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John W. McKinney 1865-1932 of Florida
& Benjamin Raley

DNA Family Group 7 McKINNEY of FL
A "new" McKinney surname haplotype began in 1865 when a Raley fathered a McKinney surnamed male.


According to both McKinney and Raley family tradition, John Washington McKinney (1865-1932), of Washington County, Florida, was the biological son of Benjamin Raley.  John's mother, Rebecca Harriett Ellender Armstrong, was married to William McKinney who died in the Civil War and they had several children. John's grandson is DNA Participant 17627 and his sister, the family researcher, located a descendant of Benjamin Raley whose brother agreed to test.  DNA results indicate that the two participants share a common ancestor.

1. Rebecca Harriett Ellender Armstrong, born 9 Aug 1826 in SC, died 2 Oct 1893 in Vernon, Washington, FL. She married William McKinney, born 1820 in SC, died 1863/4 in the Civil War in Washington Co., FL, and buried in Knoxville Confederate Soldiers Cemetery.

Benjamin M. Raley, was born 1818 in GA and died 12 Oct 1895 in Washington Co., Florida. The Raley family researcher states that according to tradition, Benjamin fathered several children by women other than his wives.

2. John Washington McKinney, born 22 Dec 1865 in Ebro, Washington, FL, died 19 Jul 1932 in Sumter Co., FL. He married Delia Caroline Strickland (1874-1918), on 26 December 1889, in Ebro, Washington, FL. Both are buried in Oxford, FL.

3. Daniel Littleton McKinney, born 22 Aug 1893 (twin), in Wildwood, Sumter, FL, died 24 Oct 1968 in Ocala, Marion, FL. (Twin brother was Benjamin Morrison McKinney). He married Mary Louise Ross (1902-1954) on 11 December 1920. They had seven children including the DNA participant and his sister, the family researcher.

4. Participant 17627

Two Washington, Co., FL, documents indicate John W. McKinney knew Benjamin M. Raley but do not establish relationship:

(1) 1889 General Affidavit of Gaines Austin stating Benjamin M. Raley was in the Indian war of 1837. Austin's signature - X (mark) - was [witnessed] by J. W. McKinne.

(2) 1895 sworn statement signed by John W. McKinney and W. H. Cooper that Benjamin M. Raley died on 12 Oct 1895.

Reported ancestry of Raley participant:
1. Benjamin M. Raley
2. James (Jamsey) David Raley
Benjamin Franklin Raley
4. Wilson Harold Raley
5. Participant 17628

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Note: In 2005 a Raley surname project was established with Family Tree DNA.

The above information was provided by the participant or his representative and may contain errors.
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