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Henry Kinne 1623 Holland, of Salem, MA

DNA results place participant in Family Group 2
Henry Kinne of MA
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1. Henry & Ann Putnam Kinne  [Robertson p.1-2]

2. Thomas and Elizabeth Knight Kinney [Robertson p. 2-3]

3. Joseph and Keziah Peabody Kinney [Robertson p. 29-31]

4. Joseph Kinney [Robertson p. 31-32]

New England Families Genealogical and Memorial: Third Series, Volume III
(IV) Joseph (2), son of Joseph (1) Kinney, was born at Preston, Connecticut, February 17, 1718, and was baptized there May 4 following. He removed to Vermont and died there. He married (first) at Preston, now Griswold, Connecticut, June 10, 1742, Sarah Blunt, who died December 23, 1754. He married (second) June 12, 1755, Jemima (Newcomb) Lamb, who was born in 1730, at Lebanon, Connecticut, and died in Vermont, daughter of Hezekiah and Jerusha (Bradford) Newcomb and widow of Jonathan Lamb (see Newcomb IV). She was a descendant of Governor William Bradford, who came to Plymouth in the first voyage of the "Mayflower." She was admitted to the church at Preston with her husband, May 30, 1756, and they were dismissed from the East Norwich church when they removed to Vermont.

Children by first wife, born and baptized at Preston: Lucy, born July 12, 1743; Sarah, March 28, 1745; Elizabeth, January 28, 1748; Experience, July 30, 1750; Keziah, July 13, 1752.

Children by second wife: Joseph, born March 23, 1756, baptized May 30, 1756; Jonathan, baptized September 25, 1757, probably died young; Daniel, October 16, 1759, baptized October 28, 1759; Newcomb, born January 18, 1761; David and Jonathan, twins, born January 18, 1762, baptized June 13, 1762; Bradford, born December 2, 1764; Jemima, born May, 1766; Perley, April 6, 1768; SANFORD, August 14, 1769; George Whitfield, April 14, 1771; Wealthy, April 11, 1773.

5. Sanford Kinney and Fanny Carroll; Sanford b. 1769 [Robertson p. 49]

6. Hammond Kinney and Amanda Edson [Edison]; Hammond b. 1810 [Robertson p. 49]    

7. David Kinney and Malinda Stumbo; David b. 1835

8. Henry Burton Kinney and Elizabeth Knight; Henry b. 1871

9. Alan (Allen) D. Kinney and Sylvia Lovelady; Alan  b. 1894

10. PARTICIPANT 10902 (his wife is the family historian)

Unless noted otherwise, information provided by participant and/or Robertson.

Robertson, Florance Keeney. THE GENEALOGY OF HENRY AND ANN KINNE, PIONEERS OF SALEM, MASSACHUSETTS. (1947) Wetzel Publishing Co., Inc. 524 South Sprint Street, Los Angeles, California.


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