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Work in Progress

Henry of Salem, Essex,  Massachusetts
born about  1624 – died about 1710
Keany- Keeny - Keine - Kene - Keney - Kenne - Kening - Kennee - Kenney -

Kenninge - Kenny - Kennye - Keny - Keyney - Kine - Kiney - Kinne – Kinney
Henry’s Surname - draft
Purpose of this site is to identify documented sources.
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Project began 15 February 2006

by Georgia Kinney Bopp

Table of Contents

Revised 3 March 2011

TIMELINE - This is the key page for information (with sources) for Henry.


DNA - Henry's likely Y-DNA signature has been determined.

     Results - See Group 2



Henry's Ancestry  - Bottom line: No proof of parents or earlier ancestors (including Sir Thomas/Robert).
The Four Basic Claims of the Family Origin of Henry “Kinne” – No evidence!
John Keyney of Salem (d. ca. 1670) of Salem – Probably NOT Henry's father



Henry's Wife/Wives?

     Ann Putnam or Howard? – Draft not ready

     Did Henry Sr. or Jr. marry the Widow Wiggins in 1698? – Draft not ready


Henry's Burial Place - Draft not ready


DESCENDANTS - A few items - this is NOT a descendant listing/database


2nd Generation (Some of Henry's children)

     Henry's Children - Currently only a list of births and sources.

     Thomas - work in progress, includes Will 1687


3rd Generation (Some of Henry's grandchildren)

      Kinne Cemetery of Glasgo (Griswold) CT, formerly Preston, in the town of Voluntown.

      Thomas & Martha Cox Kinne and some of their descendants (Henry<Thomas<Thomas)

      Includes headstone in the Kinne Cemetery, CT - From Iva Alexander Arpin and Courtland Kinnie


4th Generation (Some of Henry's great grandchildren)

   The Four Israels of MA - By Jeff Green

   Henry>Thomas>Daniel>Daniel & Israel>three Israels, all grandsons of Daniel, Sr.

    Jeff Green's report on four men named Israel Kenney, born in MA before 1750, who descend from Henry's grandson Daniel Kenney (married Stockwell), son of Thomas. One of the four, Israel (b. 1739), migrated to New Brunswick, Canada, and was incorrectly reported as from Ireland [by Bell] and incorrectly reported as the son of Josiah and Deborah Towne Kenney [by Hinckley].

   1756 Will of Rev. Stephen Keney - Nancy Lanni (transcription) and Randolph Currie (other)

   Henry>Thomas>Thomas>Rev. Stephen

   James 1703-1776, son of Thomas (& Martha Cox) Kinne



Photo Links (may change links later)

See also cemetery above under 3rd Generation.

Luther Phelps & Charlotte (Washburn) Kenney

     Henry>Thomas>Daniel>Israel>Israel>Aaron>Luther (1812-1888 ME)

George O. Kinney

     Henry>Thomas>Thomas>James>Elijah>Elijah>George (ca. 1820 NY d. CA)


Note:  The link to the photograph believed to be of Hammond Kinney, a descendant of Henry, has been removed.  It has since been identified as that of Charles Wesley Kinney, b. 1841, whose Y-DNA line matches the “Dutch” line, not Henry’s line. 

Other Information

Who was Vincent Potter? - By Nancy Lani

    Information about Vincent Potter who placed Henry Kenninge as an apprentice in 1639.

John Keyney of Salem (d. ca. 1670) of Salem - NOT Henry's father?

Salem Village Record Book [For Years 1672 1713] - Diane Murach

   Summary of entries for: Henry, Henery, John, Jon -

   Kenney, Kenny, Keny, Keney, Kenyes, Keany, Kneye, Kiney, Kiny

Witch Trials (1691) - Henry Sr.? or Jr.?

   Henry (Sr.? Jr.?) spoke against two of the women who were hanged in the Salem Witch trails.

Dates - Draft about colonial dates

Published genealogies associated with Henry's line - most have no sources and contain many errors.

Diary of Rev. Joseph Green - By Jeff Green

     No mention of Henry; a few family members mentioned.



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