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Hi - Thank you for visiting and welcome to my family and One-Name web site. My name is Barbara Roach and this site shows the results of my researches into my
own family history and also a glimpse of my One-Name study.  Hopefully this will help others in their research and also put common descendants in touch with each

I began my research back in 1978 and have been at it on and off ever since.  Since retiring to Devon, I have found more time to search for my roots but have also
spent more time on my Gimblett and Doidge One-Name Studies.  I am
a member of Cornwall Family History Society, Devon Family History Society and the Guild of One-Name Studies.

As you can imagine I have unearthed many surnames during the course of my research that have not been given a page of their own. For many of these it is because they are not in my direct ancestry, but for some it is because although they are a direct ancestor, I know little about them. These names are listed on a separate page and clicking on the name will take you to the page where they are situated. If you find someone that you think you may be related to the do get in touch as I may have more information. The main lines are listed below and if more information is known about ancestors of marriage partners, than there is a link to take you to another page.

There is no information about living relatives. Where I have written a biographical piece about one of my ancestors, this will also be shown as a link.

Britain changed from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar in September 1752. Before then New Year's Day fell on 25 March each year. Whilst many people show Julian calendar dates between January and March as a choice between years, I have shown it as the year that the event actually happened. Therefore February 1750 will come after December 1750

This is a growing site (particularly the biographies) and I would appreciate feedback

Last Updated: 14 September 2016

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