Sir Edward Percy Cranwill Girouard, militaire
Photo de Sir Percy Girouard

Sir Percy Girouard (1867-1932)


	Born Jan. 26, 1867 in Montreal; died in London, England, Sept. 26,
	1932. Son of Desire GIROUARD, judge of the Supreme Court of Canada,
	and Essie Cranwill.  Educated at the Royal Military College of
        Kingston, Ont.  Commissionned in 1888 in the Royal Engineers,
	he rose to the rank of colonel in 1909.

	Having had experience on the engineering staff of the CPR, he was
        appointed in 1890, traffic manager of the Royal Arsenal Railways
        of Woolwich.

	While serving in Africa in 1896 with the Dongola expeditionary
	force, he was  placed in charge of the construction of the Wadi
	Halfa-Kartoum Railway.  For his success in this enterprise, which
	greatly facilitated the reconquest of the Sudan, he was awarded
	the D.S.O.

	During the South African War, he was director of railways in South
	Africa; for his service he was created K.C.M.G., in 1900.
	Appointed high commissioner of Northern Nigeria in 1907, he
	superintended the construction of the railway line to Kano.
	During his two-year tenure of office the title was changed to that
        of governor.  After serving as Governor of East Africa in 1909-12
	he took a position in dindustry in England.
	He returned to the government service briefly in 1915-16 as
	director general of  munitions supply in the British Ministry of 
	Munitions.  While in this position he held the temporary rank of

	He was the author of several books on the history and strategic
	importance of railways.

	In 1903, he married Mary Gwendolen, daughter of the Hon. Sir
	Richard Solomon; they had one son.
	(See "Canadian Who Was Who, Vol. 1.)

	Note : this article was copied from "Encylopedia Canadiana" Vol. 4"
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Note : Edifice construit en son honneur.
Note : Building built in his honor.
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