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WADE DITTUS - Genealogy on RootsWeb (includes his current e-mail address)

   Ancestor Chart (pdf file) - see the above RootsWeb link for more information on Wade's lines
   Dittus "Tree"    (pdf file) - informal presentation (see the below Dittus Family Home Page for more details)


DITTUS FAMILY HOME PAGE - by Pam Dittus Beach Dittus
The immigrant ancestor, William Dittus (1840-1926), of Germany, served in the Civil War, was a farmer in Kankakee Co., Illinois.

CONSIDER LAW, 1756-1820, a Revolutionary War ancestor on Wade's mother's side.

Capt. Consider Law and his Descendants
"Souvenir of Golden Picnic of the Descendants of Capt. Consider Law 6 July 1915"
Wade's mother, Naoma Stoll, was not born yet but siblings (Elda, Wayne, Ray) are on the list.
(Wade's surnames back to this line: Dittus, Stoll, Hunter, Johnson, Comstock, Law)

Gravestone of Consider Law - Some family members are buried in the Bartlett Cemetery in the Town of Westmoreland, Oneida County, New York; site includes photograph of his gravestone.

Family Reunion Picnic - Information about the 1998 Consider Law family reunion (over 100 years old)


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