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23 June 2007

Elisha English and Sally (Sarah) Wharton Marriage Bond

15 September 2006 - Holeman items:

The Civil War "thing" I sent to the Lenhart sisters years ago regarding Alexander Wake Holeman/Holman.  No time to re-do it so it's smothered in tacky red notes regarding some changes/updates. It includes links to images of the documents that were sent as photocopies to the sisters. Also has some links to related info from cousin JMB.

Added a new page for Alexander Wake Holeman/Holman (AWH).  It has links to the Civil War "thing" and some other items, links to Watterson, links cousin Jon found re Mex-Amer and Civil wars.

Portraits - This is under construction - needs dates etc. Don't know when I'll get to that.

Revised the basic Holeman page to include links to the new AWH page and to portraits (under construction).

Watterson's bio info - revised to include volume number.

1 May 2006
In mid March I began a project to gather reliable sources for Henry Keney/etc. of MA.

13 February 2006
Henry Watterson on Wake Holman (Alexander Wake Holeman) The "bean" story
Simon Bopp ca. 1811 Baden/Germany Virginia/West Virginia by 1854

14 August 2005

Will of Philip Lenhart (JPL son)

26 June 2005
BOPP information has new URL (new links)

13 May 2005

Some sources of information about the mtDNA of Marie-Antoinette

28 April 2005

Aulisio of Cicerale, Salerno, Italy (my daughter's paternal line; this replaces the old Aulisio-Bronzo page)
[Note - more revisions followed.]

11 April 2005

Bopp DNA

17 April 2004 Dutech of Tarbes, France

Added "jump" links for surnames on Contents page

December 31, 2003 (and on going)
Beginning with the ENGLISH family data:
Revising pages to include link to database at WorldConnect.
Adding "By" lines, etc. to various pages (many folks copying my material fail to list me or my website as the source of their information).

12 December 2003

Sources of Paternal Ancestry (ENGLISH) revised to include remarks about Anjou, an unethical researcher

November 2003

GKBopp database submitted to WorldConnect

5 December 2003

Salem's Strayers Church Cemetery, Dover, York Co., PA - DRAFT
Helps with the confusion about the various names of this cemetery.

November 29, 2003

Database is now online at RootsWeb WorldConnect and/or Family Tree.

July 26, 2003 (revision of entry dated July 2003)

DNA tests and related research, indicate our Graves descend from Thomas (son of Captain Thomas Graves) rather than from his [alleged] brother Francis

7 June 2003

HOOLMAN & CARTLAY of Cockel Town, Orange, Va.

20 May 2003

Revised George Kinney page to report on DNA match

14 March 2003

FANTALINA FACT & FICTION - ancestor of Sarah Wharton (wife of Elisha English)

13 March 2003


22 January 2003

Gilbert Clarke ENGLISH section, Ancestry of Sarah Wharton

2 January 2003 

Thomas Summers, Sr. b. abt 1735 of NC, VA, KY
d. abt 1805 Wayne Co., KY - short 3 generation list

30 December 2002 

Ancestry of Sarah Wharton, includes link to PDF file of Sarah's Ancestry/Pedigree Chart

28 December 2002  

Renamed one file that required 26 link changes, if you saved a link and it no longer works, this is why. Find you page again and save that link.

25 December 2002

Photograph of Arabel Turney (1st wife of Lindsey H. English)

11 December 2002

Family Bible of Lindsey H. English - Links to Transcriptions of the Marriages and Births

5 December 2002

Lindsey H. English Photograph

4 December 2002

Family Bible of Lindsey H. English - links
Warren English (1840-1910), son of Lindsey (by Margaret Connole Trost)

 3 November 2002

Blackwell - summary of of what is known about Ann Blackwell, wife of James Summers.

1 November 2002

The two sections below, under Oct 9 and Oct 12 are under construction, with frequent revisions. At this time, I am not logging all the changes here.

12 October 2002

Kinney, McKinney & Variations - includes DNA surname project

9 October 2002


1 October 2002
Kinney Surname Research - under construction - chart and misc information
Update: title changed; see above link under Kinney, McKinney & Variations

28 Sept 2002- LENHART

Revised Godfrey Lenhart entries on JPL Children (short list) and JPL Family Group Sheet : removed { } from Godfrey's dates, added new source for dates, changed wife's name from Holzinger to HarbaughRevised Name of wife of Godfrey Lenhart to include two new printed sources.

23 Sept 2002

Dutech & Unal Marriage Contract, France, 1858 (Kinney Line)
Revised intro and added short 3 generation list

22 Sept 2002
Revised pedigree chart (Bronzo side)
Bronzo of Agropoli, Italy & Wilmerding, PA - formerly Bronzo - Ellis, Island; major revisions (and removed Bronzo tree pdf file)

19 Sep 2002 )

Dutech & Unal 1858 Marriage Contract (France)

18 Sep 2002 - HOLEMAN & RADER

HOLEMAN-HOLMAN-HOLDMAN (ca. 1750-1800) of Shenandoah County, Virginia
MICHAEL RADER (READER), 1750-1839, of Shenandoah County, Virginia and
Greenbrier, Mason, Jackson counties, West Virginia
Genealogy reports commissioned 1965 by an anonymous contributor L I N K
Also new, at the above link, is Ancestry Chart of Michael Rader

3 Sep 2002


15 Aug 2002 - LENHART

Revised George Lenhardt b. 1754 to include brief remarks about Montgomery Co., PA, "Lenharts"

12 Aug 2002 - LENHART

Revised Philip's entry on JPL's group sheet; added Zagrocki to researcher list.


   GEORGE LENHARDT b. 1754, Germany to America ca. 1771 (with brother Peter)
        Additional information: George Lenhardt b. 1754 of Montgomery Co., PA
JOHN LENHARDT 1823-1899, b. Hesse Darmstadt (Germany), of PA

23 July 2002

Aulisio ~ Bronzo information added
(paternal line of my daughter Galatea Rose Aulisio)

16 July 2002

Changed name of this page to Recent Additions
CONTENTS page added

9 & 13 July 2002

Minor changes to Holeman page

28 June 2002

"LENHART" in FILBY (Formerly titled the Riffle-Bopp Lenhart "Filby" Project)
   Renamed and revised the title page
   Added four reports - pdf files; three are 20 pages each (different sorts of the same names)
   Added a CSV text file
   Added a number count, etc. report for nerds (3 page pdf file); see BACKGROUND section
   Minor revisions to JOHAN PETER LENHART (JPL) in "FILBY"
   Dropped the "Lenharts" in America - Pre 1800 pdf report (replaced with report of ALL dates)
   Consolidated and/or reorganized a couple of "link" pages; e.g., the SOURCES & RESOURCES page

20 June 2002

LENHART (etc.) LINES Christian Linhart, Sr., now has wife and children previously listed for Jr. (and a few other revisions from Bill Linhart); added links to two Linhart websites

14 June 2002
Date corrections in Christian Linhart entry in LENHART (etc.) LINES

11 June 2002
Corrections to The Riffle-Bopp Lenhart "Filby" Project [renamed 24 June 2002]
Filby citation corrections on JPL group sheet and JPL Filby entries

7 June 2002
The Riffle-Bopp Lenhart "Filby" Project [renamed, revised, see expanded 27 June 2002]
"Lenharts" in America" - Pre 1800 (5 page pdf file) [replaced by full chronological list 24 June 2002]
Johan Peter Lenhart entries in Filby's
Misc. links, etc. on other pages

30 May 2002
New items about children of Elisha & Sarah Wharton ENGLISH:
          Elisha (Maj.) Gale English ~ links added
          Samuel S(croggin) English ~ Obituary
          Lindsey H. English ~ Obituary
          John (Dr.) B. English ~ Time Line
          Mary (Polly) S. English ~ Obituary
          Revel (Dr.) Wharton English ~ Obituary
          Links for the above are at Children
     "English Bible" Errors
     Sources of Paternal Ancestry of Elisha English 1768-1857 (same as that at The English Plantation site - no revisions yet).
     Lincoln Links mentioning sons of Elisha & Sarah
     Links for WHE and WEE, descendants of Elisha Gale English

This NEW ADDITIONS page created (website began September 2001)



Anything below this line is advertising and is not a link to information on my web site