For my immediate family - descendants of Ann Elizabeth Holeman (m. Lenhart)
Other researchers may be interested in the
Holeman and Rader reports.
(Revised 29 October 2006)

On the Holeman side (Ann Elizabeth Holeman [AEH] wife of Walter Beck Lenhart) we have associated surname ancestors back to the 1500's - several connected with Graves, the maiden name of AEH's mother. Her ancestor Thomas Graves was in Jamestown, Virginia, by 1608 - this settlement was earlier than the Plymouth Colony (Mayflower/Pilgrims arrived in 1620; we have no known connections). AEH has at least six known Revolutionary War ancestors. As for undocumented (but fun) info - we have an alleged AEH line (Wharton & Hastings/etc) back to Duncan, King of Scotland (he was murdered by MacBeth) - and a legend that links to a Spanish Princess (never proved).

Ann Elizabeth Holeman was the daughter of John English Holeman and Katherine Sophia (or Sophia Katherine) Graves of KY.
John was the son of Col. Alexander Wake Holeman (AWH, known as Wake; served the Union in the Civil War) and Jane "Jennie" B. English, daughter of Dr. John B. English of KY.
AWH was the son of Jacob Harrod Holeman (JHH) and Mary Ann Wake (MAW) of VA and KY.
JHH was the son of Andrew Holeman and Elizabeth Rader of VA.***
Andrew was the son of Jacob Holeman, son of Daniel Holeman of Shenandoah Valley, VA.***

See JHH, MAW, AWH and more at Portraits

***In 1965, a distant cousin (who wishes to remain anonymous) commissioned a noted Virginia genealogist to research the Holeman and Rader families of Shenandoah, Virginia. In 1992, he responded to a query I placed in Kentucky Ancestors. We corresponded over the years, and he most generously gave me copies of the 1965 reports and permission to include them on my website. We are very fortunate to have this information; see Holeman and Rader reports.

Ancestry Chart of Ann Elizabeth Holeman PDF file - 5 generation chart; most of the surnames on the chart are documented to earlier generations.


In the 1990's, I sent booklets to all the daughters of AEH & WBL documenting the following AEH lines (in time, I hope to add this information to the website):

Revel Wharton (red cover) - DAR application with all documentation (Revel's daughter married an English)
Graves Ancestry (green cover)
Duvall ancestry (turquoise cover) - wife of the above mentioned Dr. John B. English was a Duvall.
Other material including write-ups and documentation about Col. Alexander Wake Holeman (and the Civil War) and his father, Jacob Harrod Holeman (a Kentucky newspaper editor).

Jacob Harrod Holeman was also the survivor of an infamous Kentucky duel and acquitted for murder.

Alexander Wake Holeman  usually known as Wake Holman/Holeman (link includes Civil War details and the “bean” story).

Lenhart    2nd generation entry
AEH's children in 3rd generation under Walter Beck Lenhart (WBL).

English    This includes a link to the list of descendants I contributed to another website (list concludes with the generation of the four daughters of AEH and WBL).

Graves   AEH's mother Katherine Sophia Graves (or Sophia Katherine Graves) descends from Captain Thomas Graves, who arrived in Jamestown, Virginia, in 1608.



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