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Bopps in America
Revised 10 August 2005
Georgia Kinney Bopp

The information on this page is incomplete and is based primarily on online indices (most of which require a subscription). Some of the information is misleading and/or understated because, in most cases, only the Bopp spelling variation was searched. However, this does provide a general idea of the "big picture" of Bopps in America. If you want more information about the below listings, please subscribe to the services cited. I am not able to do research on your behalf. However, comments are welcome - my email is at the bottom of my home page. (My husband's Bopp family did not come to America until 1852.) Return to Bopp


The first known Bopps in America were Johann Georg (Hans Jerg) Bopp and his wife Anna Felicitas Merckle Bopp who came to Pennsylvania (and/or New York) in 1717. By 1800 about 28 more known Bopps had arrived, most in Pennsylvania. At least three Bopps of Pennsylvania served in Revolutionary War. According to federal census indices, all Bopp families were in Pennsylvania until 1820 when one appears in Virginia. In the 1830 Census there are 20 Bopp households in Pennsylvania, one in Virginia and one in Ohio. The 1840 census index only lists six household (apparently many Bopps are indexed under other spelling variations in this census). The 1850 Census index lists 71 Bopp names representing about 22 families.

Bopps in America Before 1800
Revolutionary War
Other Early Military (War of 1812, Civil War, 1890 Veterans Schedules)
U.S. Federal Census - Summary

Bopps in America Before 1800

A search for Bopp before 1800 in the Passenger and Immigration Lists Index database (formerly known as "Filby's") resulted in 50 entries but many are redundant and probably this list represents about 30 males and females. The below names are grouped by decade. See complete list in this text file.

Johann Georg Bopp (Hans Jerg) Bopp & wife Anna Felicitas Merckle Bopp 1717 NY/PA

Johann Bopp 1738 Carolina
Nicolas Bopp 1738 Port uncertain

Lorentz Bopp 1741 America
Mathaeus Bopp 1741-1767 Pennsylvania
Johannes Bopp 1743 Pennsylvania
Elsbeth Bopp 1743 Carolina

Johann Jacob Bopp 1750 Pennsylvania
Philip Bopp 1750 Pennsylvania
??? Bopp 1751 America
Johannes Bopp 1751 America
Matthaus Bopp 1751 America
Anna Maria Bopp 1751 America
Johan Leonhardt Bopp 1752 Pennsylvania
Joh Bernhard Bopp 1754 Pennsylvania
Johann Caspar Bopp 1754 Philadelphia
John Georg Bopp 1754 Pennsylvania
Matheas Bopp 1754 Pennsylvania
Valtin Bopp 1754 Port uncertain

Niclas Bopp 1741-1767 Pennsylvania
Valentin Bopp 1741-1767 Pennsylvania

Joh Rudolph Bopp 1767 Pennsylvania
Hans Georg Bopp 1769 Pennsylvania
Hans Georg Bopp 1769 Pennsylvania

John Bopp 1783 America
Leonhard Bopp 1783 North America
Daniel Bopp 1787 Philadelphia
Dorota Bopp 1787 Philadelphia
Salomea Bopp 1787 Philadelphia
Sophia Bopp 1787 Philadelphia
Katharina Bopp 1787 Port uncertain

Source: 13 July 2005 - [their] Source Information:
Gale Research. Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1500s-1900s [database online]. Provo, Utah:, Inc., 2005. Original data: Filby, P. William, edit. Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1500s-1900s. Farmington Hills, MI: Gale Research, 2003.

Revolutionary War

Bopp, Popp, and Bobb (no other variations) were searched in Rev. War Pension lists online at Godfrey Library (Heritage) and in the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution (NSDAR) Patriot Index. There were no entries in the pension lists; three Bopps and two Bobbs appear in (NSDAR Patriot Index:

BOPP, Adam. Birth: PA ca. 1760. Service Location: PA Rank: Pvt. Spouse: Sarah X .
BOPP, Ludwig. Birth: PA bef. 1755. Service Location: PA Rank: Ens. Spouse: Elizabeth Stehr.
BOPP, Matthias. Birth: GR 1733. Service Location: PA Rank: Ens. Spouse: X.
BOBB, Abraham. Birth: PA ca. 1743. Service Location: PA Rank: Pvt. Spouse: Elizabeth X. Spouse: Catherine X. Spouse: Catherine X .
BOBB, John Conrad. Birth: GR 5 Feb 1740.Service Location: PA Rank: Sol PS.Spouse: Eve X.

Other Early Military    
Source: indices as of 13 July 2005

Two Bopps are listed under War of 1812 Service Records
Name Company Unit Rank - Induction Rank - Discharge
Frederick Bopp 2 Regiment (Brent's) District Of Columbia Militia. Private Artificer
Baptist Bopp Battalion Sea Fencibles (Wooster's), New York. Gunner Gunner

Various Civil War indices at list up to 48 Bopps

Seven Bopps are listed under 1890 Veterans Schedules
Veteran's Name, Relative's Name, Home in 1890 (Township, County, State), Rank, Years of service
Charles E Bopp, Randolph, Morris, New Jersey, Private, 1861-1861
Christian Bopp, Bonhomme, St Louis, Missouri, Private, 1862-1862
Henry Bopp, Spring Creek, Miami, Ohio, Private,1865-1865
Lenhard Bopp, Elizabeth, Union, New Jersey, Private,1862-1863
Sabastian Bopp, Central, St Louis, Missouri, Private,1861-1865 [he is known to be the son of Johan Peter Bopp]
Solomon Bopp, Walker, Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, Private,1862-1863
William Bopp, Garden Valley, Jackson, Wisconsin, Private,1862-1865

U.S. Federal Census Summary - Only the Bopp, spelling variation was searched
The following is based on census indices as of 13 July 2005:

1790 United States Federal Census 4 [1790-1840 lists only head of household]
1800 United States Federal Census 2
1810 United States Federal Census 1
1820 United States Federal Census 1
1830 United States Federal Census 22 [apparently many are indexed under other spellings in the 1840 and earlier censuses]
1840 United States Federal Census 6
1850 United States Federal Census 71 [about 22 households (beginning in 1850, all members of household are listed)]
1860 United States Federal Census 315
1870 United States Federal Census 624
1880 United States Federal Census 739
1900 United States Federal Census 1,276
1910 United States Federal Census 452
1920 United States Federal Census 569
1930 United States Federal Census 1,998

Conrad Bopp, Northumberland, PA
George Bopp, Northumberland, PA
Nicholas Bopp, Northumberland, PA
Petter Bopp, Reading, York, PA

Barnet Bopp, Codorus, York, PA
Ludwig Bopp, Shrewsbury, York, PA

Bernard Bopp, York, York, PA

Soloman Bopp, Middletown, Berkeley, VA

John Bopp, St Clair, Butler, Ohio
Danl Bopp, Beaver, Union, Pennsylvania
Henry Bopp, Beaver, Union, Pennsylvania
Jacob Bopp, Beaver, Union, Pennsylvania
Peter Bopp, Beaver, Union, Pennsylvania
Philip Bopp, Beaver, Union, Pennsylvania
Adam Bopp, Codorus, York, Pennsylvania
Lewis Bopp, Codorus, York, Pennsylvania
Catharine Bopp, Franklin, York, Pennsylvania
Frederick Bopp, Franklin, York, Pennsylvania
George Bopp, Franklin, York, Pennsylvania
Jacob Bopp, Shrewsbury, York, Pennsylvania
John Bopp, Jr, Shrewsbury, York, Pennsylvania
John Bopp, Senr Shrewsbury, York, Pennsylvania
John Bopp of Adam, Shrewsbury, York, Pennsylvania
Ludwig Bopp, Shrewsbury, York, Pennsylvania
George Bopp, Spring Garden, York, Pennsylvania
Jacob Bopp, West Manchester, York, Pennsylvania
John Bopp, York, York, Pennsylvania
Ludwig Bopp, York, York, Pennsylvania
Nicholas Bopp, York, York, Pennsylvania
John M Bopp, Not Stated, Washington, Virginia

Abraham Bopp, Liberty, Fairfield, Ohio
J C Bopp, Not Stated, Claiborne, Louisiana
Jacob Bopp, West Manchester, York, Pennsylvania
Jane Bopp, Washington, Washington, District of Columbia
Martin Bopp, Hanover, Dauphin, Pennsylvania
Nicholas Bopp, Washington, York, Pennsylvania

 1850 - See listing

71 entries represent about 22 Bopp households (or other household with one or more Bopp residents).
(Note: not included under Bopp in the index is the household of Sebastian Bopp, born ca. 1822 - who is indexed as Rapp.)



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