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JOHN R. SMITH, 1844-1902
[stepson? of]
of Butler Co., KY

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A Butler County, Kentucky, Smith line probably has McK*nney DNA.
A Butler County, Kentucky, Russ line may have that Smith/McK*nney DNA


A Smith family researcher, wife of participant #15699, assumed that John R. Smith, 1844-1902, of Butler Co., Kentucky, known as a son of Michael Smith and Delilah McFarland, was actually the stepson of Michael Smith because Michael and Delilah were married three years after John's birth. Therefore, the Smith family tested privately (not in a Smith surname project). The subsequent match to a McKinney line of Butler Co., Kentucky, suggested that a McKinney male could have been the biological father of John R. Smith. Researcher Jody McKenney Thompson investigated Butler County Kentucky Court Records (on LDS film) and found information suggesting that a John McKenney could have fathered a child of Lila [Delilah] McFarland. (See Butler County Kentucky Court Records below.)

Hence, it appears that this John R. Smith's DNA was the beginning of a "new" Smith DNA haplotype. According to the Smith researcher, John R. Smith had at least five sons. These Smith descendants of this line will match his DNA - but not any earlier Smith DNA.


According to the researcher, Delilah died and Michael married Margaret Russ. After Michael died, Margaret married an older man, also named Russ, who died shortly thereafter (no issue from this marriage). Two years later, Margaret had a son named James R. Russ. According to family tradition, the biological father of James R. Russ was John R. Smith (the John with the likely "new" Smith/McK*nney haplotype). Margaret reportedly had two other Russ children born out of wedlock (biological father not known) and later married a man named Hugh Foley

If this is correct, James R. Russ was the beginning of a "new" Russ DNA haplotype. Hence, it is possible that future participants in a Russ DNA project will match this Smith/[McK*nney] - but not any earlier Russ line.


[From an email from Jody McKenney Thompson]

FHLC #1,004,535
Butler County Order Book E (1842 - 1850)

Lila McFarland - page 241
On Sept 16th 1845: "Commonwealth vs. John McKenney and Lila McFarland for

Lila McFarland - page 255
On March 17th 1846: The court found John McKenney is guilt (by default);
Lila McFarland is not guilty.

There were two John McKenneys associated with Butler County at this time:

(1) John McK b. ca 1795 - son of James McKenney and Mary Beatty. However, I
believe that since he was not enumerated in the 1840 census in Butler County
that he is probably the one who was living in Calloway County where his
brother, William, owned considerable property.

(2) John W. McK b. ca 1825 (I think) - son of Archibald. In 1840 for some
strange reason he was enumerated without an older adult and living two
dwellings from William D. McFarland - Delilah's father. This John was
enumerated with his father, Archibald, in 1850 and he married a few years

I suspect the latter is our fornicator. Both propinquity and youthful
hormones would seem to indicate he was the one . . . .


SMITH DESCENDANT LIST - This links to a four generation descendant list for Michael Smith and is provided to assist SMITH (and possibly RUSS) descendants who are associated with this line. Should they Y DNA test, they may have unexpected results. Michael's biological line is in black print and John R. Smith's is in blue print.


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