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DNA Project Notes

Genetic Genealogy Discussion Lists/Boards
 Revised September 2007 - GKBopp

NEW TO GENEALOGY? If so, please read this first.

If you are new to both DNA and traditional genealogical research you need to learn about both - they must be used together. The lists below will help you with DNA. Here's a link with some tips to help you get you started on your traditional genealogical research (DNA is not mentioned at this link):

GENEALOGY-DNA at RootsWeb (Began October 2002)
The original, pioneer list founded by Ann P. Turner; Jim Bullock is now the list administrator.
The posts and archives can be intimidating. Now days there are many, many posts about anthrogenealogy (deep/ancient ancestry) but all are welcome. Skim the archives before you join the list:

The ISOGG site has many helpful links.
Their list for DNA newcomers is at:
They also have a list for surname project administrators at:

DNA-ANTHROGENEALOGY at Yahoo (Began 2005)
For newcomers to the subject of DNA and ancient/deep ancestry (before there were surnames). Charles Kerchner list founder and administrator.


Most testing companies have forums or lists - visit the site of your testing company for more information.

There are also discussion lists at other sites such as, and


DNA Project Notes
Anything below this line is advertising and is not a link to information on my web site