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24 July 2007

SITES LISTING SURNAME PROJECTS - [ Barton] This is the best site for registering and locating surname projects. - See all surname projects testing with them. [Duerinck] - this is no longer current (Duerinck has passed the mantle on to the above Barton site). - Not complete. [Pomery] - Not current  - appears to be FTDNA data only and includes all projects, include regional, etc.


Presentations range from simple to complex. A successful project does not always have a sophisticated webmaster. Don't make judgements based on presentation. There are many projects with no web sites. Some project sites list the names of participants, others use codes, locales. Most, but not all, have a result chart. Some have a detailed analysis of the results; others simply report test results.

Suggestions from Ann Turner, GENEALOGY-DNA List Administrator:

"Many projects refer to each other, so you can start practically anywhere and work your way around the web, but [Pomery and Duerinck] sites make good entry points . . . . "

"Charles Kerchner has also prepared an introduction and glossary, along with a number of links to sites of special interest . . ." - DNA LINKS - project site

"To understand what a DNA testing programme can do for genealogists and one-name study organisers, read through the projects presented on [these web sites]" Quote from Pomery web site

Duerinck -
Graves -
Mumma -
Pomeroy -
Stidham -
Walker -
Wells -

Other project sites I revisit (for various reasons) World Families Network (WFN) - Richard Barton and Terry Barton  - Roberta Estes commercial site (Not a project site)

KINNEY, McKINNEY, & Variations (my project)
Lenhart & Variations (new - my project) - Adrian Williams - y mutation log for group admins     DNA Analysis Software Tools [Blair] includes DNA 101, excellent FAQ section, and more [Blair results] [Marker Analysis] [Roper] - more than one project (use his links) [Jordan] advocate of user friendly DNA info [Walker] [Mock] (some old friends) [Blanchard/Chandler] Lindsay with RG
"Each participant must supply, to the Project Coordinator, a minimum of three primary source certified generations of paternal ancestors, including
name, date/place of birth, date/place of death, and name of spouse with maiden name. A statement is required establishing that the supporting evidence for this data came from primary sources and is in your possession. Primary sources include birth, death and marriage certificates, family bibles, wills and land records. Thus the minimum certified lineage should include the name of the participant, his father, and his paternal grandfather" - Blanton with RG reports (phase II) - Rockwell with RG reports – Ron Scott’s site


BYU Project and/or
Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation -
See their Timeline:

List of surnames:

As of February 2003, BYU turned this project over to the Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation. (The former BYU link is no longer applicable - ) The following description applies to the BYU phase.

"A monumental research project to deepen the current understanding of DNA for genealogy is presently being conducted by the Molecular Genealogy Department of Brigham Young University. The five year study aims to collect 100,000 blood samples from all over the globe. Each of the blood samples will be analyzed to determine the results for 250 genetic markers. "Blood Drives" conducted by the research project are commonly being held at the many local LDS Family History Centers to collect more samples. Contact the one nearest you if you wish to participate. It costs nothing - but you must show up at the "blood drive" with a family pedigree chart going back to at least including the birthplaces and birthdates of all of your great-grandparents. A cautionary note: the fine print in agreeing to the study is that they will NOT guarantee that they will EVER tell you your individual results. So you won't learn anything that I'll be able to post on this webpage. You are merely donating your genetic material for the good of science. On the other hand, the more [people who] contribute to that study, the more likely that research results will be available in the future that will apply to [your surname] haplotypes." Source (as of 2 Oct 2002):

Subject: Re: [DNA] SMGFGuidance please
Date: Wed, 31 Aug 2005 19:35:54 EDT

[A list participant states he found several results for his surname at SMGF and asks ....]<Am I allowed to utilise the data in my DNA study? This almost doubles the number of results I have and I'm sure will add greatly to encourage people to take part in the study. I don't want to break any rules.>

I just checked with Ugo Perego at SMGF. He said there are no rules against utilizing data extracted from the website. I think it would be good policy to cite the SMGF database as the source, though, perhaps even with the link you can bookmark giving the search parameters (although I'm not sure that would be a permanent link).

Ann Turner


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