mtDNAtool: the mtDNA Analysis Utility

mtDNAtool: An mtDNA Analysis Utility

Instructions: This tool will analyze mtDNA mutation data and compute simple genetic distance between samples. Enter data and select a format. It has been designed to take data cut and pasted from either Mitosearch "compare results" summary or FTDNA mtResults page. Extracted full sequence data can also be analyzed. The "Sample Data" button will pre-fill some data in the selected format.

Important! If your data is from FTDNA and contains the "Most Distant Ancestor" field, it will not work. First, copy your data to MS Excel, delete that column, the copy and paste to mtDNAtool.

Hit the "Go" button after your data is entered. Large (>100) samples may take a few seconds to analyze and report results. Large samples may also cause your browser to report the script is taking too long. Allow it to continue.

Three data formats are supported:

FTDNA Format (Header + 1 sample/line):
# Name/Kit Haplo HVR1 HVR2
1 name1 X HVR1a,HVR1b,HVR1c HVR2a,HVR2b
2 name2 Y HVR1a,HVR1b,HVR1c HVR2a,HVR2b

MitoSearch Format (Header + 1 sample/line):
User ID HVR1 Mutations HVR2 Mutations

Full Sequence Format (Header + 1 sample/line):
Comment haplogroup tab delimited mutation list (Generally cut/past from MSExcel)
ID1 \t x2a \t HVR2a \t HVR2b \t CR1 \t CR2 \t HVR1a \t HVR1b \t HVR1c
ID2 \t x2b \t HVR2a \t HVR2b \t CR1 \t CR2 \t HVR1a \t HVR1b \t HVR1c


Format: FTDNA Mitosearch Full Sequence

*It might be necessary to disable popup blocking on this page to get this to work!

Analysis Options

Important: The Fluxus software is very particular about the format. Be sure to copy and paste the fluxus.rdf data to an ascii text editor like MS notepad. Be sure to save the file as type ANSI text.

Display Summary Compute Distance Create Fluxus.rdf File Create MS Excel .csv File
Narrow Output Format Include HVR2 and CR
Data in Distance Calculation
Binary rdf format
Multistate rdf format
Transpose CSV Matrix
Show SNP Frequency Ignore Records Without HVR2
Data in Distance Calculation
Trim unique markers
from .rdf file
Show Modal SNPs Sort by Haplogroup Collapse Insertions
Sort HVR by Frequency
Summarize Unique Mutations Show Full HVR Names
Translate Long HVR Names
Mutations to ignore in calculations(separate with spaces)
Title for Summary Chart
Title for Genetic Distance Chart

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