Children of Samuel & Elizabeth McWherter Summers



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Samuel Summers c. 1796, VA - 1852, NV
Elizabeth McWherter c. 1802, KY - after 1880, [CA]

All children born in Kentucky except Belle, who was born in Missouri

1. LEE ANN SUMMERS (b. 1819) m. Milton Mills

2. Dr. GEORGE McWHORTER SUMMERS (1820-1892) m. Amanda Peeler (b. 1827)

3. JAMES W(ILLIAM) SUMMERS (1821-1877) m. Ann L. Blackwell (1833-1898)

4. NANCY M. SUMMERS (b. 1823) m. James A. Montgomery (b. 1822)

5. FRANKLIN "FRANK" SUMMERS (1826-1856) m. Elizabeth A. McGlacklin (1832-1901)

6. JESSE N(OLAN?) SUMMERS (1827-1890) m. Mahulda "Hulda" McGee (1837-1907)

7. JOHN "JACK" SUMMERS (1832-1905) m. Elizabeth Isbil (1838-1911)

8. KATHERINE SUMMERS (b. 1834) m. Kennedy

9. EMILY (SARAH?) SUMMERS (1835-1852?) m. Fred Codgill

10. MARY FRANCES SUMMERS (1837-1920) m. William Dulaney Gibbs (1826-1895)

11. ELIZA G. SUMMERS (1840-1924) m. 1st Joseph B. L. Bittick (1828-1905), 2nd Ennis Hall

12. VIRGINIA "JANE" SUMMERS (b. 1842) m. 1st James H. Cox (b. 1837), 2nd A. E. Adams

13. BELLE (ISABELLE) SUMMERS (b. 1845) m. Barney Peeler (d. 1920)


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