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Georgia Kinney Bopp

Old Kinne Burying Ground
Kinne Cemetery of Glasgo (Griswold), formerly Preston,
Voluntown, CT
(and related cemeteries)

Some descendants of Thomas son of Henry of Massachusetts
From Iva Arpin & Courtland Kinnie
(see Contributors)
Revised 7 March 2007


The Old Kinne Burying Ground contains many Kinne family graves and well as graves of many other families. At this time, my website only contains information about the graves of my direct ancestors.

Deacon Thomas Kinne - died 1756 (Henry>Thomas I>Thomas II)
Martha [Cox] Kinne - died 1747 (wife of Thomas II)

James Kinne - died 1776 (Henry>Thomas I>Thomas II>James)
Mary [Robbins] Kinne - died 1795 (2nd wife of James)

From Courtland Kinnie * (2006):

The stones of James Kinne and his third wife Mary are right next to Thomas and Martha.

According to the History of Windham County, CT, brothers James, Jeremiah, and Moses were all Deacons of the Church of The Nazareth in Voluntown whereas their father Thomas was supposedly the first Deacon of the North Society church of Preston which is now the First Congregationalist Church of Pachaug.

Jeremiah and his wife are buried on the other side of Thomas and Martha, as are Aaron and Gideon (and his wife Thankful). I have not been able to find where Moses and his wife are buried; I know they stayed in Voluntown. I don't know where the first two wives of James first are buried. Moses is my direct line although we also descend from his brothers Jeremiah, James, and Thomas III. I know that Thomas III went to NY but it's ironic that I can't find Moses. The local belief is Moses and Abigail are the field stones near their son Abel at another Kinne cemetery about a mile away.

Credit for the photos goes to Mrs. Iva Arpin. She is responsible for the photos and the restoration work that was done on the Kinne cemetery. Mrs. Arpin is a member of the local DAR and has led the local CAR for many years. She and the children of this CAR are responsible for the restoration of two local Kinne cemeteries. They spent countless hours on cleanup and repairs, and then had wonderful re-dedications. The Thomas and Joseph Kinne cemetery of Glasgo is now on the National Register of Historic Places. Her next project is a walking weekend at the site of two forgotten saw mills on the Kinne Brook in Voluntown. These walks are sponsored by The Quinnebog, Shetucket Heritage Corridor. Of course these two mill sites were owned and operated by several Kinne families and this property is now part of the Pachaug State Forest.

Note: When Courtland wrote the above, it was believed that James had three wives: Sarah Harrick, Susan Fiske, and Mary Robbins.  It has since been established that he was never married to Susan Fiske.  See James Kinne 1703-1776.


Other Kinne graves in this cemetery:
Jeremiah (Henry>Thomas I>Thomas II)
Aaron (Henry>Thomas I>Thomas II)
Gideon (and his wife Thankful) (Henry>Thomas I>Thomas II)


Courtland states:

The cemetery in the [above] two links is in the town of Voluntown. It is on land that was set aside by Samuel Kinne (son of Jeremiah<Thomas<Thomas<Henry). It is less than a mile from the Thomas and Joseph Kinne cemetery in Griswold, formerly Preston. Another Kinne cemetery in Voluntown is of Abel Kinne's family and descendents, on land set aside by Abel or possibly his father Moses<(<Thomas<Thomas<Henry). This cemetery is about two miles from Thomas and Joseph Kinne cemetery. It's interesting that both Samuel and Abel were soldiers of the Revolution. Also all three of these cemeteries are near the water of Pachaug river, now dammed up and called Glasgo Pond. The largest stream feeding that pond is Kinne Brook and if you go upstream about a mile that is where Abel Kinne's cemetery is located. Much of the former Kinne land now makes up a sizeable portion of Pachaug State Forest.

Note: Arpin has information about the deed and Corporation for the [Voluntown]Kinne cemetery. Courtland says it may be something descendents would want to reactivate should there ever be another Kinne Historical Society.


Other sources of information:

Courtland Kinnie sent me a photocopy of sections from [a book?] he identifies as:
"Hale Record Thomas & Joseph Kinne Cemetery (Glasgo) Griswold, CT. 1930's."
[The Chapter? Titled] KINNE BURYING GROUND, begins on page 163 with two pages of information about the grounds.  Inscriptions for the grounds begin on page 165 and end on page 172.

New London County, Connecticut, Cemetery Records, Volume I and II:  [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: The Generations Network, Inc., 2001. Original data: Ellsberry, Elizabeth Prather, comp.  Cemetery Records of New London County, Connecticut. Vol. I-II. Chillicothe, MO, USA: Elizabeth Prather Ellsberry, 1968.

In some cases, the “Hale” inscriptions are probably more accurate than Ellsberry which were compiled 30 years later.  For example, the Ellsberry information for Mary Kinne has an incomplete death year and incorrect age at death (31, instead of 81, years).

National Register of Historical Places

Other links:
Kinne Cemetery
Voluntown, New London County, Connecticut
Lat: 41°33'10"N, Lon: 71°53'03"W
Contact: Voluntown Town Hall 860-376-3927
Contributed by Iva Arpin, Jun 22, 2003 Total records = 45.
Route #165 North, 1/4 mile on southeast side from Rt.201 and Rt.165 intersection. A few yards from the Griswold Town border behind the CT State sand shed. It has a legal right of way where the highway fence ends.
Stephen KINNE 1705-1791 Salem, Essex County, MA
Reverend Stephen Kinne, born 1 June 1705 Salem, Mass. s/o Thomas and Martha Cox Kinne of New London County, CT. Husband of Priscilla Herrick. Both are buried in a private Kinne cemetery in Dutchess County, NY, under the name Kennee.
Migration steps: to New London County, CT, in 1714 - to Dutchess County, NY in abt.1747 - to Walworth County, WI in abt.1770.
Researcher: Iva Alexander Arpin
Sources: Dutchess County cemetery records, I.G.I., Kinne Genealogy, vital records of New London, County, CT.
Stephen was an uncle to Reverend Aaron Kinnie.

* Henry>Thomas I>Thomas II>Moses>Abel>Avery>Courtland>Sterry>[two more generations].
Moses is the direct line but the family also descends from Jeremiah, James, and Thomas III - brothers of Moses.


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