This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Hungate. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Name Birth Partner Parents
Charles [I458] 1669-07-10 Unknown, Anne [I459] Hungate, Francis Carrington, Margaret
Francis [I1011] 1625 Middleton, Joan [I1012] Hungate, Phillip Leigh-Lee, Dorothy
Francis [I460] 1642-05-19 Carrington, Margaret [I461] Hungate, Francis Middleton, Joan
Mary [I399] 1750 Huff, William [I398] Hungate, William Ensor, Nancy
Phillip [I1013]   Leigh-Lee, Dorothy [I1014] Hungate, William VII Sotheby, Margaret
William [I456] 1715 Ensor, Nancy [I457] Hungate, Charles Unknown, Anne
William [I1029]   Nessfield, Isabella [I1030]  
William, II [I1027]   Ughtred, Margery [I1028] Hungate, William Nessfield, Isabella
William, III [I1025] 1453 Salley, Oliva [I1026] Hungate, William II Ughtred, Margery
William, IV [I1022] 1472 Gower, Alice [I1023] Hungate, William III Salley, Oliva
William, V [I1020] 1492 Salthmarsh, Audrey [I1021] Hungate, William IV Gower, Alice
William, VI [I1018]   Stillington, Ann [I1019] Hungate, William V Salthmarsh, Audrey
William, VII [I1016]   Sotheby, Margaret [I1017] Hungate, William VI Stillington, Ann