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Henry Kinne 1623 Holland, of Salem, MA

DNA results place participant in Family Group 2
Henry Kinne of MA
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1. Sir(?) Thomas Kinne, King's Lynn, Norfolk, England
[Robertson p.1 - not proved]

2. John Keney 1600
King's Lynn, Norfolk, England, dd. 1662, Salem Village (now Danvers), Essex Co, MA
[Robertson p.1 - not proved]

3. Henry Kinne/Kenny (m. Putman)
bd. 8 Jul 1623, Leyden, Holland, dd. 19 Jan 1696, Salem Village (now Danvers), Essex Co, MA
[Robertson p.1-2]

4. Thomas Kinne (m. Knight)
bd. 1 Jan 1655, Salem Village (now Danvers), Essex Co, MA dd. 1 Jun 1687, Salem, Essex Co, MA
[Robertson p. 2-3]

5. Captain Joseph Kinne (m. Peabody)
bd. 7 Sep 1686, Salem, Essex Co, MA dd. 12 Jul 1745, Preston, New London, CT
[Robertson p. 29-31]

6. Colonel Joseph Kinney II (m. Newcomb)
bd. 17 Feb 1718, Preston, New London Co, CT dd. 1781, Thetford, Orange Co, VT
[Robertson p. 31-32]

7. Sanford Kinne (m. Mary Unknown)
bd. 14 Aug 1769, Preston, New London Co, CT dd. Plainfield, VT
[Robertson p. 49]          

8. Hammond Kinney (m. Edison)
bd. 1810, Plainfield, VT dd. 1892, Irasburg, VT
[Robertson p. 49]
According to another decendant, Hammand Kinney was born 24 May 1810, Plainfield VT, died 21 Jan 1890, Iresburg VT
His wife, Amanda Edson, born 16 Feb 1817, Brookfield, VT, died 5 June 1892, Iresburg, VT
Both buried at the Iresburg cemetery

9. Curtis E. Kinney (m. Livingstone)
bd. 8 Aug 1843 dd. 28 Feb 1878, St. Johnsbury, Caledonia Co, VT
[Robertson p. 49]          

10. William Livingstone KINNEY (m. Sheldon)
bd. 24 Jun 1863, St Johnsbury, Caledonia, VT dd. 18 Mar 1934, Pasadena, CA
[Robertson p. 49]

11. Harold Sheldon KINNEY (m. Hoard)
bd. 28 Aug 1890, St. Johnsbury, Caledonia Co, VT dd. 1976, Pasadena, CA
[Robertson p. 49]


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Unless noted otherwise, information provided by participant and/or Robertson.

Robertson, Florance Keeney. THE GENEALOGY OF HENRY AND ANN KINNE, PIONEERS OF SALEM, MASSACHUSETTS. (1947) Wetzel Publishing Co., Inc. 524 South Sprint Street, Los Angeles, California.


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