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John and Mary White Kenny of Ireland
Revised 21 November 2007

The researcher, whose maiden name is Kenney, used her cousin's DNA (#15765) to determine if her U.S. line is related to an Australian line. Her research indicated her great grandfather may have been a brother of the ancestor of an Australian family. She arranged for two of the Australian line to test. The Australian participants matched each other but not the DNA of the researcher's cousin. Although there is no Y DNA link between these families, they may still be connected. For example, an orphaned male child of a female member of the family could have been raised by the family and known as Kenny. Thus, it is not yet known if the non-match here is due to incorrect research, co-incidences in the research, or a false paternal event (in either of the lines).  Since these three were tested, the researcher’s cousin (#15765) has a Y-DNA match with a surname variation from Ireland –common ancestor is not known.





See Worksheet for Y-DNA Group 23


Australian Line

John Kenny and Mary White,
buried in cemetery in Sixmilebridge, Co. Clare, Ireland

Children evicted and were in Co. Cork before boarding passage to Australia in 1841. Descendants believe one son did not go to Australia.

Brothers Michael, Daniel, and Martin Kenny in Cork Co. before going to Australia. ** They had a brother James b. 1806

US Line

John Kenny and Mary White of Ireland
(Researcher hoped to prove this couple was identical to the parents of the Australian line and that her James was one of their sons.; however Y-DNA of this line does not match the Y-DNA of Australian line.)




James Keeney
m. abt 1840 ***
V. Ann Carroll, of Kildorrery, Cork.
d/o Denis Carroll and Margaret Kennedy (m. 1813)
Later of Co. Limerick and
Concord, NH




Dennis (apprenticed as baker in cousin's bakery in Kildorrery)




J. Edward Keeney

James Keeney




Researcher - US

Leo Keeney (1st cousin of researcher)


Kenny #21351* - Aus.

Kenny # 15766 * - Aus.


Kenney # 15765 - US/Japan

These two participants matched 12/12 on 12 marker tests and have been assigned to Family Group 10

This participant did not match the two Australian participants but has since matched a Kenny and has been assigned to Family Group 23


* Generation adjustments may be needed.

**Kevin Kenny, of Australia (descendant of one of the brothers), returned regularly to Co. Clare, Ireland, to visit a Sheehan family. A sister of one of the Kenny male descendants married Sheehan. Her grandson Thomas Sheehan, and his wife and son, are buried in John and Mary Kenny's plot in the cemetery in Sixmilebridge.

*** Remarks from researcher: " [Marriage record not yet located.] . . . . it was unusual that Ann was not married in her own parish. I was told by a researcher and by the priest of the parish, that in 1840, the records for Kildorrery were very well kept and if she was married there I would definitely have found the marriage record. . . . The Kennys from Clare were most likely in the Cobh area. Cobh is in the diocese of Cloyne and [there is also no marriage record there for Ann Carroll and James Kenny]."

Georgia Kinney Bopp