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10 June 2006

This page has not been officially revised since 67 markers became available. It appears a total of 6 panels are now involved in a full 67 marker test however, it does not appear that a total of 6 result notices are sent - some are combined. The bottom line about FTDNA emails is: you will receive a series of emails as results come in; some times there is a variation in terminology (as shown below in the first three columns).
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FTDNA is a growing company with frequent changes. Unless noted otherwise, this information is current as August 2005. In the beginning FTDNA offered only 12 marker tests, later added 13 more (25 markers), added 12 more (37 markers) in early 2004, and by 2006 were offering a total of 67 markers. Although we think of our order as a single test, each group of tests has its own lab testing protocol. Therefore, you will receive more than one email when results come in.

There may be different terms in the order form, emails, etc.

Terms used by FTDNA

12 marker test:

25 marker test and/or other 13 markers test:

37 marker test and/or additional 12

67 marker test and/or additional 30

Male 12 marker paternal test
12 Marker Y-DNA

Y-DNA25 [Y-DNAPlus]
Male 25 marker paternal test
25 Marker Y-DNA
PP3 DNA [Penta. Plex #3]
[High Resolution]

Y DNA Refine
(upgrading from 12 to 25 markers)

Male 37 marker paternal test
37 Marker Y-DNA

(upgrading from 25-37 markers)



1. When FTDNA receives the kit/sample back from you, they send you an email. Read it carefully. It will include a pass code to your personal pages at FTDNA. You will need your kit number and the pass code to access those pages.

2. When you visit your page at FTDNA, you will see more information about when sample was sent to lab (samples are sent in "batches") and the estimated completion date. You will not receive any more emails until the results are ready - even if they have to rerun your sample. Check your page at FTDNA to see if there are any changes in the estimated completion date.

3. When the results are in you will receive one email if you test only 12 markers. If you tested 25 markers you will receive two emails (one regarding the 12 and one regarding the other 13). And a third email if you ordered 37 markers. Sometimes the results for one group of numbers will come in before the others.   In other words, if you ordered the 37 marker test, you will receive three different emails.

4. If you have matches, you will receive emails from FTDNA.
For more information see FTDNA Genetic Distance & Family Group Assignments.

5. FTDNA's main communication mode is by email - and your page at their site. After the initial test order, FTDNA sends a letter and a certificate; example of letter is at http://www.familytreedna.com/tr_Y25M.pdf. Thereafter, all other information is by email and/or your personal page. If additional upgrades are ordered, no certificate is sent (you can order certificates at your personal page).


The Group Administrator is a volunteer, receives no compensation, and does not work for FTDNA. The Group Admin has a private "page" at FTDNA with all the information concerning the project. If the Group Admin has a web site (or uses one provided by FTDNA), s/he may or may not be putting the results on the web and/or obtaining ancestry data for the project.

The Group Admin receives automatic emails from FTDNA when

1) you join the project
2) your results come in (different emails for each group of markers)

See also After You Test

GKBopp DNA Project Notes