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Cicerale, Salerno, Italy
Southern Italy
Revised 3 March 2007 Ė GKBopp

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Introduction (Known lines and researchers)
Spelling Variations
Early Ancestry?
Aulisio U.S. Immigrants from Cicerale - Ellis Island, NY
Other Passenger Lists (not Ellis Island) *
WWI Draft Reg. Cards
On Line Databases
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A web site for Castle Garden, an immigrant processing station that preceded Ellis Island, was launched in August. It has some of our Aulisios; most are identical to the Ellis Island records. There is one Giorgio there that may be one of ours - that's not yet noted below.

INTRODUCTION ~ Known lines and researcher

My first husband was an Aulisio who was born in Pennsylvania; his family removed to California after WWII. Since we had a daughter (Galatea), I decided to track her Aulisio genealogy and the entries in my personal database are associated with her line. It was known that the family was from Cicerale, Italy. Since I have a web site and an online database, I am compiling the information being gathered by several Aulisio descendants with Cicerale connections.

Five Cicerale Aulisio Families- Two generation tree of the five families
At this time, we have identified five Cicerale Aulisio family groups, the first two (marked *) are known to be related but we donít know exactly how.
Aulisio/Gatta/Accetta line - AGA *
Old Forge, Lackawanna, PA line - OF *
Bristol Co., MA line - BMA
Nicola Aulisio of Uniontown, PA - NU
Donato Aulisio - NY and PA
Below is a summary of the family groups and the associated researchers or persons on our mailing list.

The (  ) following some names refer to the entries in the below Ellis Island listing.

Aulisio/Gatta/Accetta line - AGA   

Antonio Aulisio (son of Elia) married Gatta and Accetta. Three of his sons came to Pennsylvania; one settled in Ohio and one returned to Italy (but two of his sons came back to the U.S.). The Pennsylvania locales for this family group include Westmoreland County (Franklin, Hempfield, Hannastown, Crabtree, New Alexandria, Greensburg), and Allegheny County (Pittsburgh, Wilmerding). The three known sons are:

Giuseppe (5) (half-brother of the other two) - of PA; Youngstown, Mahoning County, OH, line.

Gennaro (7) - Pittsfield, Berkshire County, MA, line.*
(He was in PA, went back to Italy, two sons returned to U.S.)

Sabato Giorgio ( 8 ) - Pennsylvania, California, (one) New York line.

Researchers (and/or mailing list persons) are:
Christine Sobinovsky - descendant of Giuseppe (her mother an Aulisio).
Carmen Conte Sivers - descendant of Gennaro (her grandmother, an Aulisio, lives in Salerno).
Lucia Lodolini (mother a PA/NY Aulisio) and Galatea (father a PA/CA Aulisio) - descendants of Sabato Giorgio.
Georgia Kinney Bopp (mother of Galatea Aulisio) - GKBopp web site

Carmen was born in Italy and now lives in the U.S.
Lucia was born in NY and is now living in Italy.
*There are also Alessio families in Pittsfield, MA, but Carmen doubts they are related. She lived with a Pittsfield Aulisio relative for one year and is sure there were no other relatives in town

Old Forge, Lackawanna County, PA , line - OF  (some how related to the AGA line)

Dominic Aulisio (married "Copla" [Coppola?]) had four sons who came to the U.S. (one returned to Italy) and settled in Old Forge, Lackawanna, PA. These sons are referred to as "cousins" by sons in the AGA line. If they were first cousins, that means their father Dominic and Antonio (AGA line) were brothers. But we don't know yet if they were first, second, or more distant cousins. The Old Forge families have many descendants in the U.S. and the progenitors are identified in discourse by the street on which they lived.

Antonio (1) - went to Old Forge but returned to Italy.

George/Giorgio (2) - the "Oak Street" Old Forge line (descendants in Florida)

Giuseppe/Joseph (6) - the "First Street" Old Forge line

Elia/Leo (3) - the "Second Street" Old Forge line

Researchers (and/or mailing list persons) are:
Angelo Aulisio, his son Burt Aulisio, and Angelo's granddaughter Gina - descendants of Elia/Leo

Bristol Co., MA, line - BMA

Giorgio Aulisio (son of Angelo) had three known sons, two of which are known to have come to the U.S. As yet, no known connection yet between this line and the others, but this family is from Cicerale and are probably related.


Marino - his descendants are the Bristol County, MA, Aulisio line.


Researchers (and/or mailing list person) is:
Sue Aulisio Parece

Nicola Aulisio of Uniontown, PA - NU

Nicola of Uniontown, PA (10)  probably had only one son (Anthony/Tony), who died in 1949, and whose descendants settled in Elyria, OH. Mark P. Aulisio (not a regular on the mailing list) is a descendant of that line. As yet, no known connection to the other lines but Nicola was from Cicerale and is probably related.

Donato Aulisio - NY and PA

Donato (son of Donato of Mount Cicerale, Italy) of NY and Connellsville, Fayette County, PA, (4)  are, at this time, assumed to be the same person. As yet, no known connection to the other lines but he and his family were from Cicerale and could be related.



Italy is divided into REGIONS, within each region, are several PROVINCES. Within the provinces are cities, towns, villages and "frazioni" ("fractions" of little towns and villages that are even smaller). Regions are broader designations (zonas) that may or may not appear on maps. For example, the city of Rome (Roma - pop. 2.5 million), is in the province of Roma (RM), in the Lazio region, in Central Italy [Zona Italia Centrale].

Cicerale (pop. 1,400) and Sacco (pop. 700) are small villages in the Salerno Province in the Campania region in Southern Italy [Zona Italia Meridionale]. Salerno refers either to the region of Salerno (SA), or to the city of Salerno (pop.145,000). Cicerale is about 15 miles inland from Agropoli (pop. 19,800), which is on the coast of the Gulf of Salerno. Sacco is 20-30 miles from Cicerale (actually, closer but there's a mountain in the way).

Monte Cicerale is another small village (on a hill) close to Cicerale.

See images at: []
Above hot link surrounded by [] no longer works. It has not been removed because it might be cached on the web.

Galatea always heard that the family had Agropoli family roots - the only towns mentioned in Italy by her Aulisio grandparents were Naples and Agropoli - they always said that they were "Naplitan."  However, this may apply only to the mother (Volpe) of Galatea's grandfather and his wife (Bronzo) who are reported to be from Agropoli. The grandfather was born in the U.S. and it is most likely that his father was from Cicerale. Carmen points out that for those who moved to America from that area, it is easier to say they come from near Naples instead of Salerno - because most people have heard of Naples. Also, in the early 1900's, Salerno was much smaller than it is today and Naples was "the city."

& information from Lodolini, Sivers, and maps/atlases


The family has been in Cicerale since 1700 (if not earlier). Sivers says "the home in Cicerale, that has always belonged to the Aulisio's, bears the date 1700." Siver's grandmother Leonita, (living in Salerno 2005) "has always said that her father used to say that theirs was an important family." According to family tradition, Elia Aulisio was a pharmacist and was well-off and built the house in Cicerale with the 1700 date at the entrance. If the date refers to the date of the building, the Elia who built it would have lived about a century earlier than the Elia who was Leonita's great grandfather. (If there were two Elias, it is not clear which Elia was the pharmacist.)

Galatea's brother told her he once contacted a distant relative (he can't recall who, or where) who claimed researching an earlier generation to Aulisi, Greece [not located yet on any maps]. According to Sivers: "The last name Aulisio is actually supposed to have Greek roots.. . . My great-grandfather Gennaro used to say that the family was originally from Greece. His grandfather's name was Elia from the original Greek name Elias (Elio is the Italianized version and Leo is the Americanized version). Obviously, I cannot prove any of this. However, many Aulisio's in Italy are located in the region of Puglia, which is the heel of the boot, on the Adriatic Sea. On the other side of the coast, there is Albania and Greece." Sobinovsky found "Grandonetto Aulisio" on the web and this prompted Lodolini to search on "Grandinetto Aulisio" reporting back that "Grandenectus Aulisius" was . . . a fisherman who was commemorated for having rescued the future King of Naples from prison in Salerno in 1485; they escaped in his boat to Naples. He is buried inside the church in Cetara.
Above hot link surrounded by [] no longer works. It has not been removed because it might be cached on the web.

Lodolini also found this [this is not the Cicerale home]:
"Domus Laeta, the ancient home of the aristocratic family Aulisio is a large dwelling place which still keeps the aura and charm of its past. Located in the small town of Giungano, which was founded by the inhabitants of the old Paestum who, when the Saracens threatened the Italian shores, preferred to leave the coast and take shelter on the mild slopes of the nearby hill with its better climate."  


Known family members in the U. S. and Italy have been consistent in the use of the AULISIO spelling variation. However, family members have been found under several spelling variations in U.S. census data and various indices.

The 1910 census is a good example of the spelling problem - several of our family members were in PA at that time but there is NO Aulisio spelling in the 1910 PA Miracode index. A soundex search for Aulisio and Olisio resulted in names such as Alio, Aulisa, Alessio, Alesso, Allasso, Aulise, Allis, Aliso, Allesse, Alesse, Aleseo, Alulisi, Allose, Alezio, Alessi, Aloiseo, Alici, etc., and Olcse, Olleos, Ollis, Olis, Olies, Olise, Oliaus, Olchch, Olse, Olisse, Olissia, etc.   We found our Gennaro under "John Olleos."  In the 1920 census, the census lists George Olicl [our Sabato Giorgio Aulisio] and an indexer made things even worse by recording the last letter as a k - ending up with "Olick" in one online census index. A 1930 Census index lists Leo (son of Dominic) as Anhew! Sometimes the names appear as Aulisia or Aulizio, and so on. Aulisio research is also difficult because the Americanized versions of the given name are often used: Giuseppe/Joseph/Joe, Antonio/Anthony/Tony, Elio/Leo, Gennaro/John/Jerry/Gerald, Francesco/Frank.

Today, in the United States, one online 2002 U.S. telephone directory lists 497 Alessio, 106 Aulisio, 81 Allessio, 54 Alessio (no others were checked).

The below web site will give you a distribution of surnames in Italy today, based on the phone book.
Type Aulisio in the block that says "cognome"

The given names of the Aulisio descendants on this page are those provided by family members. For example, Angelo Aulisio (Old Forge, PA, line) uses the "American" versions (Leo instead of Elia), whereas Christine Sobinovsky (Youngstown, OH, line) uses the Italian names (Giuseppe instead of Joseph).

Aulisio U.S. Immigrants from Cicerale, Salerno, Italy

Ellis Island, New York, records and other information indicate several Aulisios from Cicerale, Salerno, Italy, came to the United States - most on their way to join family members in Pennsylvania. The following are listed by reported arrival dates:

1) ANTONIO - first in U.S. in 1892 (until 1894? returned 1903) [OF line]
The 1892 date is from a 1903 manifest indicating he first came to the U.S. in 1892. The ship Citta di Napoli February 14, 1903, record lists Antonio, 30, married, peasant, Cicerale (last residence). With him is Elia, a younger brother. They were going to Old Forge, PA, to brother Georgio. He is presumed to be the cousin Antonio mentioned by GUISEPPE b. about 1878 (see below).
The 1892 passenger record has not been located. However, there is an Ellis Island record for an Antonio Aulizio, age 28, of Cicerale, arriving 24 June 1897, on ship Oregon, going to NY to join his uncle, Car-- [Vesorie? on Mulberry St. in NY].
Update - another record has been located: Antonio 1905 brother Giuseppe in [Greensburg?], PA. Indexed as Anlisio.

2) GEORGE - came to U. S. about 1898 [OF line]
He has not been located in Ellis Island Database - and it is not known if he is from Cicerale. However, he is included in this list because it is likely he is the relative mentioned by other Aulisios in Ellis Island data. He is assumed to be Georgio, the cousin of GUISEPPE b. about 1883, and is known to be the brother of GUISEPPE b. about 1878 , and ANTONIO (listed above) and ELIA (listed below). He appears in Old Forge, Lackawanna, PA, census entries as George Olise (1910), George Olease (1920), and George Aulisio (1930) - indicating he came to the U.S. in 1897/8.
Update - he has been located: Giorgio 1898 to brother Antonio in Old Forge. Indexed as Anlisio.

3) ELIA - arrived U.S. February 14, 1903 [OF line]
Elia, age 17, (single, peasant, Cicerale last residence) and brother Antonio (see above) are on the ship Citta di Napoli February 14, 1903 manifest, going to Old Forge, PA, to brother Georgio. He appears to be the Olio Olise in Lackawanna, Old Forge, PA, in the 1910 census, age 23, to U.S. in 1902 (three pages away from George Olise see above).

4) DONATO - arrived U.S. on the Citta di Napoli on February 14, 1903, age 19, of Cicerale and going to NY - no relatives listed. He was on the same ship as Antonio and Elia (above) but listed on a different page. He may be identical to the Donato noted on the ship Belvedere September 6, 1920 manifest whose Cicerale Aulisio family is joining him in PA. The manifest lists Silvia Iacobellis, wife, 36, and her Aulisio children Rosa 13, Floridio 10, and Amelia 6. Their relative in Italy is Catherina Cuccio (Silvia's mother and the children's grandmother) of Monte [Cicerale]. With them is Giuseppe 17, whose relative in Italy is his grandfather Donato Aulisio of Monte Cicerale (presumably Donato's son by an earlier wife). All are from Cicerale and are joining husband/father Donato Aulisio of 122 Main St, Connelsville, PA. No family members have been located in U.S. Census data.
Update - another record has been located: Donato 1910, wife Silvia in Cicerale to cousin Sabato [Rennoffo?] in Connelsville, PA. Indexed as Anlisio.

5) GUISEPPE - arrived U.S. Aug 12, 1903 [AGA Line]
Giuseppe [Aulizio], 25, of Cicerale, arrived NY ship Nord America, August 12, 1903, going to Old Forge, PA, to cousin Antonio.
He is lined out on the earlier February 14, 1903, ship Citta di Napoli manifest: Giuseppe, [21?], of Cicerale, going to Old Forge, PA, to cousin Georgio. That manifest included brothers Antonio and Elia, going to Old Forge, PA, to brother Georgio. (Also a Donato Aulisio, on a different page, going to NY.) ALL of Cicerale. This Giuseppe is presumed to be the Giuseppe (Joseph) Aulisio of PA and OH and the brother of Gennaro b 1884 in 1906 Ellis Island records (see below).

6) GUISEPPE - arrived U.S. Jan 28, 1905 [OF line]
Giuseppe, 22, of "Cicerate" [assume Cicerale], arrived on ship Napolitan Prince, NY Jan 28, 1905, going to Old Forge, PA, to brothers Georgio and Elia. He is presumed to be the brother of GEORGE b. about 1875 (see above) and the Joseph Aulisio in the 1930 Census Index - in Old Forge, Lackawanna, PA.

7) GENNARO - arrived June 2, 1906 [AGA line]
Aulisio, Gennaro, Single, Laborer, of Cicerale, arrived on ship Napolitan Prince June 2, 1906, destination Pittsburgh, PA, to brother Giuseppe. Although he returned to Italy, he is the father of two Aulisio sons who settled in Pittsfield, Berkshire Co., MA. Note: As yet, we've found no connection between the Allessio and Aulisio families in Pittsfield. [Note to researchers: do not confuse Pittsburgh, PA with Pittsfield, MA].

8) SABATO - arrived June 14, 1907 [AGA line]
[Aulisio], Sabato, age 19, Single, of Cicerale, arrived on ship Konigen Luise June 14, 1907, destination Hannestown, PA, to brother Gennaro.
He appears to be Sabato Giorgio (George) Aulisio (known to be brother of the above Gennaro) who settled in Westmoreland and Allegheny counties, PA, ancestor of one known CA Aulisio line and one person of NY. As of 2005, he is indexed as "Sabato" in the online Ellis Island database (must enter that exactly, including the ...).

9 ) Update - new family: 1909 Letizia Ceraso, from Guingano, joining husband Paolo Aulisio of Wilmerding, PA, with children Anna age 9, and Angelo, age 6. Indexed as Anlisio.

10) NICOLA b. about 1892 - arrived U.S. May 11, 1910, ship Princess Irene [NU line]
Aulisio, Nicola, age 18, Single, Peasant, b. Cicerale, mother [in Italy] Filomena Aulisio; he is going to Franceso Noria [Voria? Toria?] in Uniontown, PA (relationship to Francesco is not clear - see entry at Ellis Island and note the details for the two people listed before him).
The Ellis Island online database index has typos - look for him under Vicola Aulisio born in Oicerale. He is presumed to be the Nicola Aulisio who registered for the WWI draft in Fayette County, PA and the Nick Aulisio in the 1930 Census in North. Union Twp., Fayette, PA.


Other Passenger Lists
This does not represent all known passenger lists. Some are not from Cicerale.
Source: (as of April 2005)

Boston Passenger Lists, 1891-1943

[Some (all?) of these may be the BMA line]

Giuseppe Aulisio, 22 (b. abt 1884)
Arrived U.S. 6 Aug 1906
Female, ethnic background: Italian (South), departed Naples, Italy; ship Canopic; port of arrival Boston, MA; friend's name Domenico Marina; last residence Italy; [no birthplace listed] (Microfilm Roll # 97)

Filomenia Aulisio, 10 (b. abt 1898)
Arrived U.S. 20 Oct 1908
Female, ethnic background: Italian (South) departed Naples, Italy; ship Romanic; port of arrival Boston, MA; friend's name Giuseppe; last residence Salerno; birthplace Cicerale, Salerno, Italy (Microfilm Roll # 127)

Domenico Aulisio, 17 (b. abt 1893)
Arrived U.S. 10 Jan 1910 Male, ethnic background Italian (South), departed Naples, Italy; ship Romanic; port of arrival Boston, MA; friend's name Michele; last residence Italy; birthplace Auzano, Italy (Microfilm Roll # 143)

Giuseppe Aulisio, 31 (b. abt 1882)    
Arrived U.S. 29 Oct 1913
Male, ethnic background: Italian, departed Naples, Italy; ship Cretic; port of arrival Boston, MA; friend's name Alfonso; last residence Nia; birthplace Salerno moute cieviale, Italy (Microfilm Roll # 207)

Antonio Aulisio, 44 (b. abt 1869)
Domenico Aulisio, 16 (b. abt 1897)
together U.S. 5 Jun 1913
Both: Male, ethnic background Italian (South), departed Naples, Italy;
ship Canopic; port of arrival Boston, MA; friend's name Candido Malko; last residence Italy; birthplace Cearole, Italy
(Microfilm Roll # 195)

Miscellaneous Atlantic Ports Passenger Lists, 1893-1945

Francisco Aulisio, 26 [b. abt 1886]
Ernesto Aulisio, 18 [b. abt 1894]
Nicola Aulisio, 18, [b. abt 1894]
[don't confuse him with NU line]
Arrived together Providence, RI
All arrived U.S. 10 Feb 1912. Each listing states: male, ethnic background Italian (South), last residence Italy, birthplace Ciccrale, Italy [sic]. Ship Madonna, departed Naples, Italy, port of arrival Providence, RI, friend's name Alfonso Fiorillo (Microfilm Roll # 1)

Alessio Aulisio, 17 [b. abt 1896]
Arrived U. S. - 16 Oct 1913
Male, ethnic background Italian (South), last residence Italy, birthplace Cireale, Italy [sic]. Ship Germania, departed Naples, Italy, port of arrival Providence, RI, friend's name Nicola Guariglia (Microfilm Roll # 6)


World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918
I put all here (as of April 2005) but all may not be associated with Cicerale.

Name-Birth Date- Race -Birthplace- Registration Place
Giuseppe Aulisio 18 Jul 1882 White - Fall River, Bristol, MA
BMA line ?
Alphonso Aulisio Apr 18 1890 Caucasian Italy New Bedford, Bristol, MA
BMA line ?
Marino Aulisio Nov 26 1884 White New Bedford, Bristol, MA
BMA line ?
Michael Aulisio 27 Jun 1890 Caucasian Italy Charlestown, Suffolk, MA
Tony Aulisio 12 Feb 1895 Caucasian Italy Queens, Queens, NY
Nicola Aulisio 28 Feb 1891 White Italy Not Stated, Fayette, PA
[this is Nicola of Uniontown, PA]

Source: (subscription) Apr 2005



There is more information about some of these families in on line database. However, most online database do not include personal details about persons born after 1900 (or after the 1930 census). If you contact us, we'll let you know if we have information about more recent descendants of the lines we are researching. The known Aulisio databases on line are those of:

GKBopp at WorldConnect on RootsWeb (also accessed by
At this time, this database has the most entries; however there are no details for those born after 1900.
In the database, the given names entered are those provided by family members. For example, Angelo Aulisio uses the Americanized versions (Leo instead of Elia), whereas Christine Sobinovsky uses the Italian names (Giuseppe instead of Joseph).
Use the Index, search on Aulisio, or click on A (then on Aulisio). The first person in the Aulisio portion of this database is under the fake name of "Introduction Aulisio" - that will get you to the "top" of the information.

Christine Sobinovsky at WorldConnect on RootsWeb (also accessed by

Sue Parece at Gencircles
Search on Aulisio. Some portions of this service require paid membership.


Our group currently uses emails but might want to consider a public list/board so that others can find us and so that our information can be in the list/board archives for future researchers. A "list" sends you emails each time there is a posting (my preference). A board does not send emails - you must remember them check frequently for new posts (although some may have a limited email option). My personal preference is mailing lists, especially RootsWeb lists.

Roots Web

A mailing list for anyone with a genealogical interest in the Salerno province of the Campania region of Italy (I've not yet explored the archives):

This RootsWeb link has links to Italy related lists (I've not yet explored the archives):

There is no AULISIO surname list on RootsWeb. We could start one if we wanted to or could use the existing ALESSIO list that apparently has never had any activity (description: A mailing list for the discussion and sharing of information regarding the Alessio surname and variations in any place and at any time.). Subscribe:

Roots Web also has a link to a message board - it is identical to the board (see below). has an Aulisio message board - some of us posted here a few years ago but it's not very active.

Others? - No Aulisio/etc. board.
Yahoo -
No Aulisio topic.

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