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The below information was provided by the participant or his representative and may contain errors.
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DNA results place participant in Family Group 2
Henry Kinne of MA
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Earlier ancestry. The participant thought he was Irish and descended from an O'Kenney. However, his DNA results match the DNA signature of the MA Kinne line and is probably the line noted below from the Robertson's book.*

1. Josiah Kinney, b. approx 1762, d. 1836, m. Lydia WILKINS, b. 1763. Josiah is buried in Old Jay Cemetery in Essex Co, NY. His wife resided in Jay, Essex Co, NY, during the 1850 census.

2. Asa F. Kinney, b. 1796 VT, d. 1866, m. Lucinda HEALD, b. 1796

3. Ransom N. Kinney, b. 1830 NY, moved to MI in 1898, changed name to Kenney, d. 1909, m. Rosetta COMBS, b. 1830

4. Arlington Lawrence Kenney, b. 1866 NY, d. 1935 m. Myrtle Sarah MCCLARY

5. Laurel Everett Kenney, b. 1910 MI, d. 1960, m. PRIVATE

6. PARTICIPANT KENNEY #20650 (Daughter is family researcher)


* Robertson, Florance Keeney. THE GENEALOGY OF HENRY AND ANN KINNE, PIONEERS OF SALEM, MASSACHUSETTS. (1947) [Original?] publisher: Wetzel Publishing Co., Inc. 524 South Sprint Street, Los Angeles, California. This book is also listed in the Family History Library Catalog (LDS); entry states: "Henry Kinne was born in England in 1623. His parents were Puritans and went from England to Holland and then America to obtain religious freedom. He came to America about 1635 and settled in Salem. He married twice and both his wives were named Anne. He had six children and information on many of his descendants is included in this volume. Descendants live in New England and throughout the United States

The following is from Robertson's book. Some dates are approximate; most entries include other spelling variations.

Henry Kinne 1623-1696 m. Ann Putnam (p. 1)
John Kenney 1651-abt 1718 m. Elizabeth Looke (p. 2)
John Kennee b. 15 Aug 1679 (erroneously reported as 1689) - d 1779 m. Mary Unknown (p. 6)
[Itís also reported that birth was 25 March 1676 in Salem Village, Essex County, Massachusetts, according to Salem vital records]
Josiah Kenney [Sr.] 1714-1737 m. Mary Case** (p. 7)
Josiah Kenney [Jr.] 1737-abt 1778 m. Mary Case** (p. 22)
Josiah Kenney [III] no dates - he and three other siblings were baptized 10-15-1769 (p. 22)

**Book indicates there were two different women named Mary Case.
The following information was given to the family researcher by another party; no sources cited:

Henery Kinne b. 1641 d 1722 m. Ann Howard
John Kenny b. 1657, d 1752 m. Elizabeth Looke
John Kinne b. 15 Aug 1689 d 1779 m Mary Smith
Josiah Kinney Sr b. 1714, d. 1737 m. Mary Case|
Josiah Kinney Jr. b. 1737 d. 1778 m. Mary Case|
Josiah Kinney III b. 1762 d. 9 Aug 1836 m. Lydia Wilkins

The above information was provided by the participant or his representative and may contain errors.
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