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The below information was provided by the participant or his representative and may contain errors.
Presentations vary depending on the information provided.

John Keny, d. 1693, Milton, MA

DNA results place participant in Family Group 2
Kinne of MA
See Group 2 Worksheet

Participant 73491

Migration of direct line:
Massachusetts 1693
Nova Scotia by 1778
Hawaii 1857

1.   John Keny, d. 12 Aug 1693 in Milton, MA.  He married Unknown.  (See additional remarks below).

2.  Nathaniel Keney, b. 6 Mar 1685 in Milton, MA.  Married 8 Mar 1707, Elizabeth Carnes.


3.  Nathan Kenney, b. 10 Apr 1709 in Chatham, MA.  Married 24 Sep 1728, Mercy Smith (daughter of John & Bethia [Snow] Smith and descended in two ways from Stephen Hopkins of the Mayflower).


4.  Nathan Kenney, b. 1741 in Chatham, MA, d. 24 Apr 1827.  Married Jun 1764, Sarah Nickerson, d. 25 Mar 1847.


5.  Nathan Kinney, b. 25 Dec 1778 in Barrington, Shelburne, Nova Scotia, d. 13 Feb 1862 in Chebogue, Nova Scotia [erroneously reported as CT in some genealogies]. Married abt 1799 in Yarmouth, Nova  Scotia, Hannah Durkee, b. 1772, d. 10 May 1857.


6.  William Kinney, b. 2 Sep 1809 in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, d. 20 Aug 1890 in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.  Married 29 May 1831 in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Orpha Robbins, b. 22 Aug 1810 in Chebogue, Nova Scotia [erroneously reported as CT in some genealogies], (daughter of Joseph Robbins & Hannah Raymond and descendant of Richard Warren of the Mayflower) d. 17 Oct 1895 in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.


7.   William Kinney, b. 15 Apr 1832 in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, d. 3 Jun 1915 in Hilo, HI.  (According to his obituary, he came to Hawaii in about 1853.)

Married abt 1867 in Hanalei, Kaua'i, HI, Kaiwiho'opilipili Kailua, b. abt 1843 in Hanalei, Kaua'i, HI, d. abt 1894 in Hanalei, Kaua'i, HI.


Note: William and first wife, Caroline Dailey, had two children: Minnie and William Ansel.   William [Sr.] also had children by Native Hawaiians Kaiwiho'opilipili Kailua [three children?] and Louise Kuliuiki [one child?].    He married second Emalia Piialoha Kailimai, also a Native Hawaiian, and they had seven children.


Some undocumented genealogies list William [Sr.] as William Ansel Kinney, Sr., and his son as William Ansel Kinney Jr./II. To date, I have found no documentation for the middle name of William [Sr.].  The full name of his first son, William Ansel Kinney, is documented.  Some undocumented genealogies confuse the life story of William [Sr.] with that of his son William Ansel Kinney (who was involved in Hawaii politics).



8.  William Kihapi'ilani Kinney, b. 18 Dec 1868 in Hanalei, Kaua'i, HI, d. 2 Nov 1953 in Wailuku, Maui, HI. Married 26 Nov 1899 in Kilauea, Hanalei, Kaua'i, HI, Mary Francesca Vierra, b. abt 1879 in Sao Miguel, Azores, (daughter of Antone Vieira and Francesca Jacinta Candida deJesus) d. 14 Sep 1915 in Hilo, HI.  Mary came to Hawaii on the Vapor Hansa at the age of two years with her parents, grandparents, older sister, and brother.


9.  Ernest Kaipoleimanu Kinney, b. Oct 1906 in Kaua'i, HI, d. 30 Sep 1987 in Honolulu, Honolulu, HI. (1) He married first Minerva Kealoha, of Kahului, HI.  (2) He married second 10 May 1930 in Lihue, Kaua'i, HI, Esther Kauikeaulani Ka'ulili, b. 4 Jun 1913 in Koloa, Kaua'i, HI, (daughter of Solomon (Rev.) Kamaha Ka'ulili and Kawena Ah Chong) d. 11 Jun 1979 in Honolulu, Honolulu, HI.


10. Participant 73491 (his sister is the family researcher).

mtDNA test results are below; those results are from the participant’s sister (they tested separately but his mtDNA would be identical):

mtDNA – direct female line  (below)

Sources include:
Keeney, Keny Family of Milton, Mass and Nova Scotia, Canada; Florance L.K.Robertson; NEGHR 108:113 (1954), pages 113, 114, 117.
Records of the Kingdom, Territory, and State of Hawaii

Family papers, including Application For Membership To the Society of Mayflower Descendants in the State of Hawaii and "Kinney Family History” compiled  2001 by Rubellite Kawena'ulaokalani Kinney Johnson.


The above information was provided by the participant or his representative and may contain errors.



The only known (to me) information about John Keny, d. Milton, MA, 1693, is from:

Keeney, Keny Family of Milton, Mass., and Nova Scotia, Canada

NEGHR 108:113 (1954)

Compiled by Mrs. Florance L. K. Robertson (Florance Keeney Robertson)


Therein, Robertson "presumes" that Arthur Keayne was the father of this John. She also "presumes" that Arthur was a relative of Christopher Keayne of Cambridge, MA and of Capt. Robert Keayne of Boston, covered in her 1942 book (not to be confused with her 1947 book about Henry of Salem, MA). When she compiled the data, she had no further information regarding the ancestry of these families.


Assuming the genealogies are correct, this Y-DNA match of a descendant of John of Milton, MA, to descendants of Henry of Salem, MA, indicates that both John and Henry share a common ancestor. The Y-DNA match can not tell us who he was or when he lived, but it does tell us that direct line male descendants of Henry and John share an unknown Kinney male ancestor.  Based on the information known to me at this time, and assuming all the genealogies presented are correct, it appears that John of Milton is NOT a direct descendant of Henry of Salem.  Hence, there is an earlier ancestor shared by the two. 


Titles of the books mentioned above:

*Robertson, Florance Loveless Kenney. THE KEAYNE-KEEN(E)-KEENEY-KINNE(Y)-KENNEY AND ALLIED FAMILIES. (1942)



- - - - - -

The direct maternal line (mtDNA) is from the Big Island (Hawai'i) of Hawai'i where the family has lived since Puna was settled by ancient Hawaiians. Kapuni (est. born about 1820) and Kalawe Makua, were parents of Naihuelua (m. Mahi'ai Kanoho), mother of Annie (m. Ah Chong), who was mother of Kawena b. 1880 (m. Rev. Solomon Ka'ulili), mother of Esther Kau'ikeaulani b. 1913  (m. Kinney), mother of the participant. The group of mutations 16189C, 16217C, 16247G, and 16261T collectively define the "Polynesian Motif", a special subgroup of haplogroup B which is found almost exclusively in Polynesia.  See, e.g., Oppenheimer and Richards, Science Progress (2001), 84 (3), 157-181.


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