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Glamorgan Mailing List Website.

Rootsweb Genealogy Mailing List for the County of Glamorgan, South Wales.

Come and enjoy our List! Find or share information on your ancestors whilst chatting amongst new or old friends!

Which area of Wales does this List cover? - The County of Glamorgan in South Wales, United Kingdom.

The purpose of the List is for genealogical, family history and local history discussion.

You will find a wealth of friendly, informative and knowledgeable members on the List, who are only too willing to help you in your research. List members are a bit like an extended family on our Glamorgan Rootsweb Mailing List.

The Glamorgan Family History Society has many of its members subscribed to the Glamorgan Mailing List, which is a great help to those seeking help with their research. Details of up and coming society talks and meetings within Glamorgan and London, are shown on the List. 

Some mailing list members contribute such a lot and get involved with finding the solution when you have become stuck with your family research. Often a hunt for a solution interests the list and a volume of effort is brought about in an endeavour to solve a problem for someone. Members give of their knowledge, time and energy freely and we are all the better for it. Some members prefer just to read the messages and learn from them. Some stay awhile and leave, but mostly there are hundreds of members who stay. There is usually an average of 700 people subscribed. All you need to do to join any Rootsweb Mailing List is an internet connection and the willingness to sign up and participate.

We hope you join and enjoy the Glamorgan list and find it both interesting and informative. Please remember every message you send to the list is archived and stored on the Rootsweb computers who provide this mailing list for our use, free of charge.

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Neighbouring areas and Lists are:-

Dyfed; Powys and Monmouthshire

The Glamorgan list administrator is Jeff Coleman. Jill Muir assists Jeff and stands in for him occasionally.

Please email Jeff or Jill via the Contact page, if you have any questions about the Glamorgan list or if you are having trouble subscribing.

We would really appreciate your comments about the website, and we may be able to help with a family history query.

When messages are posted to the Glamorgan Mailing List to see if others can help you in your research, please don't forget to leave your surname of interest and some dates and place names.

 Dear Listers this is your Mailing List, so do participate on the List. Ask and answer questions as this keeps a Mailing List alive.