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This page is dedicated to Florance Loveless Keeney Robertson
(She is NOT part of Henry’s line.)

Many thanks to those who have contributed to this project.

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Florance Loveless Keeney Robertson 1884, NY-1954 , CA.

She is not part of Henry’s line but her Kinne book on his line has been the [unsourced] bible for many over the years (see Publications). Florance Loveless Keeney Robertson b.1884, NY, d. 1954 , CA.
Her line:
Florance>Isaac Thair, Jr>Isaac Thair>John James>Jeremiah>Mark>John>-[spec[ Ebenezer>Alexander Keeney ca 1630 d. bef 1680 CT
Source: Raymond Kinney's database:
His sources include Census/Bible/Deed/Tax/Land Records ,Robertson's 1942 book "The Keayne-Keen(e)-Keeney etc."

Arpin, Iva Alexander



Iva Arpin and her CAR were responsible the restoration work that was done on the Kinne cemetery in Griswold CT. She is descended of William Keeney of New London, CT, and is looking for a male descendent to participate in the DNA study. It is possible that her ancestor William Keeney of New London, CT, was Henry's Uncle. William's son John received the Kinne land grant for the "Volunteers" in Voluntown, CT. It was shortly after this when Joseph, and then Thomas of Salem moved to Glasgo (Preston) on lands that abutted Voluntown.

Bopp, Georgia Kinney

Web master of this site and Y-DNA Project Administrator of the Kinney & Variations Y-DNA Study.
Henry>Thomas>Thomas>James>Elijah>Elijah>George O.>George C.>George Spray>Ernest George>Georgia (
see also)
Not an experienced New England researcher. I'm more of a compiler/contributor to this project. Do not have New England personal library or easy access to New England resources (lives in Hawaii). Do have subscription (e.g., contains POPE transcription - but not images). Personal library related to HENRY project is limited to a small collection of genealogies none of which contain sources: Kinne, E. 1881, Kinne HGS 1886, Doane 1909, Robertson 1942, Bell 1944, Robertson 1947, Hinckley 1969
Web site: (you are on it now)

Bullock, James B.

Henry is his 8th great grandfather.
Henry>Henry>dau. Priscella m. Aldrich>Jemima m. Blackmar>>>several Blackmar generations>Medbery (his mother a Medbery).
Lives in Colorado.. His primary research is in New England in the Colonial period--especially MA & RI. Has large personal library of New England resources including POPE: CD-ROMs of Salem VR, The Essex Institute, Salem, MA, Vital Records of Salem, Massachusetts, to the End of the Year 1849

Butler, Bruce

His wife is related through Henry, Jr.'s [granddaughter?] Jemima, married to John Blackmore.

Canney, Sue

Researching a NH Canney line that is believed to be connected to an earlier ancestor of Henry.

Cook, Joseph

His wife's Kinney connection (once believed to link to Henry) has been traced to Alexander Keeney of CT who is not related to Henry according to Y-DNA evidence.

Currie, Randolph

Henry> Thomas>Thomas>Stephen>Stephen> Barnabas,>Alanson>>> . . . . .

Green, Jeff

Henry>Thomas>Daniel>Israel-1712>Israel-1745>Aaron>Luther P.>Luther F.>Leslie>dau. m. Green>JG
RootsWeb participant who, among other topics, researched and reported on The Four Israels of MA

Kinney, Laurence "Laurie"

Not a Henry descendant; lives in the UK

Kinney, Mary L.

Living in Washington in 2003. [Is she still on the RootsWeb list?]

Kinnie, Courtland

Henry>Thomas I>Thomas II>Moses>Abel>Avery>Courtland>Sterry>[two more generations].
Moses is the direct line but the family also descends from Jeremiah, James, and Thomas III - brothers of Moses.
Since Thomas II, the last 8 generations of his family have remained in the same area in CT.

Lanni, Nancy

Henry> Thomas>Thomas>Stephen> . . . .

Murach, Diane

Henry>Thomas>Daniel 1682>Daniel 1705>Israel,1739>Israel,1772>Israel,1796>Rosanna (m.HAINING 1850)
Also related to a William Kinne d 1675 New London, CT, and has no idea if/how he relates to Henry. (William abt 1601>Susanna m. PARKER)

Pumyea, Barbara

Resides in MA. Her line connects to Alexander of CT. Her database is at:

Vernon, Mark

Henry>Thomas>Thomas>Stephen>Didymus>Joseph>dau. m. Butler>Summers>Scaman>Selak>Vernon>Vernon>MV
Has access to the University of Washington Library, The Seattle Library, and a branch of the National Archives, hence access to copies of the Essex Antiquarian and the New England Historical and Genealogical Register, among others.


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