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LENHART & Variations

Revised 28 September 2006

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This project involves the Y chromosome testing of males who share the Lenhart and variations surname. By comparing your test results to others with this surname (or variations), you can determine if you are related. The results do not tell you exactly how you are related but will indicate if you share a common ancestor with another participant. This test is not associated with health matters or paternity. In addition to testing, we need information (e.g., pedigree chart) on line of descent from the oldest known male ancestor for each participant. This helps to identify the various unconnected links. For more details see Frequently Asked Questions (includes prices and “join code” to order at group rates) and DNA Project Notes.

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Abbreviations, Etc,  (below)

DNA RESULTS (DYS Numbers and Allele Values)  

Ancestry Summary

Frequently Asked Questions
DNA Project Notes
Meaning of Results
False Paternal Event          
Genetic Distance calculations by FTDNA

Interpreting Genetic Distance links at FTDNA
See also:

LENHART (GKBopp Web Site)

ABBREVIATIONS, Etc. on Results Page

Presentation order. Those with matches (groups) are presented first. Those awaiting a match are presented by haplogroup. DYS numbers with blue background in a designated group indicate an apparent mutation from the presumed ancestral haplotype for that group. If an ancestral haplotype has not yet been determined, the white back ground indicates markers that differ from the most frequent (modal) value. Presentation order is subject to change.
Kits beginning with N are participants who joined this study after testing in the Genographic project (off site link --> Genographic).

DYS - DYS Numbers. DYS numbers as reported by FTDNA. (note that these are not in numerical order; see Locus below).
DYS = DNA + Y chromosome + [unique DNA] Segment. HUGO (Human Genome Organization) assigns DYS numbers.
DYS #19 is also known as #394
According to FTDNA, the red markers show a faster mutation rate than average. However, managers of large surname studies report variations that differ from those in a mixed random group.
(FTDNA's May 19, 2003 adjustment of allele values for DYS 464abcd took place before this project began.)

Group (or Family Group).  Groups of two or more participants who match (who may or may not share paper trails). Unless there is evidence to the contrary (e.g., those with very common haplotypes and no shared paper trail), it is assumed they share a common ancestor. The common ancestor may, or may not, be known. Group 1 was assigned to the first participants with a match. The next participants with a match will be assigned Group 2, and so on. The numbers have no other significance. Group descriptions are revised from time to time.

Haplo - Haplogroup (deep ancestry)
Haplogroups in green have been confirmed by SNP testing. Our project has one confirmed SNP test, #23296 in Group 1 (P25+).
Haplogroups in red have been predicted by Family Tree DNA based on unambiguous results in the individual's personal page. FTDNA sees no reason to order a SNP test to confirm a predicted haplogroup.
Haplogroups in black are estimated. FTDNA's comparative results are not clear and unambiguous. If the kit holder wants to know his SNP with 100% confidence, consider ordering a SNP confirmation test.
For more information, participants should review personal page at FTDNA. See also Haplogroups and FTDNA’s descriptions and related links at Kerchner’s site (they are not listed in alphabetical order) at

Locus - Numerical order of DYS number presentation by FTDNA. This is useful when discussing results, since the presentation order of the DYS numbers is not in numerical order.

Modal – The most frequent value.

Kit # - Kit number issued by FTDNA. N indicates participant joined after first testing with the National Geographic Genographic Project.

In some cases, this differs from spelling and locale of earliest known ancestor.

Ysearch User IDPublic database at FTDNA (Ysearch)

* Indicates a test kit ordered by relative or researcher (not all participants follow through with testing).

Georgia Kinney Bopp
This DNA Surname Project began October 2003


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