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including the spellings of Gilet, Gillette, Gelette, Jellet, and all other reasonable spelling variants


Welcome to the Gillet/Gillett/Gillette DNA project


Break through those brick walls

We all have brick walls.  Hopefully, this project will connect all the Gillet, Gillett, Gillette, and other similar sounding surnamed families together.  Since this is a new project (October of 2005), we have yet to determine how many different Gillet(t)(e) lines there are.  Some families have always spelled their surname one particular way.  Some have not.  My own distant ancestor had two sons who each spelled their name differently.

Determine our most recent common ancestors (MRCA)

MRCA is a term to describe the ancestor that you and another person have in common.  As a very simple example, the MRCA for two brothers is their father.  The DNA analysis will not actually tell us who our ancestor was.  It will indicate related lines and give us the number of generations back to the MRCA for a given line.  If you and a fellow genealogist are descended from the same great-great-great grandfather, then the MRCA for the two of you would be five generations back.

More information about MRCA on the University of Arizona web site.

Separate some confusing lines

Oftentimes, our ancestors named their children after close relatives.  This resulted in, for example, several Jonathan Gillet(t)(e)s in the same community.


26 Mar 2006

FamilyTreeDNA is now offering a 59 marker test.  Here are the complete list of prices for group members as of 26 Mar 2006:
Y-DNA12	 $99
Y-DNA25 $159
Y-DNA37 $189
Y-DNA59 $269
Y-Refine12to25 $49
Y-Refine12to37 $99
Y-Refine12to59 $189
Y-Refine25to37 $49
Y-Refine25to59 $148
Y-Refine37to59 $99
Y-DNA12+mtDNA $199
Y-DNA37+mtDNAPlus $339
Y-DNA59+mtDNAPlus $409
SuperDNA (y-DNA59+Full mtDNA Sequence) ...$935

16 Mar 2006

We have results from two participants, who turned out to have a common ancestor around 175 B.C.  It might take a while to gather documentation that far back.


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