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Georgia Kinney Bopp

Will of Thomas Kinney - May 1687
Inventory - June 1687

Salem , Essex County, Massachusetts Colony, New England
Thomas * 1655 -1687, Salem, MA
son of
Henry of Massachusetts
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* Keany- Keeny - Keine - Kene - Keney - Kenne - Kening - Kennee - Kenney - Kenninge - Kenny - Kennye - Keny - Keyney - Kine - Kiney - Kinne - Kinney
Header will be revised - the above surnames were associated with Henry, not necessarily with Thomas
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The below transcription is copied (with permission) from the web site of Nancy Anne Elder Petersen:

The transcription was apparently made by Mary L. Kinney (email no longer current):

According to Robertson 1947 (see Publications), there is also a 1695 guardianship record for the four sons of Thomas and Elizabeth (both deceased by that time). In time I hope to obtain copies of the will and related items to verify the transcription (for example, to confirm that "Kinney" is the surname spelling in the will, or if the "Excepting, excepting" is in the will or a typo).


Will of Thomas Kinney - May 1687
Inventory - June 1687

Subject: Will of Thomas Kinney
Date: Thu, 19 Aug 1999 14:33:28 -0700 (PDT)
From: (mary kinney)

The web site indicates it was " Signed [witnessed] by Ezekial CHEEVER [and] Sarah Cheever

In the name of God Amen. I, Thomas Kinney, of the town of Salem in the County of Essex in the Massachusetts Colony in New England being in perfect mind and memory though weak and infirm of body do make, ordain, constitute and appoint this my last will and testament in manner and form as followeth: (xxxxxxx) I give and bequeath my Soul into the hands of Jesus Christ with whom I hope to live forever and body to the earth to be decently buried at the discretion of my executrix here after named. And as for that estate, which God hath given me in this world my debts being being once paid I dispose of as followeth: Item I give and bequeath to Elizabeth my beloved wife all my estate both house lands and moveables for the bringing up of my children so long as she shall continue in my name which she shall prudently manage with the advice of my overseers for the best advantage both of her self and children. But if she sees cause to marry another man then before she marries what moveable estate shall be left after my debts are paid shall be equally divided in two parts and my wife shall have one half of it for bringing up my youngest child Jonathan and the other half of my moveable estate shall be equally divided between and for my two middle most sons Joseph and Daniel Kinney And the man that is about to take my wife shall before he be married to her give (in bond) for the payment of Joseph and Daniel1s portions. And if any of my children die before they do receive their portions, then what did belong to them shall be divided amongst the rest of my children equally ? Excepting excepting Thomas. Item I give and bequeath to my eldest son Thomas Kinney if he lives to come of age, and to his lawful heirs forever my house and my ten acres of upland and swamp be it more or less as (by my father deceased of gift) to me may more fully appear. Only he my said son Thomas Kinney shall pay to his younger brother Jonathan Kinney when his brother Jonathan Kinney comes of age so much as either Joseph or Daniel1s portions amount to. And (whereas) my said son Thomas Kinney should not live to come of age, Jonathan my (xxxxxxx) is and I do by these presents bequeath my lands to my next son Joseph Kinney and so successively to my son Daniel if he dies. He paying to my youngest son Jonathan Kinney as aforesaid. Item, I make appoint and ordain my (true and love) my wife Elizabeth my true and lawful executrix of this my last will and testament. And desire my (xxxxxxx) friends Alexander E. Osburn and Thomas Putnam overseers of this my last will as aforesaid. And do hereby absolutely revoke and dissanull and make totally void all other wills and testaments by me heretofore made And do hereby complete, ratify and confirm this as my last will and testament which shall stand in full force and (xxxxxxx) by witness my hand and seal the thirthieth day of May 1687 year (xxxxxxx). Memorandum: it is to be understood that two lines and a half of the original will is as blotted out before signing and so is not here recorded. Signed and Sealed in presence of us Ezekial Cheever\ Sarah Lamb(?) Alexander Osburn

This will presented for probate by Elizabeth Kinney executrix herein named, Ezekial Cheever, Sarah Lamb and Alexander E. Osburn (xxxxxxx) finally appearing made oath that they did see Thomas Kinney sign and declare the above written to be his last will and testament being then of a (disposing) mind to their best discerning and they subscribed as witnesses (xxxxxxx) attorney being present.

Inventory of the estate of Thomas Kinney deceased as followeth: Taken 14 June 1687.

(xxxxxxx), 4 cows and 2 steers of 3 years old (xxxxxxx), 1 (xxxxxxx) calf, 2 of 8 xxxxxxx) sheep, 3 lamb 6 small pigs and 5 young pigs 30/ 1 plough carts yokes (chains) and all (xxxxxxx) without doors and iron tools, axes and (xxxxxxx) 1 house and 10 acres of land and orchard improved and unimproved land and all fences belonging (xxxxxxx) to swamps, meadowland for horses, tackle, cart, rope and (linen) wheel 2 iron pails, frying pan and other iron ware and 25/ 1 warming pan, broken skillet Bridle, sadle, (xxxxxxx) 3 (xxxxxxx) cloths 10 yards new cloth 25/ 1 flock bed, 2 bed sacks, 2 bolsters, 2 pillows 1 rug 3 blankets, 5 pair sheets, 10 pillow (xxxxxxx) 2 tablecloths, 12 napkins, 2 hand towels 2 chests, 2 boxes, cupboard, chairs and other wooden lumber 1 musket, 1 rapier and belt 24/ barrel (xxxxxxx) all which above written was (xxxxxxx) as pay and (xxxxxxx) money by us as witness our hands In debt due from the estate to be paid To Mr. Lindale 4(xxxxxxx) Mr. Endecott, 6/ Joseph Horn 16/ To Henry West 8/ Mister Putnam 9/ John Putnam 7/ For funeral charges John Putnam Alexander Osburn Elizabeth Kinney widow and executrix of Thomas Kinney deceased presented this inventory upon her oath, as a true inventory to the best of her knowledge promising to add what further should appear. Attorney, Benjamin (xxxxxxx) -- ----------

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