DERR of YORK CO., PA, ca. 1800


YORK CO., PA - ca. 1800
GKBopp - Revised 14 March 2003

The following contains information regarding DERR (and variations) of York Co., PA. It is likely all DERR (and variations) names mentioned below are related but exactly how has not been determined.

Note: Salems and/or Strayers Church in Dover Twp., York Co., PA, had two different congregations and hence two different sets of records. One congregation was "Lutheran," the other "Reformed;" the below notes abbreviate these as S/S Ref, S/S Luth, or variations thereof.

PART 1 - DERR & LENHART (to America in 1748)

Sept. 15, 1748, Johann Jost DORR [umlaut over o] and Johan Peter LENHART arrived in Philadelphia, PA, on the ship Two Brothers. (Rupp's THIRTY THOUSAND NAMES OF IMMIGRANTS, p. 184-6). Johan Peter LENHART, of Germany, settled in Berks Co., PA, then removed to Dover, Twp., York Co., PA, where he and his wife are buried. Johan Peter is the grandfather of the below George LENHART, Sr. who married Margaret (Rebecca/Becky) DERR. While it is likely that Margaret descends from the family of the Johann Jost DORR who arrived in 1748 on the same ship as her husband's grandfather, the names of her parents have not been determined.(1)

George LENHART, Sr., 1784-1857, of Dover Twp., York Co., PA.
Parents: Anna Maria BEITZEL & Wilhelm LENHART.
First Wife: Margaret (Rebecca/Becky) DERR, 1783-1847.
Married: 10 Nov 1805, York Co., PA.(2)
Her parents not known.
Second Wife: Mary, 1794-1864. Maiden name not known (but I've wondered if was she sister of 1st wife) - no children.
George and both wives are buried in Dover Twp., York Co., PA.

George & Margaret/Rebecca had eight children. Four had DERR sponsors, presumably relatives of Margaret/Rebecca but the relationship has not been determined. (My connection is through George, Jr., married GERBER, of Dover Twp., York Co., PA.)

1. Elisabeth b. 1807, sponsor Pally DER, S/S Ref.
2. Lydia (Lidia) b. 1808, sponsors Ulrich/Barbara DERR, S/S Ref.
3. William b. 1810, no sponsor listed, S/S Luth.
4. George, Jr., b. 1813, no baptism record found [but he's named in father's will].
5. Magdalena (Mary) b. 1816, sponsor Catharina DER, S/S Ref. *
6. Henry (Henrich) b. 1818, sponsor Wm & Susan LENHART, S/S Ref. [George's brother].
7. Rebecca b. 1821, sponsor Susana Gross, S/S Ref. [Don't know who Susana is].
8. Sarah (Sahra) b. 1824, sponsors Henrich/Rosina DERR, S/S Ref (See Part II).

1850 Census, in household of George, Sr., is Catharine DERR/DARR, 65, (b. ca. 1785) *
1860 Census, in household of George, Jr., is Catharine DERR, 72, (b. ca. 1788) *

DARR, Catharina d. Jan. 30, 1864 Age 79-0-0 [b. ca. 1785] buried Strayers/Salems in Dover, York Co., PA. (Don't know is she is buried near LENHART family.) *

* Same person? Is she a sister [unmarried] of Margaret/Rebecca (wife of George, Sr.)?


Salem Lutheran Church Dover York Co PA 1762-1837 Register Book #l Salem Lutheran Church LDS film 0020499. I was looking for LENHART at the time, then noticed DERR. Apparently the only DERR family in these records is that of Henrich & Rosina DURR, the couple who sponsored the youngest DERR/LENHART child (see above).

Sarah DURR d/o Henrich & Rosina DURR
b. 19 June 1803, bap 4 Dec 1803 Sponsors ---

Elizabeth DURR d/o Henrich & Rosina DURR
8 Feb 1806 bap 23 Mar 1806 [nothing in my notes re sponsors]

Eva DERR d/o Henrich & Rosina DERR
b. 30 March 1808 bap 29 May 1808 Spons. Catharina DERR

Lydia DERR d/o Henrich & Rosina DERR
b. 11 Jun 1811 bap 18 Aug 1811
Spons: Elizabeth LENHARD
[Spons. probably Elizabeth (sister of George LENHART, Sr.) who married Miller.]


From Book #2 Translation of Old Church Record Book

Evangelical Lutheran Congregation "Strayer's" Salem Church, near Dover, York County, Penna. (Translation by Seiffert); same LDS film number cited above. p. 63 Deaths

Johan Georg DORR
n. 1770 d 19 January abendst 6 Uhr. [evening]
Eltern: Gabriel DORR und Catharina Uxor. [parents]
Gevatt: Henrich Rudi
(umlaut over the o in DORR)



1) Johann Just Derr arrived on the Two Brothers captained by Capt Thomas Arnott Sept. 15 1748. He settled in Lancaster County and migrated to Berks County. Son Johannes Derr, born Mar. 30, 1755, had 13 children [listed, born 1788 - 1809]. Reported by George Derr, on RootsWeb DERR-L, 13 March 2003, Subject: Re: [DERR] DAR/DERR/DOR/DURR - YORK CO., PA - ca. 1800. His source: THE HOUSE OF DERR. In a private email Mr. Derr stated, "The book does not mention any other children of Johann Just Derr. The book is mainly about Peter & his many inventions & craftsmanship." Thus, the book is not a family genealogy and contains no other family information. See * below for more about the book.

2) Lenhard, George, Becky Der 10 Nov 1805 First (Trinity) Reformed Church, [from records 1744-1853] York, York Co., PA.
Irish, Donna R. PENNSYLVANIA GERMAN MARRIAGES, Marriages and Marriage Evidence in Pennsylvania German Churches. Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. Baltimore, MD, 1982.

"Lenhard, George" to "Der, Becky" York County, Pennsylvania Marriages, 1800-46
First Trinity Reformed Church [database online] Provo, UT:, 2000. Records transcribed from Family History Library microfilm copies of church records for this locality. For more information, See Family History Library Catalog (FHLC) #0020356


* This book is not a family genealogy.

Spears, James F., THE HOUSE OF DERR, c.1949, 187p, 6x9, hardbound, black/white photos, privately published, PA. Subtitled: "A True Story of The Three Brothers Peter, John and Joe Derr In the Summer Hills of Berks County, Pa." Book is an account of this innovative family that produced pewter and other metalwares as well as rifles in the 18th and 19th centuries, also of interest are lists compiled by John Derr of contemporary pewterers, gunsmiths, lamp makers, glass blowers and silversmiths, abundantly illustrated with black/white photos of lighting devices, kitchen utensils, tools, coffee pots, lancet boxes, etc, black/white photos, makers' marks, NO INDEX.

Other descriptions: this book is "about the famous tinsmith Peter Derr" and "The Famous House of Derr, Berks County, Pennsylvania, 1778-Dated Dower Chest with Battling Unicorns and an "Olaf Baum" Motif. Originally owned by Johannes Derr (1755-1831) and passed on to his son Peter Derr (1793-1868). Johannes, or "Hannes" Derr was one of Berks County's earliest pewterers; his son Peter Derr worked in iron, brass, and copper."

This book may be identical to: Spears, James Foster, 1899 -      A PICTURE STORY OF THE HOUSE OF DERR [Pennsylvania's contribution to a world of primitive art; a true story of three brothers, Peter, John, and Joe Derr in the Summer Hills of Berks County, Pa. Myerstown, Pa., Pub. by the Church Center Press, 1949] x, 188 p. illus., ports. 24 cm. Elsewhere is mentioned: Spears, James F. A PICTURE STORY OF THE HOUSE OF DERR, Lebanon 1973 (1949), Second Printing.