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The initial information in the Gilwit Files was collected in an attempt to satisfy a curiosity about the genealogy of the Gilbertson and Witney families, beginning with the marriage of Alexander Park Gilbertson and Ruth Witney on 30 July 1929.

In the early stages, several relatives, including a number of cousins, provided a great deal of information on which to build. As a result, the files were rapidly expanded to include many other families to which, however distantly, the original couple are connected.

In the Gilwit Files, "Source: Family Records" indicates information provided by family members, as documents or personal recollections, which has not yet been verified by reference to primary sources.

It was also decided that, wherever possible, not merely people in direct lines of descent but also their siblings should be included in the files. Inevitably, this greatly complicated the presentation of the data, as did differences between the software which various members of the family used.

The solution adopted was to present the data as a series of Web-style pages, distributed within the family on Compact Disc, with a "People List" of everyone included, a "Relationship Chart" showing (only) how the various families are related, a "Pedigree Chart" for each branch and a "Detail Sheet" for every individual. This Web Site has been derived from the data used for the Compact Disc by deleting all references to any member of the family who is, or could be, still alive. Inevitably, because of such deletions, which in some branches include four generations, it will not be possible to follow some relationships which depend on people who are, or might be, still alive.

Deliberately, on some pages, notably on the "People List", hyperlinks are shown, rather than being hidden as is customarily the case. In part, this facilitated keeping track of the complex relationships but also, with experience, can speed access to a given person in the files. "Us" refers to cousins born, predominantly, in the 1930s - all still alive in 2002. Where known, females are shown with their Birth and Married names.

For guidance on your early visits see Help. Otherwise, start with the People List or Relationship Chart and see what you can find.

Additions, corrections, amendments, anecdotes, photographs or memorabilia will be gratefully received, treated with care and, as appropriate, acknowledged or returned.

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Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information in the Gilwit Files but no responsibility
can be accepted for any errors or omissions nor for any consequences arising from its use.

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