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Information compiled from many sources and may contain errors.

This is a list of the earliest known family of known Lenhart/etc. researchers.
Most of these researchers can be reached on the RootsWeb Lenhart List. The surname spelling variation used below is that which is most common. For example, Johan Peter Lenhart (JPL) and his descendants appear in records with many spellings; however, LENHART is most common today. LINHART and other variations are used as appropriate; LEONARD is included if there is evidence the line has been known as Lenhart/etc. Entry order is alphabetical by first name, then by date.


ANANIAS A. LENHART, b. Somerset Co, PA, 14 Sept 1850, d. 14 Nov. 1923, Lockridge, Logan Co. OK, bur. Christner Cemetery, Oklahoma Co. OK (may be illigitimate son of Benjamin Lenhart). His mother Elizabeth Foust, b. March 1832, Somerset Co., PA, d. 28 April 1909, Berlin, PA, listed with parents in 1850 Census. She married Brandt using the Foust name, when Ananias was approx 4. Ananias m. ca 1870, PA, Adaline Christner, b. 2 Feb. 1845, Garrett, Somerset Co., PA., d. 8 July 1921, Lockridge, Logan Co., OK, bur. next to Ananias; parents of seven boys, one daughter, Emma Elizabeth (m. Hatfield). Lenhart lister researcher: Dora Lue.


CHRISTIAN LINHART/LENHART [Sr.], ca. 1722-1810, m. Anna Marie/Maria Heindler, ca. 1740-1827; of York and Westmoreland (now Allegheny) counties, PA; children: (1) Adam (m. Baughman), (2) Barbara, (3) Michael (m. Hawk), (4) Christian [Jr.] (m. Anna), (5) Dorothea (m. Waldhour), (6) Jacob (m. Shetler), (7) Margaretha (m. Beighley), (8) Elisabeth (m. Baughman), (9) Abraham (m. Bierley), (10) Hanna (m. Hess), (11) Anna Maria (m. Mates), (12) Samuel (married?). Information from Bill Linhart, his website. See also Palmer website and the RootsWeb Linhart List. This family should not be confused with Jon Christoph, son of Johan Peter Lenhart (see below), m. Anna Maria, whose descendants are found in Westmoreland Co., Unity Twp, PA (explanation).

CHRISTINA MAGDALENA LEONHARDT/LENHARD/etc. ca. 1728-1820; listed as [servant?] of Jacob Bender in 1753 communion record in Philadelphia (now Montgomery) Co., PA. Married 1st Christian Harman/Herman, in 1756, in Philadelphia (now Montgomery) Co., PA; family in Lancaster Co, PA, in 1762; m. 2 nd Frederick Dumbold/etc.,Westmoreland Co., PA, in 1773; buried in Fairfield Co., OH, with son Frederick's family. Harman children: (1) Christina (m. Marchand), (2) Peter, (3) Anna Elizabeth (m. Byerly), (4) Anna Maria/Mary (m. Byerly), (5) Catherine, (6) Anna Magdalena/Margaretha (m. Byerly), (7) Frederick F. (8) Maria Barbara (m. Hoover). [Three Harmon daughters married three Byerly brothers.] Information contributed by Robert A. Fetters (Harman descendant, not a Lenhart). Descendants believe she is the daughter of Johan Peter Lenhart (several JPL researchers disgree). Lenhart List researcher: Arleen Craig Ellis. Christina's Gravestone

EVA LENHERR/LENHART ca.1740-after 1785, second wife of Johannes (George?) Unger, of Lancaster Co., PA. Eva is said to be the daughter of Nicholas Lenhart (see his entry). Unger had three children by first wife; child of Eva and Unger: Johannes Nicholas Unger 1759 PA-c.1814 VA (m. Hollinger). Lenhart List researcher: Joy Henning.

GEORGE LENHARDT b. 1754, Germany to America ca. 1771; parents died at sea; he and brother Peter sold for passage (nothing more known about Peter). George settled in Montgomery Co., PA (originally Philadelphia Co.), married Hoffman and Kohler. Children: John, George, Jonathan, Mary, Henry, Joseph, Sarah, Christiana, Margaret. Descendants of son Joseph known as LENHART. Lenhart List Researcher: GKBopp (not my line). See George Lenhardt.

HENRY LENHART ca.1800-after 1845, m. Rebecca Ward (1803-1885), of counties Westmoreland, Somerset, Fayette, and Cumberland, PA. Six children: (1) Camilla Ward,* m. Wetzel, of PA, OH (2) Amanda Ward,* m. Husher and Jobes, of PA (3) Uriah LENHART, m. Arford/Effard and Baker, of PA, IL, IN, OH, IA - Civil War Vet, (4) Philip LENHART, m. Malone, of PA, OH, IL, (5) Elizabeth "Lizzie" LENHART, unmarried, of PA, OH, IL, (6) Milton LENHART, m. Sarah (nee?), of PA - Civil War Vet. *Uncertain as to why these two daughters were known as Ward. Lenhart List researcher: Pat Lenhart. [Y-DNA indicates this line shares a common ancestor with documented JPL descendants.]

JEREMIAH MILLER LENHART 1810-1889, of PA, OH, IL, m. 1st Breese, known children: (1) Margaret LENHART, m. Justis, of OH, IL, (2) Wilson S. LENHART, m. Edwards (in IL), of OH, SD - Civil War Vet, (3) Phillip D. LENHART, m. King, of OH, IL, IA - Civil War Vet, (4) Silas N. LENHART, of OH, IL, died KY in Civil War, (5) Samuel B. LENHART, of OH, IL, died in Civil War [in IL or TN], (6) Catharine E. LENHART, m. Remer, of OH, KS, (7) MaryAnn LENHART, m. Edwards, of OH, IL, SD, (8) Amanda Jane LENHART, m. McFadden, of IL, OH. Jeremiah married 2 nd Mrs. Eliza A. Stone. Lenhart List Researcher: Pat Lenhart; this is not her line; she researched it seeking connections to her line and to distinguish between Philip of this line and son Philip of her Henry Lenhart line (see HENRY c. 1800).

JOHAN PETER LENHART (JPL) 1708-1774, [Germany], arrived PA 1748, m. Maria Margaretha. JPL is the immigrant ancestor of numerous descendants on the RootsWeb Lenhart List. This website includes detailed Family Group Sheet, ancestry, and other information (names of researchers are noted on the group sheet). The Y-DNA signature has been determined for this line. See JOHAN PETER LENHART

JOHANNES A. LEONHART/LEONARD ca. 1780, of Shenandoah Co. and Rockingham Co., VA, m. Sophia Grim. Johannes A. Leonhart in marriage record (29 Jan 1798, Rockingham County, VA), John A. Leonard in 1810 census; family has been Leonard ever since. Lenhart List researcher: Ralph Leonard.

JOHN LENHART/LEONARD c. 1780, of York/Adams Co., PA, m. Staub. Probable children: Rosina (m. Carbaugh) , Philip, James, Adam, Catharine, Margaret, Louise. He does not appear to be related to Johan Peter Lenhart of York Co., PA. (No researcher; entered here because of York Co., PA locale).

JOHN LENHART 1783-1843, of Washington Twp., York Co., PA; born Germany, arrived Virginia in 1804, in Pennsylvania ca. 1809, m. Catharine (1789-1841). Lenhart List Researcher: GKBopp. This is not my line, I researched it when seeking connections to my line and to distinguish between this John and another John of the same era and area. He does not appear to be related to Johan Peter Lenhart of York Co., PA. See my report for more details - John Lenhart 1783-1843

JOHN LENHARDT 1823-1899, b. Hesse Darmstadt (Germany), of Petersville, Lancaster PA in 1880 Census; m. Catharine [Fehl]; several children. This line is in RootsWeb World Connect (search on his name) and apparently in Family Tree Maker. John's son Oliver settled in Montgomery Co. (c. 1900) but there is no relationship between this line and that of George Lenhardt of Montgomery Co., PA (see his entry above).

JOHN LENHART 1824-1880, of Washington Twp., York Co., PA, m. Bushey. Probable children: George W., Catharine, Mary, Lydia. He is probably the son of John Lenhart 1783-1843 (entered above).


MICHAEL LENHART c. 1775-1823, of Carlisle, Berks, Westmoreland, Fayette counties, PA; m. Magdalena/Martha Kline. Michael was a wagonmaker, traveled, died in OH on a trip. Twelve children: Catherina, Anna Magaretha, Phillip, Mary, Leonard, Sarah, George, other names not known (possibly Henry m. Rebecca Ward, see above Henry Lenhart). Lenhart List researcher: Pat Morgan (descendant of Michael's son Phillip,1800-1885, m. Sarah Cook, of Fayette, Westmoreland, Washington counties).

NICHOLAS LENHART ca. 1725 of PA. Arrived PA in 1748. In 1752 and 1756 he is noted as father of Christina Leonhard in records of her communion at Evangelical Lutheran Congregation, Goshenhoppen, PA. He is said to be brother of John Peter Lenhart (JPL) and father of Eva (see EVA). Lenhart List researcher: Joy Henning.

PETER/PEDER LENHART 1708-1774 (to America 1748) - See JOHAN PETER

PETER LENHARDT (to America ca. 1771) - See GEORGE LENHARDT

SARAH (nee?) LENHART 1844-1896, of Dover and Jackson townships,York Co., PA, m. Michael Gantz; children (1) Annetta/Nettie (m. Atland) and Emma (m. Deardorff). Not certain if Lenhart is maiden or earlier married name; she may be related to a Mabel Lenhart m. Shue of Codorus Twp. Lenhart List researcher: Vanessa Stern. Note: if Sarah is a Lenhart, she may be identical to Susan born ca. 1844, in household (daughter?) of Henry Lenhart in 1860 and in Samuel Hoffman household in 1870; Dover Twp., York Co., PA. Henry was brother of my (GKBopp) George; both sons of George, son of Wilhelm, son of JPL.

SUSAN LINHART ca.1829 of PA, m. James Hope, children (1) Elizabeth Jane, m. Steiner, of PA, (2) Anne E., of PA, (3) James Christopher, m. Howarth, of PA, IA, WA, (4) Susan of PA, (5) Rachel, m. Upperman, of PA, (6) William H. of PA. The subject Susan should not be confused with Susan (d/o Jacob and Katherine Linhart probably of the above Christian Linhart line) who married Henry Hope, a brother of the subject Susan's husband. List researcher: Teri Cleaveland.




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