The Gillett DNA Project
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26 Mar 2006  FamilyTreeDNA is now offering a 59 marker test.  Here are the complete list of prices for group members as of 26 Mar 2006:
    Y-DNA12 $99
    Y-DNA25 $159
    Y-DNA37 $189
    Y-DNA59 $269
    Y-Refine12to25 $49
    Y-Refine12to37 $99
    Y-Refine12to59 $189
    Y-Refine25to37 $49
    Y-Refine25to59 $148
    Y-Refine37to59 $99
    Y-DNA12+mtDNA $199
    Y-DNA37+mtDNAPlus $339
    Y-DNA59+mtDNAPlus $409
    SuperDNA (y-DNA59+Full mtDNA Sequence) ...$935

16 Mar 2006
We have results from two participants, who turned out to have a common ancestor around 175 B.C.  It might take a while to gather documentation that far back.

06 Dec 2005
  FamilyTreeDNA has donated two $30 gift certificates toward the purchase of  new test kits at the level of 25 or 37 markers.  They expire on 31 Dec 2005.

26 Oct 2005  We are off and running with several kits in the works.  I hope to see more participants soon.  The more lines we have to compare, the more we can learn about our own ancestors.

24 Oct 2005  RootsWeb has generously donated the space on their servers for the Gillett DNA project.

20 Oct 2005  FamilyTreeDNA has started a Gillett DNA study on their site.  Participants ordering through the Gillett project get a discount on their test kit.  Follow this link to join.

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