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Participant 39592
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Group 2 - Henry Kinne of MA
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Documented to Barnabas Kinney 1754 - 1834 of NY
(who should not be confused with Barnaby/Barnabas McKinnie/MacKinney)
Revised 5 April 2006

Generations 1-4 (Henry to Rev. Stephen Kinne, Sr.) are from Robertson's book and may contain errors. Generatons 6-13 (Barnabas 1754 to the participant) have been documented by Randolph Currie, a descendant of this line. Currie believes Robertson's Generation 5 is erroneous; his proposed correction is used in the below ancestry summary.

1) Henry Kinne - Robertson 1947, p. 1-2

2) Thomas Kinne m. Elizabeth Knight - Robertson 1947, p. 2-3

3) Thomas Kinnie m. Martha Cox - Robertson 1947, p. 8

4) Rev. Stephen Kinne, Sr., 1705 MA - 1790/91 NY, m. Priscilla Herrick - Robertson 1947, p. 105
Randolph Currie says:
Pricilla and Stephen are buried in marked graves near Adams Mill, [Amenia area] Dutchess County, NY. She died Nov. 25, 1775, ae 66; Stephen died March 17, 1790/91, ae 85. The old published transcript has the year as 1770, but that is wrong. The markers spell the name "Kennee."

Robertson lists eight children for this couple, the 8th being Barnabas, baptized 1747, whom Robertson considers identical to Barnabas [Sr.] father of Barnabas [Jr.] (erroneously reported by Robertson as born 1795 - a typo?) who married Holcomb. Randolph Currie believes that the Barnabas baptized 1747 died young and that Barnabas [Sr.] was the grandson, not the son, of Rev. Stephen.

See also Rev. Stephen's Will.

5) Stephen Kinne, Jr., b. 1732, m. Elizabeth Sornberger. Robertson 1947, p. 105
Robertson is uncertain about the information provided to her for this couple.

Randolph Currie believes Stephen Kinne, Jr., was the likely father of Barnabas, Sr., as explained below.

6). Barnabas Kinney, Sr., b. 1754 NY, of Columbia Co., NY; d. 1834 (has marked grave); married 1st Jemima [Cooley?] (d. 1814) and 2nd  Elizabeth [Tuttle?]. Robertson says some family histories confuse this Barnabas with a "Barnabas MacKinney who came to America from Dunbarton, Scotland" and settled in NY (Robertson 1947, p. 111). Currie refers to this as the "McKinnie legend".

Robertson's book, and other genealogies, indicate Jemima is the mother of Barnabas, Jr. However, Randolph Currie reports that according to family tradition, Barnabas, Jr., was born out of wedlock and was not the son of Jemima. Currie says it is highly likely that the mother of Barnabas, Jr., was Margaret Wetmore, a neighbor in Columbia Co., NY, who later became the wife of Rev. Seba Norton. Rev. Norton was called the "step father" of Barnabas, Jr.

7.) Barnabas Kinney, Jr., b. 1776 NY; d. 1846 NY (has marked grave); m. Naamah Holcomb. [Robertson, p. 105, lists: Barnabas, m. Naamah Holcomb.]

8). Alanson Kinney, b. 1804 NY; d. 1865 NY (has marked grave)

9.) Joseph Burroughs Kinney, b. 1844 NY; died 1919 NY (has marked grave).

10.) Orton Alanson Kinney, 1869-after 1930 - PA

11.) Fred Charles Kinney, 1893-1981 - PA


13.) PARTICIPANT 39592


The Father of Barnabas Kinney, Sr., b. 1754
Summary of information from Randolph
Currie, descendant of Alanson Kinney (Generation 8)

According to Robertson, Rev. Stephen Kinne had a son Barnabas who was born before Aug. 9, 1747 (date of baptism). That son can not be identical to Barnabas Kinney, Sr., who was born about 1754 (based on his grave stone showing he died Feb. 10, 1834, at the age of 80).

Barnabas is not included with the names of children in Stephen's 1756 will; hence, it is likely that Barnabas, baptized 1747, died before the will was signed (he would have been about nine years old).

Rev. Stephen Kinne did not die until 1790/1791 but it is unlikely he had another son Barnabas after signing the 1756 will since his wife, Priscilla Herrick (1705-1775) was past the age of 50. Barnabas born ca. 1754, could not have been the child of a second marriage, since the first wife did not die until 1775.

Stephen Kinney, Jr., b. 1732, son of Rev. Stephen Kinne, is the best candidate to have been the father of Barnabas. This is not proven yet, and due to the loss of records in Columbia Co., may not ever be known with certainty. Stephen, Jr., was a long time resident of Columbia Co., NY, where Barnabas grew up. Stephen, Jr., was one of the first residents of the Spencertown area of Columbia Co and was residing there in 1791, when he handled his father's estate. The Hillsdale/Spencertown area of Columbia County is now in Austerlitz, the history of which shows that Stephen Kinne was already owning land there by 1760; notice also the name Reuben "Whitmore" - more properly Reuben Wetmore, father of Margaret. This is known to be the place where Barnabas, Sr. was born and raised.


Remarks Randolph Currie.
The identification of the wife of Barnabas Sr. as Jemima Holcomb is incorrect. Her tombstone reads Jemima R. Kinney; her maiden name is unproven, but the best candidate is Jemima Cooley, born 11-25-1757, daughter of Matthew Cooley and Jemima Rogers. Jemima Cooley was surely named for her mother, which would explain the middle initial "R." The family resided at Lynn and Saybrook, CT (on either side of the mouth of the Connecticut River).
Source: The Cooley Genealogy, 1941, by Mortimer E. Cooley. Page 394.
Jemima Cooley's sister Mercy married Turner/Tamer Calkins, a neighbor of Barnabas Kinney in Columbia County, NY (1790 Census). Turner's son Matthew Calkins was the witness for several deeds of Barnabas and Jemima Kinney.
McKinnie Legend - ed. note from GKB

No one reporting the Scottish line has yet joined the Y-DNA study. The line may be the one reported at the below link (unfortunately, there's no contact information at the site) but it appears to be VA line, not a NY line.

An example of a Scottish line being linked to the above Barnabas can be found in the biographical sketch of Captain Levi H. Kinney (son of Barnabas, Jr., and Holcomb).

Because links on the web come and go, three are provided below:

History of the Counties of McKean, Elk, Cameron and Potter, Pennsylvania, with Biographical Selections. J. H. Beers & Co., 1890 Submitted by Michael E Henderson Sharon Township, Potter Co., PA

History of the Counties of McKean, Elk, Cameron & Potter, 1890, pp. 1179-1197. CHAPTER XXV. BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES- SHARON, OSWAYO AND GENESEE TOWNSHIPS. SHARON TOWNSHIP

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Robertson, Florance Keeney. THE GENEALOGY OF HENRY AND ANN KINNE, PIONEERS OF SALEM, MASSACHUSETTS. (1947) Wetzel Publishing Co., Inc. 524 South Sprint Street, Los Angeles, California.

Unless noted otherwise, the above information was provided by the participant or his representative and may contain errors.
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