk, England [P0276]  
  Hartford, England [P0168]  
  Hatfield, England [P0249]  
  Hayle, Buckingham, England [P0181]  
  Haynes-Ford Cemetery, Ohio County, Kentucky [P0052]  
  Heighton-St. Clare-Firle, Sussex, England [P0235]  
  Henderson [P0006]  
  Henrico County, Virginia [P0072]  
  Henry County, Kentucky [P0160]  
  Hertford, England [P0085]  
  Hertfordshire, England [P0164]  
  Hickman, Kentucky [P0049]  
  Holland [P0283]  
  Hopkins County, Kentucky [P0065]  
  Huddleston Hall, Yorkshire, England [P0143]  
I Indiana [P0120]  
  Ireland [P0012]  
  Isle Of Wight, Virginia [P0111]  
J Jamaica (Queens), New York [P0265]  
  James City, Virginia [P0255]  
  Jamestown, Virginia [P0141]  
  Jessamine County, Kentucky [P0127]  
K Kanawha, West Virginia [P0306]  
  Kent Island, Maryland [P0293]  
  Kent, England [P0104]  
  Kentucky [P0031]  
  Kiddington, Oxford, England [P0190]  
  King George County, Virginia [P0108]  
  King William Parish, Virginia [P0091]  
  Kirby, Leicester, England [P0221]  
  Knox County, Tennessee [P0044]  
  Krottelbach, Germany [P0088]  
L Lancaster, Virginia [P0152]  
  Langham, Suffolk, England [P0273]  
  Launcelynbury, Southampton, England [P0209]  
  Lee , England [P0251]  
  Lester Coomes Farm Near Whitesville, Kentucky [P0048]  
  Lincoln County, North Carolina [P0041]  
  Lincoln, North Carolina [P0115]  
  Lockport, Henry County, Kentucky [P0260]  
  London, , Middlesex, England [P0244]  
  London, England [P0084]  
  Londonary, Donegal, Ireland [P0259]  
  Long Ashton, Somerset, England [P0078]  
  Long Sutton, Lincoln, England [P0210]  
  Louisa County, Virginia [P0053]  
M Maidenhead (Mercer0, New Jersey [P0282]  
  Manakin Town, , Virginia [P0246]  
  Martins Hundred, Virginia [P0076]  
  Maryland [P0018]  
  Mason County, Kentucky [P0069]  
  Mason, Kentucky [P0173]  
  McLean County Kentucky [P0014]  
  McLean County, Kentucky [P0029]  
  Mercer Cemetary, Muhlenberg County, Kentucky [P0057]  
  Mercer County, Kentucky [P0119]  
  Middlesex, England [P0166]  
  Middletown, Monmouth, New Jersey [P0266]  
  Midhurst, Sussex, England [P0189]  
  Mobile Alabama [P0003]  
  Monmouth, England [P0232]  
  Morgantown, Butler County, Kentucky [P0071]  
  Morpeth, Northumberland, England [P0219]  
  Muhlenberg County, Kentucky [P0021]  
  Muhlenberg, Kentucky [P0024]  
N Nelson County, Kentucky [P0064]  
  Netherlands [P0281]  
  New Kenet, Virginia [P0298]  
  New Kent County, Virginia [P0118]  
  New Kent, Virginia [P0297]  
  New York [P0015]  
  Newberry County, South Carolina [P0051]  
  Newberry, South Carolina [P0130]  
  Newberry, South Carolina Or Virginia [P0135]  
  Norfolk County, Virginia [P0163]  
  North Carolina [P0061]  
  Northampton, England [P0211]  
  Northumberland County, Virginia [P0290]  
  Northumberland, England [P0153]  
  Northumberland, Virginia [P0269]  
  Norton, Suffolk, England [P0134]  
  Norwich, Suffolk, England [P0275]  
O Of Elizabeth River, Virginia [P0169]  
  Of Warnham, Sussex, England [P0307]  
  Ohio County, Kentucky [P0032]  
  Old Riverview Cemetery, Morgantown, Kentucky [P0068]  
  Old Spottsylvania, Virginia [P0128]  
  Olmbach, Deu [P0301]  
  On The Borders, Cumberland, England [P0218]  
  Overwharton Parish, Stafford, Virginia [P0289]  
  Oxford, England [P0216]  
P Pennsylvania [P0253]  
  Pensacola, Escambia, Flordia [P0155]  
  Pensacola, Escambia, Florida [P0162]  
  Pontoise, Val Doire, France [P0147]  
  Popular Grove [P0002]  
  Popular Grove Cemetary [P0016]  
  Prince George County, Maryland [P0097]  
  Prince William County, Virginia [P0295]  
Q Queen Anne Parish, Maryland [P0030]  
R Rhea City, Tennessee [P0058]  
  Ripon, Yorkshire, England [P0117]  
  Rippon, York, England [P0116]  
  Rockbridge County, Virginia [P0125]  
  Rolleston, Nottingham, England [P0227]  
  Ross Family Cemetary [P0156]  
  Rowen County, North Carolina [P0257]  
  Rumsey, Kentuccky [P0017]  
  Ruthyn, Denbigh, Wales [P0239]  
S Salisbury, Wiltshire, England [P0197]  
  Saxton In Elmet, Yorkshire, England [P0144]  
  Schraalenburgh, Bergen, New Jersey [P0304]  
  Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts [P0309]  
  Scropsjire, England [P0292]  
  Sedan, France [P0090]  
  Shanes Castle, County Antrim, Ireland [P0136]  
  Shavington, England [P0086]  
  Sheffield, York, England [P0220]  
  Shelby County, Kentucky [P0045]  
  Shenley, Hertford, England [P0234]  
  Sherwill, Virginia [P0039]  
  Shifnal, Shropshire, England [P0206]  
  Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England [P0240]  
  Shutt Family Cementary, Mclean County, Kentucky [P0022]  
  Skipton Castle, Skipton, York, England [P0207]  
  Skipton, York, England [P0205]  
  Skrynes In Roxwell, Essex, England [P0214]  
  Slaugherville, Kentucky [P0010]  
  South Hartney, Essex, England [P0148]  
  Southampton, England [P0254]  
  Springfield TN. [P0007]  
  St Pauls Parish, King George, Virginia [P0110]  
  St Pauls Parish, Virginia [P0107]  
  St. Albine, England [P0305]  
  St. Alphonse Catholic Church [P0013]  
  St. George Chapel-Windsor, Berkshire, England [P0245]  
  St. James Northam Parish, Goochland County, Virginia [P0278]  
  St. Michael, Bath, England [P0270]  
  St. Nicholas Chapel, Calais, England [P0196]  
  Stafford County, Virginia [P0109]  
  Stafford, England [P0230]  
  Stafford, King George County, Virginia [P0252]  
  Stanstead, Suffolk, England [P0274]  
  Steinwendan, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany [P0087]  
  Ststonville, Pennsylvania [P0286]  
  Suffork County, England [P0294]  
  Surry, Virginia [P0112]  
  Susquehanna [P0137]  
  Sussex, Virginia [P0113]  
  Switzerland [P0271]  
T Tanton Downham, Suffolk, England [P0272]  
  Temperanceville, Accomack, Virgiia [P0287]  
  Tennessee [P0059]  
  The South Ports, Northumberland, England [P0237]  
  Tidewater Area, Lancaster County, Virginia [P0264]  
  Tyrone County, Ireland [P0256]  
U Unity Cemetery Graham Kentucky [P0035]  
  Utrecht, New York [P0123]  
V Virginia [P0033]  
W Waldorff, Germany [P0149]  
  Wales [P0140]  
  Wales, Great Britian [P0279]  
  Wales/England [P0114]  
  Warnham, Sussex, England [P0178]  
  Warren County, Virginia [P0081]  
  Washington County, Maryland [P0089]  
  Washington Kentucky [P0285]  
  Washington, Indiana [P0094]  
  Washington, Kentucky [P0066]  
  Waynw County, North Czrolina [P0176]  
  Wenge, Kent. England [P0182]  
  West Horsley, Surrey, England [P0188]  
  West Indies [P0167]  
  West Wycombe, Buckingha, England [P0225]  
  Western Branch, Maryland [P0100]  
  Westmoreland County, Virginia [P0291]  
  Westover Parish, Henrico County, Virginia [P0277]  
  Whaddon, Buckingham, England [P0185]  
  Whiston, Northampton, England [P0183]  
  Wilmington, Delaware [P0139]  
  Winchester, Vieginia [P0303]  
  Wing, Buckingham, England [P0180]  
  Wivelsfield, Sussex, England [P0226]  
  Woodford, Kentucky [P0308]  
  Wotten, Warwick, England [P0146]  
  Writtle, Essex, England [P0212]  
  Wycombe, Buckingham, England [P0184]  
Y York County, Virginia [P0142]  
  York, England [P0222]