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Wyly McKinney 1780 Virginia
Descendants in Tennessee


1. Wyly McKinney born 1780, Virginia.

2. William McKinney born 1820, Tennessee.

3. Samuel Jordan McKinney born 4/10/1849 died 2/19/1930.
Married Selinda Jane Paris born 3/19/1857 died 2/15/1933.
They lived in Smith County, Tennessee.

4. Myrtle James McKinney born 8/31/1885 died 11/6/1969.
Married Eva Campbell Gibbs born 11/20/1890 died 1/10/1971.

5. Lellwyn Luellin McKinney born 3/1/1912 died 10/12/1994.
Married Flora Estelle Tyree born 3/4/1914 died 5/11/1982.

6. PARTICIPANT 37360. The participant's daughter is the family researcher.

The above was revised to add the first two generations,William and Wyly, thanks to the following information that was generously provided by George McKinney in December 2005; this is not is NOT his McKinney line.

"Now, let's take a quick look at Samuel McKinney. His father was almost certainly William McKinney (b. 1820, Tennessee) and his grandfather Wyly McKinney (b. 1780, Virginia) (quick review of the 1870-60-50 censuses). There is a record showing in the "family tree" section of Ancestry.com that suggests that Wyly's father was John McKinney (1750-1807), who lived in Campbell County. I have NOT been able to find a convincing connection for John and the match is not adequate. Again, assuming Samuel is a descendant of John McKinney and Sally Jordan, this is good information.

[To find McKinney data Ancestry.com, he uses very creative search strategies . . . . ]

I've begun doing all my Ancestry.com searches with McK?n*y, which gets most of the spellings, but not the mistakes in indexing (a number of their databases show us as Mc Kinney, indexed under K). So I usually do McKinney 4 times: once "McKinney" with a Soundex search; then McK?n*y Exact; then McK*; and then Kinney with a Soundex.

1840 census, TN: Smith, page 44 (87 in Ancestry). William Mcehonny (Soundex) is listed, age 20-30, plus 1 f 20-30 and 2 f 10-15. Next door is Wiley Mcehonny, 60-70, with 1 f 50-60.
(It's listed as Mcehonny, but it looks like McKenney to me!)

1850 census, TN: Smith, South Division, page 65 of the Ancestry listing, households 459 and 463. 459: Wyly McKiney, 70, b. Virginia, is listed with his wife Nancy, 58, b. North Carolina. 463: William McKiney, 30, is listed with his wife Mary, 30, and children Eliza, 10, John, 5, Susan, 3, Nancy, 4, and Samuel, 1. All b. Tennessee.

1860 census, TN: Smith, ED 14, page 28, household 198. Nancy J. Mc Kinney (indexed under K), 63, b. Virginia, is listed with W. W., 40, male (he's listed as the house keeper, she's listed as the farmer - guess she owns the farm), eliza A., 20, John, 15, Malvina, 13, Nancy, 12, Sam'l, 11, Elizabeth, 10, Mary, 9, William 3, and Nancy A.C., 17 (?).

1870 census,TN: Smith, ED 14, page 7, household 44. John McCinney (found using the Soundex), 24, is listed with Susan, 22, Nancie, 22, S. I. //Samuel//, 21, Elisabeth, 18, Mary, 17, William, 14, and George, 10. All born in Tennessee.

1880 census, TN: Smith; ED 125, page 1, household 6. Sam Mckiney, b. 27 TN, wife Salinda, b. 23 TN, children Willie, 2, Arthur, 6/12.

1910 census TN: Smith, ED 22, page 1A, household 11 (this is misindexed on Ancestry - I found it on Genealogy.com). Sam Mckinney, 61, TN; Slinda, wife, 53. Married 33 years, 7 children, 6 living. With them are Hiram, 15, and Bradly, 8,

Haven't had any easy luck with 1810-20-30. There is a Wiley McKinney who shows up in Madison County, Kentucky about 1820.


The above information was provided by the participant or his representative and may contain errors.
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