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Charles Kinney of Belfast, Ireland (born about 1865)

1. CHARLES KINNEY born about 1865. According to family tradition, Mary Burns and Charles Kinney were the parents of Charles Gerald Kinney (number 2 below) and his younger brother Laurence. The brothers were said to have been orphaned at a very young age, brought up by relatives, and both enrolled in the army in WW1. Laurence was killed 1 January 1915 and has no known grave (his name is recorded on the Menin Gate Memorial at Ypres).

No birth record has been located for the son Charles but there is a record of Laurence KINNEY born to Charles and Mary KINNEY on 31 December 1893, in "...the District of Belfast No 4 (?) in the Union of Belfast in the County of Antrim." The parents were living at 41 Ton Street, which is (or was) just off The Falls Road. There is a death record of Mary KINNEY who died in the Belfast Workhouse on 7 April 1896. No death record has been found for the father (leading to speculation he may have left the family and perhaps gone to America).

2. CHARLES GERALD KINNEY, said to have been born in Belfast on 2 August 1892. His army records also gave a second birthday, in September 1892, although he always treated the August date as his birth. No birth record has been found for this name. Charles Gerald KINNEY survived WW1 although he was gassed three times. He later enrolled in WW2 but his earlier gassing meant that he couldn't serve in an active unit. He became involved in a fire at a barracks, was discharged as unfit and died on 17 January 1944.

3. Participant - # 7511 (contact through RootsWeb KINNEY, see Lists)


As to earlier KINNEYs who might have been related, according to the I.G.I., a Charles KINNEY, son of James KINNEY, was born on 12 October 1864 in the Whitehouse District of Antrim, Ireland. Antrim is a town to the north west of Belfast. There is no proof of a connection between this family and the family of the Participant.


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