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For convenience, the links are listed first but please read the BACKGROUND INFORMATION section below before looking at the reports.

The below reports are PDF files. The first three (20 pages each) contain exactly the same names (all names from the Riffle Filby lists); the difference is in how those names are sorted as indicated by the title. The fourth report (only two pages) is an extract of only those names with family information.

    "LENHART" in FILBY - ALPHABETICAL by SURNAME                                 
    "LENHART" in FILBY - CHRONOLOGICAL                                                           

This is a CSV text file of all names (about 25 pages, 88KB) (2)


There is also a number count report for nerds; the link is below in BACKGROUND INFORMATION. 

(1) Family groups are intact on this report; in other reports they become separated during the sort. The numbers assigned to the 17 family groups are based on the order they appeared in the original Riffle lists. Since this report is sorted alphabetically by surname, the group numbers are not in numerical order. Families 1) and 15) appeared in two sources; therefore, "a" and "b" were added to those numbers.

(2) This is a text version of the CSV file (alphabetical by surname). Use this file if (1) the pdf files are difficult for you to use, and/or (2) you would like to have the list to "play around with," and/or (3) you have your own spreadsheet program and want to download the file to create your own reports. 



Over the years, Robert L. Riffle (RLR) made lists from Filby's of surname variations for several of his lines. His lists began with the First Edition of Filby's and concluded with the 2002 Supplement Part 1 (Filby's is cited below). The Bopps converted the Riffle lists to spreadsheet format (CSV - comma separated values) and created reports for this website.

Spelling Variations

Riffle's "Lenhart" lists contain over 1,500 names and more than 100 spelling variations. The Leonard variation accounts for 37% of the entire list; however, the listings are not complete for this surname. Riffle listed only Leonards with German given names through the 1994 Supplement; thereafter he began listing all Leonard names.

Ten spelling variations account for 77% of the names. In the top ten are Leonard, Leonhard, Leonhardt, Linhart, Lenhardt, Lenhard, Linhard, Lehnert, Linhardt, and Lenhart (coming in at No. 10 with 30 names). For a list of all surname variations, number, percent, and rank - see our three page PDF file at Stats for Nerds (not its official name).

Examples from Riffle lists

These are four different entries for the same individual:


     Lenhart, Johan Peter, n.a.; Philadelphia, Pa., 1748, 7820, p186
     Lenhart, Johann Petter, n.a.; Philadelphia, Pa., 1748, 9041, p380
     Lenhart, Johann Petter, n.a.; Philadelphia, Pa., 1748, 9041, p382

[Source] First Edition 1983 Supplement:

     Lenhart, Johan Peter, n.a.; Pennsylvania, 1748, 1804, p267 

Spreadsheet Version ~ With thanks to TTBopp, the brains behind the CSV conversion

In the conversion to CSV, the Riffle lists were edited to standardize entries, allow for special sorts, and economize on space. Here's an example of an RLR list entry converted to CSV code:

   RLR list entry:  
   Lenhart, Johan Peter, n.a.; Philadelphia, Pa., 1748, 7820, p186       
   CSV code:
   Lenhart,Johan Peter,n.a.,Philadelphia,PA,1748,,RLR1981,7820,p186,         

Edits and/or anomalies include:

1. U.S. abbreviations; e.g., Pennsylvania changed to PA; N.Y. to NY; Cal to CA*
2. Added "states" - e.g., LA added to New Orleans entries; Ontario added to Toronto entries *
3. Other abbreviations; e.g., N.S. to Nova Scotia; Prince Edward Island to Prince Edward Is
4. Volume column added to identify RLR list source. Examples:
     RLR1981 is his list from the First Edition
     RLR1983S is his list from the 1983 Supplement
5. Column added to identify family groups and a number assigned to each group
6. Semi-colons used in place of commas (CSV requirement); e.g., "Leenaerts; Sander spouse"
7. Added a year "range" column (some sources use a range of years)
8. Ref. column contains Filby's numeric source code (see FILBY SOURCES below)
9. Spreadsheet program drops zeros in decimal entries; e.g., source code 9983.10 appears as 9983.1
10. Correction of obvious RLR typos; e.g., "eonard" to Leonard

*Be mindful that in the year entered on the list, the boundaries of the "state" may have been different than they are today, and/or the "state" may not have been in existence at the time. EXAMPLES: (1) VA was not a "state" until after the Revolutionary War and her boundaries once included what is now Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, (2) there are entries for New Orleans, LA, in 1732, but LA was not a State until 1812. The entry for Carolina was not abbreviated.


Filby's is an ongoing project to index all known lists that document immigration to the U.S. and Canada. The First Edition (cited above) contained "about 500,000" names. As of 2001 the publications contain over 3.5 million names from hundreds (thousands?) of sources. Ellis Island information is not in the current Filby material; see the Ellis Island website for more "Lenharts."

When Filby or Filby's is mentioned on the GKBopp website, it refers to the below publication and associated supplements:

     A Guide to Published Arrival Records of About 500,000 Passengers
     Who Came to the United States and Canada in the Seventeenth, Eighteenth, and Nineteenth Centuries.
     Edited by P. William Filby with Mary K. Meyer; Gale Research Company, Detroit, Michigan, c. 1981.
     First Edition, 3 v. (1. A-G.--v. 2. H-N.--v. 3. O-Z).

The Riffle lists were made from PILI; however, there are now CD versions of Filby. After converting the Riffle lists to CSV format, the Bopps purchased a recent CD version for personal reference. Except for a few confusing items in the Riffle lists, no attempt has been made to compare the Riffle lists to the CD version.


(1)                               (2)   (3)**                      (4)**   (5)    (6)             
Lenhart, Johan Peter, n.a.; Philadelphia, Pa., 1748, 7820, p186    

(1) Name of the person
(2) Age (if listed)
(3) Place of arrival/event **
(4) Year of arrival/event **
(5) Numeric code identifying source of information (Filby's source; see below)
(6) Page number in the source containing the name of the person

In some cases there is additional information regarding relatives.

**Place and Year are not necessarily arrival place or year. Locations may refer to destinations, location of settlement, location of naturalization records, location on the year cited, etc. Year may be death year, year requesting permission to emigrate, or year of other event (e.g., naturalization).


Having found names of interest in the Filby lists, the researcher must locate Filby's source and thereafter track down a copy of that source for additional information. Filby's source descriptions are in the below companion volume (and presumably associated supplements):

     Being a Guide to Published Lists of Arrivals in the United States and Canada.
     Edited by P. William Filby; Detroit, Mich., Gale Research Co., c1981.

The Filby publications (PILI and PILB) are available at many libraries (with or without all supplements) and at some LDS Family History Centers. The material is now available on CD (e.g., Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1500s-1900s FTM CD#354 2001 Edition, Family Tree Maker's Family Archives) and may be online at Genealogy.com (membership required).

Note: Over 400 Filby sources are associated with the RLR "Lenhart" lists. The full source descriptions from Filby's of the 400+ codes in the "Lenhart" lists were extracted from a CD version and edited by GKBopp resulting in 85 pages of material. Because of Copyright restrictions, this information cannot be posted on the Web. However (assuming "fair use" applies) see these examples at JPL in "FILBY".

For more information about Filby's see the introduction section of Filby publications (or CD versions) or reference books such as PRINTED SOURCES A Guide to Published Genealogical Records, edited by Kory L. Meyerink (Salt Lake City, Utah, Ancestry Incorporated, 1998).


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