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GROUP 3 WORKSHEET ~ The CT [Alexander?] Keeney Line

Revised 8 March 2011

The paper trails of these participants have not yet "merged" but according to their DNA all share a common ancestor. It is believed the lines link to Alexander Keeney (m. Alice Colfax) who died 1680 in Wethersfield, CT.  There is a claim that Alexander was a brother of Henry Kinne of MA. All Henry descendants with DNA matches descend from Henry's son Thomas (1655-1687). Thus that DNA signature certainly belongs to Thomas and we assume it is also Henry's.  The DNA of the below participants does not match "Henry's" DNA. For additional information about the Alexander line see: and

See also MacNeil  participant 62980.  It is not known at this time if the common ancestor lived before the existence of surnames or if a non-paternal event took place in one of the lines.

All share a common ancestor (see above remarks). Details provided by participants and may contain conflicting data and/or errors.  The placement on the chart is based on the birth year of earliest known ancestor; therefore, the estimated “generation” may be in error.  See code number links for more ancestry details.





No additional information







Alexander Keeney, 1626, maybe Scotland-1680 CT









Ebeneezer Keeney
1672 CT -1750 CT








John Keeney
1712 - 1799 of CT

John Keeney
1712 CT -1800 CT








Mark Keeney
1740 CT-1804 PA

Mark Keeney
1740 CT -1804 PA

Lt. Alexander Keeney
1748-1796 of CT

John - perhaps:
John 1741/2-1822
of CT






Joshua Keeney
1766 CT
1837 PA

Thomas Keeney
1772 -1845 OH

Timothy Keeney
1775 CT - 1823

Josiah 1780 CT -1867 NY






Asahel Keeney
1802 PA
1876 WI

Harvey Keeney
1804  PA -1884 MI

Henry Bennett Keeney
1813 CT - 1891 IL

Julius Keeney
1808 NY - 1890 IL

Nelson Kinney
1814 of  MI





Schuyler F. Keeney
1827 PA
1898 WI

George Keeney
18?? MI -192? MI

Donald Alphonso Keeney
1844 IL - 1932 NE


Frederick C. Kinney 1844-abt.1890
of MI & TX





Charles Franklin Kinney
1870-1942 WI

Arthur Keeney
1887 MI.-1938 MI

Arthur Erwin Keeney
1883 NE - 1956 WA


Eugene Grant Kinney
1868 of  MI & OH





Arthur Raymond Kinney
1893-1967 MI.


Gerald Erwin Keeney
1909 NE - 1979 WA


Ervin Eugene Kinney 1890-1978 OH






Participant 119368

#5919 KEENEY







#7472 KINNEY



#9448 KEENEY

  #79261 KINNEY




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