Holeman and Rader - Virginia


HOLEMAN-HOLMAN-HOLDMAN of Shenandoah County, Virginia
(ca. 1750-1800)

MICHAEL RADER (READER), 1750-1839, of Shenandoah County, Virginia
& Greenbrier, Mason, Jackson counties, West Virginia
Genealogy reports commissioned 1965 by an anonymous contributor
(7 June 2003)


The contributor of these reports wishes to remain anonymous but granted permission to include them on this website. The contributor is a descendant of William B [ird] Holeman (1797-1880); I (GKBopp) descend from William's older brother, Jacob Harrod Holeman (1793-1857). Their mother, Elizabeth Rader/Reader, died young (possibly in the year of William's birth); Jacob and William were named by their grandfather Michael Rader in a gift deed and in his will. The boys' father, Andrew Holeman, probably removed from Shenandoah after 1796; nothing further is known of him at this time. Jacob (sometimes known as Harrod or "Harry") and William settled in Kentucky at an early age; it is not known when, or with whom, they removed from Virginia. According to one family tradition, the boys ran away from a "mean" stepmother; another source states they came to Kentucky with their father [or possibly a cousin]. The brothers are listed as Kentucky Veterans of the War of 1812 and were newspaper publishers in Kentucky. For more information about the families and/or descendants of Jacob and William, post a query at the Holman/Holeman RootsWeb surname list (or send me an e-mail - address is at Homepage).

Additional sources of information for the associated Holeman and Rader lines are included below.

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Report - HOLEMAN-HOLMAN-HOLDMAN, ca. 1750-1800, Shenandoah County, Virginia

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See also HOLEMAN (a link for descendants of Ann Elizabeth Holeman, great granddaughter of Jacob Harrod Holeman)

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Report - MICHAEL RADER (READER) (1750-1839) of Shenandoah County, Virginia and Greenbrier, Mason, Jackson counties, West Virginia

This report states the parents of Michael Rader have not been determined; however, his parents are documented in William Rader's book (cited below). See Ancestry Chart of Michael Rader PDF file.

Other Resources:

1) The Descendants of ADAM AND ANNA MARIA RODER, JOHANN ADAM AND KATHARINA (TAUBER) RODER From the Palatinate to Pennsylvania, The Shenandoah Valley and The United States of America. By Dr. William A. Rader and June L. (Hudnut) Rader. Self published, Bridgewater and New Market, VA, 1987. In private correspondence, Dr. Rader said he donated copies of his book to more than 40 U.S. libraries including LDS; Library of Congress; L.A., CA; VA State Library; and all libraries in the Shenandoah Valley. Current ordering information is available at Jim Rader's Web site.

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