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An unspecified family gathering in Missouri, 1920s

Welcome to the Lamberson (and variants) One-name Study

This site also has data from my other related families recently based in south central Illinois and northeast Missouri.

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Collaboration Tools

I have begun to use the genealogy wiki run by the Allen County Public Library in Indiana as a collaboration tool. This wiki is at, and it is the largest genealogy wiki online. This site allows you to add or change information on it that corresponds to your family. Over time I will be adding links throughout this site to pages on this wiki to allow people to go there and add their information, add comments, corrections, questions about some data, etc. If you have information you want to share, please go to the wiki, make an account and start adding information. If I have information pertaining to your family but you can't see it after doing a search there, please email me, and I'll add what information I have for your family so we can work together on it.

My website here will remain the main source of my information, but the site will allow others to participate and share mcuh more quickly and easily than before.

Research Available On This Website


Here are a couple of maps showing the locations of various family events covered in my data.

US Family Locations        European Family Locations

For a one-stop shopping list of featured families, see my Family Pages section.

Lamberson and Lambertson Families. In an effort to provide researchers one place to look over all families of this name, this site houses research, data, points of contact, and space to share ideas for all Lamberson and Lambertson families.

Families from Pike, Ralls, Marion and Shelby Counties, Missouri. These are families from my father's side.

Families from Bond and Fayette Counties, Illinois. These are from my mother's side.


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