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Henry of Massachusetts
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Henry's Timeline
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John Keyney of Salem, MA
died about 1670
John Keyney is probably not Henry's father. 
Most of this information is from Jeff Green & Bruce Butler
Last revision of this page: 14 July 2007
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This page is a work in progress.

John’s Timeline
Wife Sarah - not Henry’s mother (Jeff Green)
Brother Theory (Jeff Green)

Bottom line:
John Keyny, Keyney, Keny, Kenny – d. abt. 1670
Some believe this is Henry's father but there is no evidence of this.
It appears that his widow Sara/Sarah Sara was too young to be Henry's mother. (See below)
There is no evidence of John’s ancestry (to a Sir Thomas/etc. or anyone else).
Speculation – A brother of Henry? (See below)

This John should not be confused with Henry’s son John who was born Jan. 11, 1651-2.



John’s Timeline


 Date - see remarks

 Red = not proved



NOTE: Henry (often reported as a son of this John – but never proved) appears in records several times, and many years earlier, before this John appears in the records. (See Henry’s Timeline). 


March 20, 1667/68


Proof read

John Keiney is a list of those responsible for surveying fences; John is listed for March 20, 1667/68 through the following March. (Note: Henry Kenney does not appear on this list.)

"March 20, 1667-8, William Flint and John Keiney for South field;"
or see
image of  page 159

For context see Note. 2 on page 158


Att a meeting of the felect men beinge prfent 20 : 1 : mo 1667/8....Surueirs for fences for fouth field... Jno keiney....

The Essex Institute, Salem Town Records, vol. II 1659-1680, p. 89.

Salem Town Records


Mr...haue graunted to him two Acres of fwampe land lying near jno keyney to be laid out to him....

The Essex Institute, Salem Town Records, vol. II 1659-1680, p. 107.

Salem Town Records

Dec. 20, 1669

Proof read

Page 422 gives information as to the location of John's property.
"Dec. 20, 1669, the town granted to Eleazer Hauthorne two acres of swamp land, lying near John Keyney's, in consideration "of the land which now maketh the highway from the said Hauthorne's house to the burying place" (now Liberty Street); and also to Samuel Ebourne, jr., about ten rods of ground lying near his house."



Page 423 mentions the death of John Keyney.
"John Keyney died in the autumn of 1670, leaving a wife Sarah."


Kene, John, Oct. --, 1670. Ct. R.   October? see below
Salem Deaths
Salem Vital Records, vol. 5, p. 370

Salem Vital Records
Salem Deaths

30 Sep 1670

Will presented (John & Sara/h Keyney,Keyny, Keny, Kenny)
Sara Kenny, wife of John Kenny deceased, presented his will (signed John Keyney), for administration. John left the majority of estate left to his wife and friends; no children are mentioned.
Two slightly different will transcriptions:
Will of John   [sent without citation; anyone know the source?]
 &  this one (that also includes inventory):

Records and Files of the Quarterly Courts of Essex County



John Kenney, 9th mo.,1670. Will of John Kenney of Salem dated Allowed 30, 9, 1670; I give A piece of twoo year old vantage, well known to...of Salem, to...grandchild [of a friend] to...I give 40 shillings...I give the rest of my estate to my beloved wife, Sarah Kenny....

Essex Institute, vol. II, pp. 20-21  



John Kenney, 9th mo.,1670....An Inventory of the estate of John Kenney, taken 18th 8 mo., 1670 by... Amount 214 19 0. Allowed at Salem 30 9 mo., 1670....

Essex Institute, vol. II, p. 67 


Abt 1672

Sara Kene, wid[ow] marries John Holmes  (see below)

Salem Vital Records

Sarah Was Too Young to be Henry's Mother (Jeff Green)

Henry was born about 1624 [1679 deposition, age 55].
Est. age of Henry's mother at time of birth between 14-50 years old.
Birth year range of Henry's mother between 1573 -1609.
In 1672, Henry's mother would be age 63-99 and too old to bear children.

The widow Sara Kene who married John Holmes of Roxbury, Suffolk, MA, ca. 1672 (and had children by him 1672-1683), is presumed to be identical to Sara, widow of John Keyney who died ca. 1670. This "child bearing" Sara would be too young to be Henry's mother.

If John Keyney, d. ca. 1670, is Henry's father, he would have been many, many years older than the above Sara. This John did not mention Henry or any of Henry's children in his will. It is more likely that if this John is related to Henry, he was a brother or cousin - not his father.


Marriages for Salem
KENE (see also Keene)
Sara, wid and John Holmes, 21:2 m:167_, CT R

[Other records note year as 167_ (apparently illegible); the birth record of the first child, indicates ca.1672.]

Births for Salem
HOLMES (also see Holm, Holme, Homes)
Joseph, s. John and Sara, 14: 12m: 1672, CT.R
Benjamin, s. John and Sara, 6: 8m: 1674, CT.R
Sarah, d. John and Sara, 23: 12m: 1676, CT.R
Elizabeth, d. John and Sara, July 21, 1679, CT.R
Jane, d. John and Sara, June --, 1683, CT.R 

Note: Holmes was born in June 1639. He married first on Sept. 13, 1664, Hannah Thatcher, b. Oct 9, 1645 d. May 24, 1670.

Roxbury - Were John and Henry Brothers? (Jeff Green)

LDS Sources?????

While I no longer believe John Keyney of Salem was Henry's father, there is the possibility that he could be Henry's younger brother.

The information I found regarding John Holmes (the second husband of John Keyney's widow Sarah) led me to Roxbury. Although his birth is not recorded in the vital records, someone has contributed some detailed information to the LDS about him, his parents, siblings and his two spouses Hannah Thatcher and Sarah (they know nothing more than her first name).

The Roxbury connection/coincidence makes me wonder if maybe John Keyney, if he were a brother of Henry, was also placed as an apprentice to someone in Roxbury that was known to Henry's parents.

Henry had made some property purchases around 1660 in Salem and it could have been to set his brother and wife up when they married and came up from Roxbury. I'm guessing at all of this of course, but it sure seems interesting, these two connections to Roxbury. First Henry and then Sarah's second husband. None of the other siblings of John Holmes came to Salem, so it's safe to assume that Sarah must have come from Roxbury and either knew of him prior to her marriage to John Keyney or she met him while visiting her family after he died. John Holmes's first wife died in 1670 also.

Looking at the 1700 map of the town of Salem, I've found those family names surrounding the general area where it's assumed that John [does this refer to Holmes or Keyney?] and Sarah lived. Other than that, I know nothing else of them and those names haven't appeared as spouses of any Kenney's during that era and forward.

Alleged Children of John

Henry  (From Jeff, I think)

There's a record on the LDS of a Susannah Keeney born in Salem, Essex, MA on Sept. 6, 1662, no parent's listed. But if you do another search spelling her first name without the "h", you get her parents listed as William and Agnes Keeney and that she was born in Gloucester, MA. Although, some people have shown her in their databases as being the daughter of John and Sarah Keyney.

Maybe John wasn't capable of making children and that's why he took a fancy to his neighbor's grandchild, John Flint, and in his will gave him a prized two year old steer.

LDS Sources?????



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