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Henry of MA

DNA results place participant in Family Group 2
Kinne of MA
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UPDATE - Now have everything needed to document this line.
Henry of MA ca. 1624
Thomas, Sr. 1654/44-1687 m. Elizabeth Knight - MA
Thomas, Jr. 1678-1756 m. Martha Cox -MA, CT
James, Sr. 1703-1776 m. Sarah Herrick- MA, CT
Elijah, Sr. 1743-1830 m. Jerusha Burton - CT, NY
Elijah, Jr. 1771-1858 m. Hester Wisner -NY
George O. 1819 NY– 1905 CA (No. 1 below)
The below has not been revised to reflect this new information.

PARTICIPANTS 5481 & his son 106982

1. GEORGE (O.?) KINNEY, b. 1818  in NY, d. 1905 in CA.
He married Clarissa Bailey, abt 1849 in NY?, divorced 1859 CA. She b. Nov 1829 in Seneca? near Syracuse?, NY, (daughter of James Bailey of NY) d. 23 Mar 1909 in Bridgeport, Mono, CA. She married second, John Carpenter Murphey of Bridgeport, CA.

Ada Adele Kinney b. 25 Jan 1852, CA d. 1937 CA (m. Stewart & Boone)
Daniel (L/D) Kinney b. abt 1855, CA d. 1890 CA (m. Eastwood);
          Children: Charles E., Cordelia Clarissa, George "Gus" L.
George Clark Kinney see below

2. GEORGE CLARK KINNEY, b. 6 Nov 1857 in (Yolo or Sacramento Co.) CA, d. 12 May 1937 in Bishop, Inyo, CA.
He married first, Emma Summers, 2 Sep 1877 in Bridgeport, Mono, CA; she b. abt 1861 in CA, (daughter of Jesse N. Summers and Mahulda "Hulda" McGee) d. 1880 in Bridgeport? (Mono, CA). He married second, Mary Jane "Mame" Summers, 9 Oct 1883 in Bridgeport, Mono, CA, b. 11 Sep 1867 in Chinese Camp, Tuolumne, CA, (daughter of James W. Summers and Ann L. Blackwell) d. 22 May 1955 in Bishop, Inyo, CA.

Thomas O(scar?) Kinney, b. 1878, CA d. abt 1930 in CA?
George "Spray" Kinney see below
Loetta Mae Kinney b. Jan 1886 (m. Callaway)
Florence Amelia Kinney b. 19 Nov 1887 (m. Horton)
Oafland "Murph" Grover Kinney b. 19 Mar 1892, CA d. 1963 CA (m. Parker)
          Children: one son, one daughter (PRIVATE)

3. GEORGE "SPRAY" KINNEY, b. 3 May 1884 in Clinton (Springs), Mono, CA, d. 17 Mar 1971 in Big Pine, Inyo, CA, buried in Bishop, Inyo, CA .He married Lucille Ernestine Dutech, abt 1912 in San Jose or Los Angeles, CA, b. 17 Sep 1884 in San Jose, Santa Clara, CA, (daughter of Ernest Joseph Dutech and Rena M. Rutan) d. 29 Aug 1974 in San Jose, Santa Clara, CA.

Children: two sons (PRIVATE) including Participant



The family genealogist is the daughter of 5481 and sister of 106982 - Georgia Kinney Bopp, who is also the founder and administrator of the Kinney & Variations Y-DNA Surname Project.

Because this is a surname project, children of Kinney females are not included here.

Georgia Kinney Bopp
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