BRONZO of Agropoli, Italy & Wilmerding, PA


Agropoli, Italy
and Wilmerding, PA
For Galatea Rose and her Aulisio siblings
Revised 20 Sept 2002 (GKBopp)


A search on the Ellis Island site for Bronzo (exact spelling) resulted in 81 matches; other spelling options did not appear to be relevant. The 81 matches were narrowed down to thirteen names - those with locales of Agropoli (or close variations) and/or "Vilnerding." Six of the thirteen names were on the same ship and are the immediate family of your paternal grandmother, Italia/Rose Bronzo (who married Aulisio); the other seven names appear to be relatives. These thirteen records, and the 1906 record of Angelo Bronzo, were the only records reviewed in detail.

Ellis Island, New York, records cover immigrations from 1892 to 1924: however, the records do not account for ALL immigrations to the U.S. during this period. Ellis Island information is at:

Bronzo with "Agropoli" and/or Vilnerding [Wilmerding] Connections

This list is an edited version of the 81 Ellis Island Bronzo records, those with Agropoli and/or Vilnerding (and variations thereof), re-ordered by arrival year, with approximate birth year.

Name of Passenger                   Residence            Arrived      Age on Arrival  
                                                                                                [approx. birth year]

Raffaele Bronzo                  Agropoli                    1903         19   [1884]   see Ralph

Raffaele Casimiro Bronzo   Agropoli                   1904          43   [1861]   see below

Raffaele Bronzo                  Agropoli, Salerno     1908          24   [1884]   see Ralph

Ottaviano Bronzo                Agrapoti, Salerno     1909          19    [1890]   see below

Casimico Bronzo                Adpopoli, Italy          1913           2    [1911]   see Ralph
Filamena Bronzo                Adpopoli, Italy          1913           6    [1907]               "

Chiara Bronzo                    Agropopoli, Italy       1919          12   [1907]    see Frank
Italia Bronzo                       Agropopoli, Italy      1919           4    [1915]               "
Antonio Bronzo                  Vilnerding, Pa.          1919           8    [1911]               "
Giuseppiba Bronzo             Vilnerding, Pa.          1919         27    [1892]               "
Tripola Bronzo                   Vilnerding, Pa.          1919           7    [1912]               "
Isola Bronzo                       Vilnerding, Pa.          1919           6    [1913]               "

Carmine Bronzo                 Agropoli, Italy [Dec] 1919         17    [1902]     see below


Ellis Island and U.S. census records indicate Raffaele Casimiro Bronzo (1861) of Agropoli, Italy, had sons Francesco/Frank (1882), Raffaele/Ralph (1884), Ottaviano (1890), [possibly Albert (1892)], and Carmine (1902) - of Italy and/or Wilmerding, PA, and possibly sons Angelo (1884) and John (1901) of Italy and NY (birth years are approximate). Several members of the family traveled between Italy and the U.S. on more than one occasion.

His relationship to Ralph/Raffaele Bronzo of Wilmerding is stated in the 1904 Ellis Island record: Raffaele Casimiro Bronzo is listed as a U.S. Citizen, [formerly] in Wilmerding 18 March 190-, contact is son Raffaele Bronzo, Wilmerding . He is also noted as the Uncle of sisters Lucia (age 11) and Finisia (age 19) Gatto of Agropoli traveling on same ship; the sisters' U.S. contact is their father Raffaele Gotto in Wilmerding.

He is linked to Carmine and Frank/Francesco by Carmine's 1919 Ellis Island record naming father Raffaele and brother Francesco.

Links to the other sons: Raffaele/Ralph names brother and/or cousin Angelo (may be Angelio of NY who has a brother John); Ottaviano names brother Raffaele; no direct mention of Albert; however, Frank, Ralph, and Albert are the only Bronzo families in Wilmerding, PA, in the 1920 census.


The wife and children of Frank (Francesco) Bronzo were on the Dante Alighieri leaving Napoli 12 Sept 1919 and arriving in New York 2 October 1919. Daughters Chiara and Italia are on "List or Manifest of Alien Passengers for the United States Immigration Officer at Port of Arrival;" their mother, Giuseppiba, and other siblings are on "List of United States Citizens." Giuseppiba's passport was issued 21 Sep 1918 in "Vilnerding," PA. The alien list has more details than the U.S. citizen list: U.S. contact is father Francesco Bronzo in "Wilmending," grandfather "Raffale" listed as nearest relative in Italy. A Social Security record of Josephine Bronzo lists her father as Ralph Pecora; hence, the grandfather "Raffale" could be paternal or maternal.

The given names became Americanized (birth dates from various sources):

Francesco - Frank
Giuseppiba - Josephine (born Feb 1881)
Chiara - Clara (born Jan 1906, married Botti)
Antonio - Anthony (born Aug 1910)
Tripola - Pauline (born Feb 1912)
Isola - Alice (born April 1913)
Italia - Italy (later known as Rose, born Sept 1915, married Aulisio)

The family appears in the 1920 Census in Wilmerding Twp., Allegheny Co., PA (E.D. 873, page 248). Bronzo, Frank, Head, 38, Machine Hand in Machine Shop; Josephine, wife, 38; children: Clara 13, Antonio 9, Pauline 7, Alice 6, Italia 5. Frank to U.S. 1906, Naturalized 1916. Josephine and all children to U.S. 1919; she is listed as Naturalized in 1919; all children noted as Naturalized (no date). All household members and their parents listed as born Italy.

1930 Census: Wilmerding Borough., Allegheny Co., PA (E.D. 2 - 876, Sheet 13) on Watkins Ave. Bronzo, Frank, Head 49, wife Josephine 49; children: Antonio 19, Pauline 18, Alice 16, Italy 15. Frank and Josephine born Italy, both married at age 23. All children listed as born Pennsylvania although Italy may have been written over Pennsylvania for daughter Italy. Frank is listed as "Shoe Repair" and son Antonio as "Shoe Repairman" in Shoe Shop. Frank immigrated to U.S. in 1906, Josephine in 1908; both listed as Naturalized. (Daughter Clara is living next door in husband's household: Jenry Botti, wife Clara, children Mildred and Ralph.)

The birth locales of the children vary in the records but it is most likely Clara and Italia/Italy/Rose were born in Italy and the other two in America. This is consistent with Josephine first coming to the U.S. in 1908, the 1919 Ellis Island citizen and alien listings, Clara's death record (California), and the family tradition that Rose (Italia/Italy) was born in Italy.


In the 1903 Ellis Island record, Raffaele is listed as Tailor, going to Pittsburgh (brother Angelo Bronzo is U.S. contact). In 1908, Raffaele is listed as Tailor, going to NY (cousin Angelo Bronzo is U.S. contact), in U.S. before in 1905 and 1907.

In the 1913 Ellis Island records, Bronzo children Casimico and Filamena are going to Wilmerding. The ship list includes the children's mother, Fortunata Urti (apparently listed under her maiden name). U.S. contact is Raffaele Bronzo (father/husband). On the ship is the Laborante family, from Agropoli, going to Wilmerding; these could be relatives of Bronzo or Urti (or not).

In the 1920 Census, the family is in Wilmerding: Ralph Bronzo, Head, age 37, [b. ca. 1883], Merchant/Tailor; wife Fortunata and children Philomena, Cosomino, Livia, Silvio, and sister-in-law Amelia Urti. All born in Italy except for Livia and Silvio who were born in Pennsylvania. Ralph came to the U.S. in 1896 and Naturalized in 1906.


In the 1909 Ellis Island record, Ottaviano, age 19, Shoemaker, is listed as having been in Wilmerding before [in 1900/1904?]; his U.S. contact is brother Raffaele, in Wilmerding. The entry is difficult to read but relative in Agropoli may be father [Casseilo?]; if so, presumably this refers to Raffaele Casimiro Bronzo.


Carmine Bronzo arrived at Ellis Island in December of 1919, listed as a Tailor, nearest relative in Italy is father, Raffaele; U.S. contact is brother Francesco Bronzo, Wilmerding.

~ ANGELO & JOHN BRONZO (of Italy and New York)

The brother and/or cousin mentioned by Raffaele/Ralph may be the Angelo Bronzo, age 22 [b. ca. 1884], who is listed in Ellis Island records as returning to the U.S. in 1906. He may be identical to the Angelio Bronzo in the 1920 Census in Brooklyn, New York: Angelio Bronzo, age 36 [b. ca. 1884], [profession is illegible but works for Ship Co.], first came to U.S. in 1902. Household includes wife, 6 children, and brother John Bronzo (age 19, Tailor, came to U.S. in 1904), and a brother-in-law. Wife [Amelia?], children: Raphael, Clara, Katrina, Frank, Albert, [Doria?]. Angelio, wife, brother, and in-law all born Italy; children all born NY.


In the 1920 Census in Wilmerding, PA, there is an Albert Bronzo, age 29, Machine Hand, Machine Shop; wife Frances, age 22, and daughters Lenora, Virginia, and Margaret (ages 4, 2, infant). He and parents born Italy; his wife and children were born in PA but the wife's parents were from Italy. He first came to U.S. in 1919 but this appears to match his Naturalization year and is inconsistent with ages and birth locale of children; he was probably in U.S. by 1915.

It is not known if Albert is related to the other Bronzo families in Wilmerding.